Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

by elementhealing

Good morning and welcome to the final card for this Weekly Tarot Story from Radleigh Valentines Angel Wisdom Tarot; and our card is Awakening.

Looking back, our week began being told about a potential life altering change coming. Monday advised us we may not have all the information we need, and the Queen of Earth guided us to be practical and organized. Wednesday’s card reminded us to stay focused but then something changed, didn’t it? Thursday and Friday’s card brought in some kind of confusion and disillusionment.

That brings us to Friday an Awakening is needed. Did our life event happen? Perhaps, perhaps not yet but when this card comes to a reading it suggests taking a step back and getting a fresh perspective on an issue. Whatever was going on Thursday and Friday may have caused us to question our goals or our priorities.

When there is a lot at stake we don’t want to be rushing into decisions. Wait and consider potential moves until a clear understanding of the situation reveals itself and we have a sense of peace in our heart. Only then will we know whether to walk away, continue as planned or change the plan altogether.

Have a wonderful day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon