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Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

Good morning, what a beautiful day for a new beginning. With the Dark Moon 0% today and tomorrow it is time to begin again. In keeping communication as the the theme of the week our card, Balsamic Moon, is pretty spot on. It tells us this is a new beginning for healing and is an important step.

When trying to move forward having wounds from the past opening, fears reigniting, pain, shame, guilt and a host of other issues just doesn’t help us get anywhere. It also saps joy and happiness from our lives. We don’t need or want that.

Let’s take advantage of this new cycle and forgive ourselves for the times we let ourselves down. Forgive and ask forgiveness of others for hurt and pain caused whether accidentally or on purpose. Remember forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting and it doesn’t mean letting someone back into our life. It just means we’re cutting the cords and letting go because we don’t need the pain anymore. It is no longer a part of who we are or where we’re going.

Have a beautiful day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

Good morning how is everybody on this lovely Monday? Awesome, Fantastic, Amazing. How about Unstoppable? The card for the collective is the North Node. This is a card that lights a fire and asks you to step out of your comfort zone because its time to get going.

The problem is moving outside the boundaries of what we know and are comfortable with can be a big scary thing. There are many “What Ifs” involved. What if I fail? What if I”m not good enough? What if people laugh at me? Sometimes the thought of success is even scarier because our expectations and those of others to maintain or exceed that success is introduced to the mix.

It’s important to remember nothing thrives in a comfort zone. Nothing grows, nothing changes, it is days, weeks and years of sameness. Life is about risk. Some are big and others aren’t but to dream and do nothing gives you a life full of wondering what might of happened if we tried. Of course the possibility of failure exists just don’t give up. We learned what didn’t work and that is a success in itself.

So pulling from yesterday; communicate your desire to step out and take a chance on yourself. Face the fears down and try. Do the things that scares you. Be courageous and follow your heart.

Have a wonderful day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good morning everyone welcome to another Weekly Tarot Story. I am using Yasmin Bolands Moonology Oracle for a couple different reasons. First I thought it would be appropriate to use since we have the Dark Moon this week, gotta love that synchronicity, and second because its been a while since I used this beautiful deck. The gorgeous illustration was done by Nyx Rowan. I find this deck to be very intuitive and lovingly honest. It’s slightly larger than I prefer but still has a pretty good hand and shuffles well.

The card beginning our Tarot Story is the New Moon in Gemini telling us there is a good chance our week will focus on communication. Open and honest communication requires speaking from the heart. If we can’t bring ourselves to be honest about our thoughts, needs and feelings, misunderstandings will happen. Don’t be all up in our head when we need to be willing to be more open.

Have a beautiful day!
Blessed be ❤ Sharon

Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Hey everyone let’s take a collective deep breath, we have reached the final day of our Tarot Story. The card for the collective is the Ace of Cups reversed. Before thinking the worst this is a good thing in the long run.

When reversed the Ace of Cups can be letting us know there may be some deception where we are being lied to or we are lying to ourselves. There could be buried emotions that need attention or we could be disconnected from our creativity and intuition.

What our card is telling us is we might benefit from taking some me time. A self love day or even a few hours can do us a world of good. Get away if possible, turn off the phone and spend time doing something you love and contemplating the next best move based on what we want for our lives.

Have a good one, BJ

Did You See It?

I got up early this morning to go out and see the planetary alignment. I couldn’t see Mercury because it was too close to the horizon. If I had driven out to the lake east of town I probably could have but I was happy with what I could see.

It made for a nice picture. There is Venus, the Moon takes our place in the alignment and Mars is there but very difficult to see red on black and Jupiter is in the upper right corner. Saturn was no longer visible.

This alignment between the Summer Solstice and the Dark Moon is interesting. The energy is very much about new beginnings. This is a perfect time to begin something new. For me personally I have been aware of signs encouraging just that and I do have plans to get moving on my something new.

Have a fabulous day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Hello Today’s card could be a problem, we have the Eight of Swords. We could be dealing with fear, clarity or perspective issues. In general when it comes up we are feeling trapped and/or powerless to handle a situation. We could be dealing with fear, a lack of clarity or confusion because we don’t know what to do next, we can’t see a way out that we haven’t already tried.

I love the perspective MJ Cullinane chose for this card. When first looking at it you’re a little thrown off balance because we’re not quite sure what it is we’re looking at. Then we see the view is from the bottom of a deep hole and we are the person in the hole looking up and out for help!

Even after two days of cards suggesting we take a step back and get some perspective we seem to have missed something if this is where we are today. It’s OK everything is going to be alright. There is a way out, there is always a way out, we just have to find it.

We can do that by going over the last few days and getting some perspective, we can talk to someone we trust for guidance, and we can ask ourselves what happened or didn’t happen to get us to this point? What are we afraid of? What are we unsure about that maybe we should have questioned earlier? If we’re honest and willing to accept what might be a hard truth we’ll get clear of this and headed in the right direction again.

Have a good one, BJ

Crystal Thursday – African Turquoise Jasper

Hello crystal lovers today’s topic, African Turquoise Jasper, was originally posted back on March 9, 2018. Back when I was researching I had difficulty finding any real concrete information about where it was found. Sure I found some awesome characteristics, but just little enough background to make me question whether it’s a real thing. I find it interesting that four years later I am in the same situation where I can find very little source information about something which is called a recent find. In the case of today’s topic this is the case.

What I was able to find from several sources is that it is found and mined all over Africa, hence the name, but that is a pretty big parcel of land!! I love researching but it annoys me to no end when I can’t find what I’m looking for. So I kept looking, yeah being a double Taurus makes me a bit stubborn :D. After a while I found a sight that mentioned the ancient Egyptians having a particular love and reverence for the stone and mined it from the Sinai Peninsula. That is a huge area of land as well but for now I’ll take that.

The interesting thing about this stone is that it isn’t turquoise. It’s called versions of African Turquoise Jasper but the use of the word Turquoise is about its turquoise like color. This is actually a Jasper that will help transform your life and open you up to new possibilities. Working with it will help bring you to the place where there is no more denying it, you are face to face with those areas of life that need to be changed. Once this fact is accepted it will give you the discipline to make them.

African Turquoise Jasper resonates with the Third Eye and Heart Chakras which also helps you open to the possibilities of new things. On the Mohs scale of hardness is between 6.5 and 7. Here are a few more qualities this stone has to offer.

  • It encourages growth
  • It increases confidence
  • Helps you get into the flow for change
  • It eases depression
  • Meditation with it can clear blockages to open the flow of the life force
  • It eases joint pain
  • Helps heart function
  • Improves kidney function

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at African Turquoise Jasper. If the qualities of this stone resonate with you I encourage you to purchase a piece and work with it. Keep in mind I am not a doctor and sharing healing qualities of this stone or any crystal or mineral is in no way giving medical advice. Working with it can help but if you are ill see your medical practitioner of choice.

Until Next Time…
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Weekly Tarot Story – Thursday

Hey we’re heading to the end of our week and the card we have for the collective from the Guardian of the Night deck by MJ Cullinane is the Hermit. This is interesting because yesterday’s card guided us to take a step back and to a degree the hermit does also. For me he speaks to us about waiting to find out what is important to us. What ever we are considering or working toward this week might be an exciting opportunity but if we pursue it is the outcome in line with our goals.

Following a path that isn’t going to take us where we want to be doesn’t make a lick of sense. Ask yourself what you really want then make time to listen to your inner voices answer. The wisdom of our heart is never wrong and that is the path we should be following.

Have a good one, BJ

Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Hello we have something different today. The card for the collective is Temperance reversed. For me this is one of the few cards whose meaning is the same upright and reversed, the difference is in degrees.

This is an important card in our Tarot Story for the week because our cards, until now, have been encouraging action in one way or another. Now today we have Temperance reversed. Our card is about moderation, patience, integrating ideas and finding a place of balance. Being reversed tells us we need to slow down a little and rethink some things.

While we’re doing that it’s a good idea to not take any kind of action, wait. Hold off on decisions until we have a good grasp of what is going on, what we want and why. A fresh perspective would really come in handy. Are we focused on the right things? Is there too much going on right now to give this current idea or project the attention it deserves? What are our thoughts about the situation? We have some thinking to do.

Have a good one, BJ

Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

Hey everyone we have an interesting combination of energy today. Fortunately they are both positive. Today is Litha, also known as Midsummer. For the Non-Pagans out there today is the Summer Solstice. It is the time of year when things are growing and expanding which brings me to our card for the day, the Three of Wands. How perfect is that, you just can’t fake this kind of stuff!

The Three of Wands is a card that encourages creation, movement and expansion. Whether we are dreaming up something new or thinking of taking a work in progress to the next level our card says think Big! Along with this we also need to keep our Four of Wands from yesterday in mind and not jump into anything without first planning. Don’t worry this is the beginning of something new and amazing so there is plenty of time to both dream and figure out how to make it happen.

Have a good one, BJ