The Weekend Ahead

by elementhealing

Our cards hint that something could change, perhaps signifcantly this weekend. Lets take a closer look and see what they have to say.

Friday begins our weekend with the Queen of Swords. This is the Air Element, a realm of thought, belief systems and usually some kind of challenge in these areas to overcome. When the Queen of Swords comes up in a reading we’re being guided to be calm, and to see things objectively for what they are rather than letting our emotions get in the way. With the tree bending in the wind and a bird flying in the sky, we know something is about to change. Be alert and clear headed today.

Saturday¬†we have the Ace of Pentacles in the Reverse position. Upright this is telling us we have everything we need to create the new beginning we are looking for. Today, though, it is a different story. Reversed we could have missed an opportunity that was presented, perhaps we’ve been careless or are hanging on too tight to something that needs to go. Could this be the result of the change yesterdays card talked about?

Sunday rounds out the weekend with the Eight of Cups. When this card makes an appearence it is to tell us that maybe it is time to walk away. Sometimes it is the only solution when we reach a place of understanding that there is nothing else we can do right now. If something we have been dealing with over the course of the weekend is not working, whether it is a project, a relationship, or an idea we have been trying to get going, perhaps it is time to set it aside. Maybe in the future we can try it again, but for now we just need to let it go and move on.

This brings us to the underlying energy of our Bottom card, the Three of Cups. The weekend may not be a party, but the Three of cups is telling us that we will have the emotional support we need to get through whatever we are up against. It also tells us that the celebration is coming, good things are coming.