About Me

My journey in this lifetime began 56 years ago. Being connected to something bigger than myself has always been important to me. Over the course of my youth I tried several religions and found them to be lacking, a lot. I find the old ways much more honest and personal.

Along my spiritual journey I discovered several things about myself. I felt a longing to help people heal and discovered I have an ability for healing. I took a Reiki course an am now a Reiki Master. I discovered my love for the earth, crystals and gems and share this by Β designing and making jewelry for healing, spiritual growth and manifestation.Β I have also been facinated with Numerology and Tarot since childhood and learned these skills from a vary gifted teacher.

I am an empath-intuitive. My life path number is a three so I am a very creative person. I love to write, paint, tarot, numerology and creating beautiful healing jewelry. But, helping people become who they are meant to be is where I focus my creative energy. This is who I am, the passions I will share and some other things I have learned along the way.