Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Spirit Of Water

Water is symbolic of emotion, cleansing and purification. It’s also about movement. Even in the confined space of a lake or pond water sends waves of energy onto the shore. Water is life and not meant to be stagnant. Spirit Of Water brings the message to honor our emotions. There is so much going on in the world and our lives. As the vibrational energy of our planet grows higher, emotions can get intense faster than ever before. Don’t pack feelings away and pretend things are alright when they’re not. Let it out, talk to someone and clear the emotion. Accept, forgive and let it go. If something wonderful happens, allow yourself be joyful about it. Get outside and let your inner child out and have fun today. Activity is a great way to release and clear emotion. Believe in yourself, that you are a capable, amazing being and your dreams are worth following. Listen to your intuition and know that everything is going as planned. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright!

Today’s Universal Number 

Today’s five energy is a welcome change. Five has a unpredictible nature but that is as planned. It teaches us to accept change, to go with the flow. This energy is curious and wants to experience life with all five senses. So get out today and have fun but be prepared for anything and everything!

Today’s Crystals 

I chose Howlite and Malachite today. Howlite is a wonderful crystal that helps ease stress and anxiety. It encourages us to express our emotions. Howlite expands our consciousness and can be used to work past life issues. If you have a problem with anger, keep a piece in your pocket and it will help. Malachite is a crystal that will help protect against people who take your energy. It is considered a mirror to the soul and will help us recognise and express our feelings. This crystal increases self esteem, personal power and encourages us to follow our heart.