Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

The Word Tree ~ Reversed

We have so many lessons that get thrown at us during our lifetime. Some of them are easy and others, not so much. There are others that we don’t pay attention to, or thought we were done with but aren’t so we are forced to deal with them time after time. This can leave us frustrated and stuck in a rut. The World Tree came up for us today and brings the message that we could be facing one of those lessons again today. This is the final card in the major arcana and upright means liberation and triumph. Be aware of what is going on today and how we are reacting to the situation. It’s safe to say our intuition will be on point and sending out been there/done that signals. Let’s pay attention, follow the guidance and be done with this lesson! Triumph is a much better outcome.

Today’s Universal Number 

It’s interesting that this card would come up for us on a nine day in a nine month, under a full moon. I love synchronicity. This may be a very interesting day for us. There could be lots of opportunity for movement and growth. Today’s energy can easily help us learn lessons we have been struggling with.

Today’s Crystals

I chose three crystals today. Rutilated Quartz to help us get to and recognise our lesson, Carnelian to give us the courage and energy to deal with it and Smokey Quartz to keep us grounded through the process.

Thankyou BJ for today’s guest reading!
He is a private person so if you would like to contact him
let me know and I will put you in touch.