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The Daily Tarot Story

Three of Pentacles
Collaboration, Focus, Discipline

We’ve accomplished so much in this weeks Daily Tarot Story. Today’s card, the three of Pentacles, is moving us forward. As we get moving toward our goal we may need some help and our card is letting us know seeking it out it’s not a bad thing. Advice from trusted, successful people who have been where we are and know what might help us would be great. If we can’t do it alone and it’s a team we need, bring together a group of skilled, dedicated and disciplined people to help grow our dream. Either way will help us create a plan to make our dream a reality.

Have a great day! Blessed be ❤ Sharon
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The Daily Tarot Story

King of Wands
Fearlessness, Opportunity, Passion

This weeks Tarot Story is unfolding well. Sunday gave us the beginning of something that means a great deal. We hit a roadblock Monday but worked through it and and cleared ourselves from our emotional chains. Today we have the King of Wands to inspire us to action! The King of Wands challenges people to live passionately and on purpose. The line that I associate with this gentleman is “Life is not a spectator sport; so get out and follow your dream.”

When the King of Wands comes to us he usually brings some unexpected good news or a potential opportunity with him. After the work we’ve done the last couple of days, we may have more clarity, drive and enthusiasm to accept that news or to pursue the opportunity.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Daily Tarot Story

Transformation, Letting Go

I love that this card, Death, is following so close on the heels of The Devil. Yesterday’s card freed us from our mental or emotional shackles. Today’s card helps us to lose them.

A change is coming today; with Death it may come quickly for us. By letting go and releasing the chains keeping us prisoner we open ourselves to the transformation of a new dawn preparing to rise.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon
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The Daily Tarot Story

The Devil
Obsession, Loss of Power, Bad Intention

Yesterday’s card gave us a promising start to work from. Today though we are running into a roadblock. It is the last day of November and the card for our Daily Tarot Story is The Devil.

While this card strikes fear into some The Devil is brings with it an interesting message about the loss of personal power. Yesterday’s card may have given us the inspiration to do something that means a great deal to us but today we are feeling the restrictions of fear.

The Devil asks us to take an honest look at what we allow ourselves to be shackled to. Do we allow obsessive negative thoughts to stop us? Do we let temptations distract us? Is there a chance someone is actively working against us? Is our focus on the wrong things? We are the ones that allow, consciously or not, to become a prisoner.

At first glance The Devil card looks imposing and perhaps frightening, but it asks us to be brave, be strong and make the choice to free ourselves from what is holding us hostage. Once freed we can move toward a new beginning.

Have a great and blessed day ❤ Sharon
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The Daily Tarot Story

Ace of Cups
Intuition, Emotion, Creativity

We begin this transition week from November to December today with the Waite Smith Tarot. Our first card for this weeks Tarot Story is the Ace of Cups. I believe it’s an appropriate card for today. This has been one heck of a year. Even though we knew it would be; we had no idea of the depth of emotion and change we would be experiencing.

With the Ace of Cups we are seeing the beginning of a new or renewed feeling of hope, faith or potential about something. It may be a related to a relationship, a creative project, a renewed desire for self care or something else.

Whatever it may be for each individual, as this is a reading for the collective, know that this is a spark, the beginning of an idea and it is up to each of us to nurture it to fruition. Pay attention to your intuition and follow your heart.

Have a fabulous day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon
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The Daily Tarot Story

Today is Saturday November 28, 2020 and our final card for our Daily Tarot Story from the Cats Inspirational Oracle Cards is an interesting one for sure. The flow of our story built well as this week went by but today’s card is Annoyed.

Some days are like that though, aren’t they? We all have days where everything is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Sometimes things people say strike us wrong, things don’t go as planned, we get stuck at every dang red light, and some days we’re just cranky from the moment we wake up.

The trick for days like this is not to take our bad attitude and spread it. If something is rubbing us the wrong way, say something. Talk it out rather than blow up on someone that doesn’t deserve it. Let people know to give us some space. Walk away and get outside for a while. Sunshine always helps. Working it out is always better than making it worse.

Have a good day!

The Daily Tarot Story

Life is good, our card for the day is Achievement. We made it to Friday, Thanksgiving is over and we are looking ahead to the weekend. So we’re doing pretty good so far!

The message of this card is double sided. Take what resonates and leave the rest. On the one had it’s a celebration that says “You made it!” On the other hand it’s the encouragement that tells us we can do anything we dedicate our minds and hearts to.

This is the message I am feeling for most of us. We Can Do It. In spite of what the naysayers think or say. We can! If we are clear about what we want and why. If we have a plan and stick to it. If we never give up on ourselves and our dream, even if it takes a while. We’ll get there because we are Achievers!!!

Have a great day!

The Daily Tarot Story

This weeks Tarot Story is shaping up well. Monday encouraged us to Pursue something important to us. Tuesday guided us to think long term in our choices. Yesterday told us to be cautious and today our card is Help.

This card reminds us that life is not a single player experience. We don’t have to suffer in silence or think we’re on our own. If we need help with something today, whether it’s preparing the holiday meal or guidance before making a big life decision, don’t be afraid to ask for help. We might be surprised how many people are willing to be there for us if they only knew we needed it.

A fresh perspective and a strong shoulder might be just the ticket today.
Have a good one!

Today’s card from the Cats Inspirational Oracle is Caution. maybe we made a decision yesterday that needs to be given a second look. Maybe we don’t have all the facts. It could also be that we might be working on something today that just doesn’t feel right. We need to pay attention to those feelings and take a step back. If something isn’t feeling right, slow down, wait and gather more information. Then make a move when we know everything is in order and feel right to us.

Have a good day!

The Daily Tarot Story

One of life’s certainties, beyond death and taxes, is that life is overflowing with choices. From the moment we wake up until we go to bed we are faced with numerous choices, some big with long term effects and others more immediate like do we order out or make something ourselves? Having the freedom and the ability to make a choice about our lives is really quite a blessing. Not everyone has that freedom.

The guidance this card has for us today is to think more long term in regard to both business and personal issues and make our choices accordingly. Remember the easy path isn’t always the best.

Have a great day!