Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Make A Wish

When energy follows focus our thoughts become a very important component of creating the lives we want. Those things we think about the most are what will manifest in due time. If we spend extended lengths of time worrying about bills or worst case scenarios, we shouldn’t be surprised when this is what becomes our reality. Make A Wish came today to remind us that wishes do come true. She asks us what we want, what is it that we wish for? Don’t worry that, in our minds, it might be out of reach or impossible for us. Our card tells us that nothing is impossible! Some things manifest quickly, others take time. All we have to do is set the intention in our heart and focus on our desire being real. Do the work, and let the universe do the rest. Let’s get to work!!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal number is eight. This is a very highly organized, disciplined and powerful energy. Perfect for sending out the focused thought we need to manifest our perfect lives.

Today’s Crystals

Every crystal has an energy that will help us manifest a desired outcome. Today I chose Citrine paired with Pyrite and Aventurine. Citrine will attract money and paired with pyrite we will use it wisely. Aventurine will attract the opportunities to manifest the outcome we want to create.