Crystal Thursday – Ammonite

by elementhealing

Good morning everyone, welcome to Crystal Thursday. This week we are talking about an ancient mollusk called Ammonite. The original post was back on October 21, 2017. This was the younger sibling to the Nautilus. Unfortunately it didn’t survive the event which took out the dinosaurs and became extinct around 65 million years ago. The older sibling, Nautilus, did and approximately ten species can be found in the oceans today. Ammonite was named for the Ethiopian God Ammon who had spiral ram horns. In time knowledge of Ammon spread to the Egyptians (Amun) and Greeks (Jupiter) who adopted this God into their pantheons.

Ammonites first began to appear somewhere between the Devonian and the Jurassic period. At that time there was a whole lot more open water on Earth because the land masses were closer together. For this reason they are fairly common and can be found all over where sedimentary material can be found. These fossils unfortunately aren’t very durable; on the Mohs scale they are a 3.5 to 4 so care must be taken with them. They are naturally brown to grey; the iridescent colors we love don’t come out until the fossils are polished. Being so ancient Ammonites hold a great deal of earth energy and resonate with both the root and third eye chakras.

The spiral formation of Ammonite speaks to its capabilities for assisting us in our lives. They are all about increasing energy, growth, and moving forward. Let’s get to the good stuff now and take a look at a couple of the metaphysical properties of Ammonite.

  • They are said to attract good health, success and prosperity.
  • They are said to be powerful healers helping to improve blood pressure, ear and lung issues as well as improving degenerative disorders.
  • They are said to remove negativity and help overcome depression.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at the fossil Ammonite. If its qualities resonate with you I encourage you to purchase a piece and work with it. Keep in mind I am not a doctor and sharing the healing qualities is in no way giving medical advice. Working with it can help but if you are ill see your medical practitioner of choice.

Until Next Time…
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon