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Trapiche Amethyst in The Morning Light

Trapiche crystals are a not specific to one type of gemstone. The first to be found were emeralds found by French mineralogist Emile Bertrand in 1879. Trapiche crystals are the rarest found on Earth. This type of crystal has also been found in Rubies, Sapphire, and Tourmaline. They are naturally forming star pattern. The best, Grade A patterns have a defined star/spoke pattern separated by inclusions. Some of the countries where Trapiche Amethyst can be found are Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Asia. Being a kind of Amethyst the Mohs scale is the same as well as its ability to hold Quartz family characteristics. Some of the qualities specific to Trapiche Amethyst are:

  • It strengthens the bodies endocrine system.
  • They are known to enhance brain activity.
  • They are said to increase concentration.
  • Like Amethyst this type helps increase psychic ability.
  • They are excellent for channeling.
  • They energise the person carrying or wearing the crystal.

This lot just arrived, I purchased this lot earlier this year. I am going to wrap them and sell them in my Etsy shop.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to Trapiche Amethyst. I must mention that, although I talk about the healing qualities of crystals in these posts, I am not a doctor. I am not suggesting that anyone abandon allopathic medicine rather I am only suggesting that there are other possibilities that can enhance treatment options.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Concretions in The Morning Light

Concretions are an interesting group. They are formed in sedimentary material and harden before the material around them. How is that for cool? They are like pearls, in a way, because the various concretions develop around some kind of central object. This object could be organic material like a leaf, a shell or a piece of bone. In the case of a Geode the stone hardens from the outside in around an open cavity allowing crystals to form within the empty space. 

Being a sedimentary material, concretions are a mix of carbonates like calcite, limestone and marble, as well as iron oxides like shale and hematite. The Mohs Scale and chakra associations vary depending on the type of concretion. They can, however, be found all over the world and are generally round or disk shaped. The only exception are Fairy stones.  

There are two types of concretions; Concentric Concretions, which form on layers around the central core. These tend to be rounder than others. Then there are the Pervasive Concretions. These for when sedimentary material fills cracks then harden. This process carries on over and over. In time you have a hardened specimen like Septarian.  

The qualities of concretions can vary by type but as a group they offer grounding, protective and psychic opening characteristics. Click the links below to read more about individual concretion abilities to enhance our lives. 

Fairy Stone:  I thought I had written about this stone, but apparently, I have not so stay tuned! 

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Geode: I realize I have not written about this type of crystal formation either! there sill be a post 🙂

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A Year of Change

My goodness, what a year this has been so far. I knew this was going to be a big year when I did my annual numerology post back in December of last year, if you missed the post you can read it here, Everything is lining up to make this a huge year for changes to be made both personally and globally. As painful as the process can be, the outcome is always a better place to be than where we started out.  

There are many scenarios for change that can play out. Some people are aware that an aspect of their lives can be improved but the boots on the ground, how to go about it becomes a roadblock. Fear can be another hindrance to change; a big one! Fear of failure or success kicks in and stops many people cold. Old thought patterns and belief systems can keep people locked into a place they dearly want to change. Some people remain in their comfort zone, happy to let dreams sit on the back burner of their lives. Then there are the people that know it’s time for a change and push forward, sometimes before they are completely ready. In order to accept any kind of change into our lives and make it stick, we have to be ready in body, mind, and spirit. If we aren’t in the right headspace or heart space, we aren’t going to give full attention to the process. 

I, like many of us, have lived through more than one of the above situations. This year and its energy for change has brought me to a place where I am ready for and welcome all the change the universe has to offer me. To that end, there are a couple things I am doing that I’d like to tell you about. 

The first change I’ve made is in my perspective. My Mother transitioning a couple years ago made it difficult to get out of my own way, or even think about the future. I knew it was out there, but I had no idea what it would look like or how to get there. The healing process has given me that clarity and I am ready to go! A couple things I have implemented to grow and expand are getting my Etsy Shop back up and teaching classes. 

My Etsy Shop fell by the wayside and went dormant after Mom transitioned. I have given it a makeover, altered its focus and opened it back up. I am excited about this move. I plan to grow the shop with more product offerings to be rolled out over the coming months.  

Right now, I am offering Custom Crystal Grids, Pendulums, Tarot Readings, Numerology Charts and my newest product, Incense. I am pretty excited about the incense. I was guided to learn and offer it. So I did the research and jumped into the process. To begin with I have seven scents to choose from; Patchouli, Sandalwood, Clary Sage and four custom blends that my guides gave me. I call them, Sacred, Prayer, Rest and Lavender Meadow. If you would like to check out my shop follow the link. 

I am also going to start having regular class offerings. The first is a basic numerology class July 31st. Signup for this class will be from July 20th to the morning of the 31st. For more information about this class you can check out the events section of my Facebook page. 

I hope you are also embracing the changes this year is bringing to your lives. Change is scary and never easy, but it’s always worth taking the journey. 

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon 

Jasper Family in The Morning Light

The Jasper clan is a very large, diverse member of the Quartz family. They are generally multicolored, in various combinations of brown, red, orange, yellow and green. members of the clan have been considered sacred and powerful healers for thousands of years. The ancient egyptians used Jaspers as talismans and believed that they would help guide and the dead to the afterlife.

The energy of this clan is very nurturing. The energy is not as high a some other stones but the grounding, healing abilities cannot be denied. Healing energy works slowly with this family, so, when working with Jasper it is a good idea to carry or wear the stone for an extended period of time. Preferable near the site which needs healing and against the skin.

As a family some of the qualities available to anyone working with a Jasper are:

  • Fosters courage and wisdom.
  • Carries a strong earth energy.
  • Protective
  • Clears electromagnetic garbage
  • Encourages honesty.
  • Helps you think fast and clearly.
  • Helps turn ideas into action.

As with all family groups of crystals and minerals each type of Jasper has its own characteristics to offer. Some of the Jaspers I’ve written about are listed below. Click the links to learn about what Jaspers have to offer you.

Bumblebee Jasper
Brecciated Jasper
Kambaba Jasper
Mookaite Jasper
Zebra Jasper
African Turquoise Jasper
Dragons Blood Jasper

I hope you enjoyed this overview of the Jasper Family and what it has to offer. Have a wonderful day.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Kyanite Family in The Morning Light

Kyanite is a beautiful, interesting aluminum-based mineral. It is quite often found growing with or in Quartz. It forms in long thin blades. This mineral is unique in that it has two Mohs scale readings. Lengthwise it is about 4.5; across the depth it is stronger at 6.5. Kyanite is able to withstand very high temperatures, because if this it is used in manufacturing processes that use a high temperature furnace or in foundry molding.  

As a metaphysical tool, Kyanite is a powerful conductor of high energy which can be found in several colors. Most often you will find a pale blue or blue and white combination. Green, grey, black and white can also be found. Some of the countries kyanite can be found in are Brazil, India, the US, France and Russia. 

This is a fairly rare mineral so it can be somewhat difficult to find. It took a good long time for me to find my green and black pieces. Then again, I don’t care for ordering from the internet. I want to feel the energy before I buy any crystal. Fortunately, I have a fabulous crystal shop in the area that will help me find specific pieces I am looking for.  

As I said Kyanite is very high energy. Simply holding it can give you a rush. Some of the benefits of working with Kyanite Family are: 

  • It activates and can enhance psychic ability. 
  • Can help give you a new perspective on issues. 
  • It instantly aligns the chakras. 
  • It helps remove energy blocks. 
  • Helps you let go of negativity.  
  • Helps you release old patterns of behavior. 

In addition, like all the family group articles, each color in this family has its own qualities to assist healing on the physical, spiritual and emotional level. The three articles I have written are below. Enjoy! 

Blue Kyanite
Green Kyanite
Black Kyanite 

I hope you found this overview of the Kyanite Family interesting as well as helpful. Have a wonderful day. 

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon 

Selenite Family in The Morning Light

Selenite is a small family within the calcium sulfate group of minerals. There are four basic members Selenite, Satin Spar, Desert Rose and Gypsum Flower. Within these four groups there may be additional varieties. All are a type of Gypsum, which is known as an evaporate. This simply means that this is a sedimentary mineral formed from evaporating bodies of water. It is quite soft, a two on the Mohs scale and can be found in a range of colors like clear, yellows, reds, browns, greens and grey. Some of the locations around the world where the various forms can be found are the US, Mexico, Australia and Greece.   

An interesting fact is, most of the selenite sold in stores is actually satin spar. True selenite is clear. I personally have never come across samples of true selenite. I have a list of crystals I am on the lookout for, and clear selenite is on that list! Satin spar can be translucent or opaque and has a lovely shimmer to it. Desert rose and gypsum flower selenite are similar in they are coated with a druse of sand and can be found in any color sand is found in. The difference is in how they form. Desert rose selenite is shaped like a rose; gypsum flower can form in a variety of shapes. The sample above is gypsum flower. 

This family of minerals are called energy amplifiers. They clear and energize physical, emotional and negative energy from people and other crystals. At the same time, they give off a calming peaceful vibe.  Selenite works well with the third eye, crown and higher chakras. Holding a piece in each hand while meditating is wonderful! 

Gypsum has several uses in manufacturing. It is used to make wall board, plaster and cement as well as jewelry and other kinds of ornamental items like statuary. The only thing to remember is that its low Mohs scale rating makes it less durable than other minerals. 

Metaphysically selenite family has many useful qualities. Some of them are: 

  • They help connect you to the angelic realm and spirit guides. 
  • Help you access past and future lives. 
  • They help you heal on a cellular level to repair DNA. 
  • Selenite clears energy blockages. 
  • Clears and aligns chakras. 

The characteristics of individual members of a crystal or mineral family hold the family’s qualities but also have their own. Below are the articles I’ve written about the samples I have in my collection. 

Peach Selenite
Desert Rose Selenite: A post is coming soon about this form of Selenite!

I hope you enjoyed this overview of the Selenite family of crystals.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Agate Family in The Morning Light

The Agate family of crystals is a cousin of the Chalcedony family, which is a type of Quartz.  Agates are generally easy to identify. They form in multi colored layers in igneous rock cavities These crystals have a lower vibration than other crystals in the larger Quartz family. This isn’t a bad thing though; their energy is very gentle and supportive.  

They can be found in a wide array of layered patterns and colors all over the world, because of this, agates have been in used for thousands of years as jewelry and protective amulet. On the Mohs scale they are a strong seven. The agate family works very well with the lower chakras to help us feel grounded, secure, confident and empowered. 

Some of the qualities this family has to offer are: 

  • They help us slow down and get centered. 
  • They help us connect to Earth energy. 
  • They Stimulate growth. 
  • They help increase our confidence. 
  • They help creative people use their abilities effectively 
  • They make excellent protective talismans. 

Some of the Agates I’ve written about are: 

Fire Agate
Blue Lace Agate
Moss Agate 

I hope you liked this overview of the Agate Family of crystals. 

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon 

Calcite Family in The Morning Light

Calcite is a common and interesting sedimentary mineral. It is both a type of mineral and an ingredient for others. Calcite is the main component of Limestone; and limestone, given time and pressure becomes marble. Isn’t that fascinating?

Calcite is a soft three on the Mohs scale. It can be easily scratched but is still useful for many purposes. Industrially it is used in construction, agriculture and in the pharmaceutical industries. It can be found all over the world in a wide range of colors such as, Clear, honey, orange, pink, brown, red, blue, green and black.

The energy of this mineral is quite gentle and all about dissolving the old in order to make room for the new. As a group calcite clears negative energy, encourages spiritual growth and helps develop your psychic gifts.

I’ve written several articles about calcite and their individual abilities. Click the links below for more information.

I hope you enjoyed this overview of the Calcite Family.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon




The Obsidian Family in The Morning Light

The Obsidian group of minerals is unique in that it is a natural glass formed from volcanic activity. Because it is a natural glass it can be found wherever there is an active volcano. It is a fragile material but has a Mohs scale of hardness of 5.5. Making it workable. Stone age pieces of cutting tools and arrowheads have been found made from obsidian.

The colors which this mineral is found in varies depending on the minerals in the lava flow. Generally they are dark such as Black, brown, and green. The more rare colors are red, yellow and rainbow.

Obsidian works well with the Root and Earth Chakras. It has a very protective energy. Some of the other qualities of this group are:

  • Clearing your aura of psychic debris.
  • Helps heal karmic issues.
  • Grounding.
  • It creates a psychic shield around you to protect against negative energy.
  • Make a wonderful pendulum.
  • Helps break negative attachments.

As with all crystal and mineral families each color within the group carries these energies as well as their own specific to their makeup. Below you will find links to previous articles I’ve written about members of this mineral family.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Fluorite Family in The Morning Light

The Fluorite Family of crystals is similar to the Feldspar clan in that they are both silicates. Where Feldspar is an aluminum silicate, the Fluorite Family is a Halide silicate with a calcium fluoride base.

Natural Fluorite is clear, but other colors this family can be found in are yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, black and Rainbow. The intensity of color depends on the amount of mineral inclusions in the crystals as they are forming. The rarest colors are clear, yellow and black. I personally have never seen these three colors, but I would love to!

Some of the countries Fluorite is found are South Africa, China, Mexico, Spain and Namibia, to name a few. This family of crystals can be clear or opaque and has a hardness of 4 on the Mohs scale; making it workable for personal use as well as industrially.

The history of this crystal traces back to Pliny the elder. He wrote about Fluorite in book 37 of his Natural History series. Georgius Agricola also discussed its use in the iron smelting process in his book written in 1530.

As a family of crystals, the energy is very protective, grounding and brings clarity, focus and increases concentration. Putting a piece where you work or study does wonders in helping you focus, process information and just plain, get things done. I’ve read that it’s known as the genius stone because it helps lift us to higher states achievement. Fluorite links our mind to the universal consciousness and increases psychic ability. That is certainly an awesome thing as far as I am concerned.

It also:

  • Absorbs negative energy from the environment.
  • Clears the Chakras and the aura.
  • Acts as a shield against psychic attack
  • Should be cleared often

Fluorite is similar to other crystal and mineral families in that the individual colors hold the group energy but also have their own qualities. Rainbow Fluorite is unique in this group in that it contains two or more colors, making the crystal even more magickal!! Overall it cleanses the aura, activates and energizes the Chakras and increases intuitive ability. Because there is more than one color it helps build a connection to the universal consciousness.

A brief explanation of some of the qualities of the other fluorite colors is below. Keep in mind that the colors can fluctuate a bit depending on the amount of minerals in the mix. For example, Purple Fluorite may sometimes have a pink look to it, and yellow can flow into orange.

Clear: Works with the Crown Chakra to bring us clarity and insight. It cleanses the aura and helps us see what is holding us back, then find a way to break through the block. It also enhances the energy of other crystals.

Yellow: Works with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This color brings unity, creativity, increases understanding and it helps bring our mind and personal will together.

Green: Works with the Heart Chakra. It clears negativity, and helps release old emotional issues, thought patterns and it clears and purifies the Heart Chakra.

Blue: Works with the 3rd Eye and Throat Chakra. It helps communication between our spirit and physical selves to bring us to a place of spiritual awakening. It helps us find our divine purpose and helps us think rationally.

Purple: Works with the 3rd Eye Chakra. It is calming, helps amplify our psychic ability, think clearly and find our spiritual purpose.

Black: Works with all Chakras. It works to clear negativity from the auras and astral bodies. It also is known to reduce or eliminate nightmares.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at the Fluorite Family.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon