The Weekend Ahead

by elementhealing

The weekend is here and we have two Major Arcana cards bringing us opportunity for a new beginning. The Major Arcana speak to us about ig life lessons and changes. Whatever is coming for us this weekend may be a big event. I used the Waite Smith deck for our Weekend Ahead reading. The Empress and The Fool came up for us. Both have positive message in the upright position. 

The Empress is about creativity, fertility and abundance. She sits on luxurious cushions surrounded by the abundance of nature. The message of this card is of opportunity and new beginnings. Be looking for them this weekend. The energy of our three eclipses are still with us, so be alert to anything that might come along. 

Our bottom card, The Fool, tells us change is coming and we should be willing to take the leap when it arrives. This is a card of new beginnings but it also speaks to having faith in one’s dreams and goals. Whatever the beginning is may require travel, as this card can mean travel or the move of home. It may also be a spontaneous offer, so be prepared to make a last-minute decision! 

Together our cards are letting us know change is in the air. This beginning could be a new creative idea, a new perspective on a current project or issue or something completely unexpected. Take the time to think it through if you can, but don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith to follow your bliss! 

Have a wonderful weekend! blessed Be ❤ Sharon