Weekly Tarot Story

by elementhealing

Good morning everyone. I love the way this weeks affirmations are flowing. Today’s is I am brave & take on new challenges with ease. I’ve said it before, you just can’t fake this stuff!

The more we free ourselves of thoughts, beliefs and anything else holding us back the more receptive, stronger and more confident we become. With the growth of confidence comes the willingness to step out and do things that in the past might have stopped us cold from fear.

If an opportunity comes along today or in the near future that sounds like a wonderful chance, go for it! Now the Mom in me has to say think it through carefully and know what your committing to in terms of time, resources and expected risks and returns.

The important thing is to do it even if it scares you. Life is about taking risks. That is how we learn and grow. It’s also how we collect really good stories to tell later!

Have a fantastic day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon