Labradorite in the Morning Light

by elementhealing

I love the Feldspar group of crystals and Labradorite is my favorite. This crystal is fairly dark until you get it in the light where you will see shimmers of blue, green and yellow that is called labradorescence. It gets its name from the area of Canada where it was originally found, Labrador.

Labradorite is a crystal of transformation and awakening. If you honestly want your life to change and to grow spiritually. This is one of the crystals you want to work with! It’s energy is amazing, I love it!

The qualities of this crystal are that it increases our intuitive ability, helps us recall past lives so that we can clear any negative energy and karma. It wakes us up to the reality of multiple levels of consciousness and helps protect you from negative energy.

Some other characteristics are that it helps us concentrate, gives us courage, clarity, works with the aura, and makes a wonderful pendulum.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon