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Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

 Good morning, here we are at Friday January 14, 2022 and our card is the Five of Fire. For us the Five of Fire lets us know there may be conflict, confusion or lack of organization today. Chances are it will all center around a lack of communication. When everyone speaks at once, no one is heard or understood.

We have two options to take care of this. First we can sit everyone down, give them an opportunity to be heard, discuss the options then choose the best plan. Or, we can step back and let the scenario play itself out then step in and clean up the mess later.

Have a great day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Chakras and Angels Friday

Good morning, welcome back to Chakras and Angels Friday. This is an Angel week and we’re taking a look at Archangel Gabriel. Like Michael, Gabriel is one of the seven Angels of Presence. Depending on religious tradition the list varies as to members by two or three, but I will be taking a look at all of them throughout this subject of Archangels.

Angels of Presence are seven Archangels chosen by the Godhead to stand in his presence and do the will of the Godhead as directed. Can you imagine standing in the presence of the being who created everything that is, was, or ever will be!

I found two variations of the name meaning; the most well known being Strength of God with an alternate of God is my Hero. While the Godhead is my hero I am inclined to go with Strength of God simply because it’s what I grew up with.

Archangel Gabriel is known as the Angel of the enunciation, and of truth. It was Gabriel that delivered the message from the Godhead to Mary and Elizabeth of their impending pregnancies. It was more than likely Gabriel who spoke with Zechariah and Joseph regarding the birth of the children, and for Joseph the move to Egypt and back. It was Gabriel who dictated the Koran to the Prophet Mohammed.

As I have mentioned in previous articles Angels are genderless. When being seen is necessary they can chose to appear male or female as needed to make the person they are speaking to not freak out, much. It makes the argument of angelic gender a moot point, but from my research Gabriel appears as female more than male.

In meditation I connected with and asked her what she looked like and was told she appears human, is tall, has Golden Copper Hair, and dresses in gold and white. Because she is the chief messenger of the Divine she is depicted carrying a trumpet, but she also rather likes white lilies and is occasionally represented with them. For me she is very elegant, positive and encouraging. The choir Gabriel was chosen from varies depending on its source. Most vary between Virtues and Cherubim. There are characteristics of both choirs which make sense based on her activities. So again, in meditation I asked and she said she was from the Choir of Virtues before being an Archangel.  

The faith traditions which recognize Archangel Gabriel are Islam, Judaism, and various Christian faiths. Alternate spellings associated with these are Jibril, Jabrail, Abruel, and Gavriel. The element associated with Gabriel is water, the direction is west, season is autumn and the crystals you can use to work with Archangel Gabriel are Carnelian, Moonstone and Selenite. Selenite would be a good choice for any of the Archangels. The scents associated with Gabriel are Jasmine, Rose, Eucalyptus, Myrrh and Lily, and finally the day of the week she governs is Monday.   

When looking at the duties Archangel Gabriel carries out for the Divine, they break down into two categories. Overall Gabriel is, first and foremost, the Godheads chief messenger, but both categories come in under an umbrella of Motivation. Archangel Gabriel’s goal is to assist people in growing into the best, highest versions of themselves they can be.

She will encourage and inspire you to follow a dream, take a class; go for that promotion or even to start you own business. The process will be difficult, of course, but she will be there to cheering you on, help you develop the determination and discipline needed to keep you focused on moving forward to make your dreams a reality, and to live your truth.

Being a communicator Archangel Gabriel helps creative people of all kinds, musicians, writers, singers, dancers, designers, and artists. Call on Gabriel for help ensuring a thought or message is understood, to help develop an idea to its fullest, or to find just the right words.

Another area Archangel Gabriel assists with has to do with people trying to have children. Whether you are trying to conceive a child or adopt Gabriel can help. Gabriel also works with babies during the months prior to birth explaining the ins and outs of life here in the 3D. Of course we don’t remember any of this after the fact, but she does and it’s probably a good thing. Just waiting for nine months to be born could be boring.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at Archangel Gabriel, and that it helped you understand what this beautiful angel does to enhance our lives.

Have a fabulous day
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon