The Weekend Ahead

by elementhealing

Our underlying energy this weekend is coming of the Knight of Wands. He is suited up and ready to go. Getting to this point of readiness might be a little bit of a sticking point on Friday. Let’s take a look and see what the Weekend Ahead will bring us.

Friday begins the weekend with the Four of Cups. The card shows us a young man sitting under a tree, with crossed arms and a sullen look on his face. In front of him are three cups and out of a small cloud a fourth is being offered. is he considering his choices or is he not impressed with them? This may be our situation today. Th energy of our Knight could leave us feeling the need to be doing something but perhaps we’re not sure what it is we should do. We will have to look at our options then decide which possibility is most realistic and in line with our goals.

Saturday gives us a potential new beginning with The Fool. Our fool invites us to have absolute faith in ourselves and our choices. To take that choice and follow our heart. The one thing we may want to be sure of is that we have a good plan. Following our bliss is one thing, but doing it without an idea of where we will end up or how we are likely to get there is just…Foolish!

Sunday winds up the week with the Ten of Cups. This is a card of fulfillment, and the promise of happiness. Ten is also a transition card as well as a stage card. This tells us that a decision we made on Friday and a plan put into motion yesterday may take some time. The stage has been set and the process of reaching our goal has begun.

This brings us back to our Bottom Card, the Knight of Wands. Our knight is about action and he is ready to ride. With a decision made and a plan in place he is able to help us get things done!