Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

by elementhealing

Good morning, we’ve made it to midweek; how is it going so far? The card slipping into our Weekly Tarot Story is the Three of Fire. When this card comes forward it’s an exciting time. The suit of fire is about potential and growth. While the number three is a very creative number it’s also one that can cause distractions.

If they haven’t already surfaced, there could be opportunities coming. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t welcome a good opportunity but we’ll need to remember our long term goals and not get distracted by what might be a “sure thing.” We have a goal, and a plan. Anything new at this point should be carefully considered and balanced against our long term goals for the future. If the research shows it to be a good fit and the risks are minimal, consider it!

Have a fabulous day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon