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What Happened and What Next?

This is not my image but I don’t know who created it to give them credit.

Here we are at New Year Eve 2020. I don’t know about you all but it feels like its taken two years to get here!! This year was a bit of a dumpster fire, wasn’t it? Being a Master Number Year, we knew it would be. Master Numbers bring big change, and for change to happen there has to be room and that will happen by choice or by force. What is meant to be will be whether or not we’re ready for it. This year had to happen in order to open the door for what is coming. I personally have had change come to me both ways. I can tell you letting it in by choice is much better than by force!

There’ve been a lot of thoughts running through my mind the last few days. I’m sure this has been the case for you as well. One thing on my mind is am I ready for 2021? Yes, Absolutely!!! As frightening as this year has been for many people across the globe, it has given us such a wonderful gift. The gift of time to reconnect with ourselves, and our family. Time to rest and re-evaluate our priorities as individuals and as a society.

For me, I’ve done a great deal of inner work. I healed and released a lot of stuff I didn’t need to be hanging onto, including a few people. The hard part about healing is, loving ourselves enough to make you a priority. Honestly that’s always been difficult for me but I did it. Doing the work gave me the confidence to do things I dreamed about but never believed I could do because I believed more in the belief systems heaped on me than I did my heart. Not anymore though!

So what might 2021 have in store for us? It is a five year; that means it will be a year of being open to change. Five holds the energy of flexibility, variety, freedom and the unexpected. Things can conceivably change for the better in a big way but be prepared for the not so fun stuff too. With the number five things can change very quickly.

I did a Tarot reading using a spread I created which looks at the year ahead. The reading is based on the numerology of querent. As this is a reading for the collective I used the Universal Year Five making the querent card The Hierophant. The reading answers three questions.
 1. What is the major focus of the year?
 2. What is the challenge or obstacle to be faced this year?
 3. What advice is being offered to help?

Here is what came up for the collective. I used the Angel Wisdom Tarot by Radleigh Valentine.

2021 for the collective

In this deck the Hierophant is called Wise Counselor. As the card representing 2021 it is telling us, the collective, to be careful that we don’t rush into decisions. Traditionally this card represents following tried and true methods of getting things done. That’s all well and good but sometimes we have to think outside the box. Consider all options carefully before making an important choice. If trying something new is worth the risk and you are comfortable with it. Take that leap but sometimes the old way is the best.

  1. The card answering the first question, what is the major focus of the year is a very positive card, The Wheel. When this card comes up, good things are coming. It represents a new cycle is beginning and a change for the better. This can come unexpectedly and it can mean the change may come through the back door disguised as something we may not want. Hang on though; the five’s energy always makes us smile!
  2. Our challenge or obstacle card is the Eight of Water. As the challenge or obstacle it tells us that walking away from things that no longer serve our highest good may be difficult this year. I understand I’m sure we all do. Sometimes staying in a less than happy relationship or a horrible job is better than facing the unknown. Remember though that each of us is worth living our best version whatever that may be. Of course it won’t be easy and it will take time but the struggle to get there is where the growth will come and the satisfaction will be amazing when we get there.
  3. The final card in our reading is advice for 2021. That comes to the collective in the Four of Earth. This tells us to be very careful with our resources in 2021. When looking at a year full of the unexpected, knowing we have the financial wherewithal to take care of a flat tire, a health issue or to simply keep the bills paid is very comforting. Take a close look at the budget and trim it where possible. Every extra dollar in the bank in the coming year might be just what we need.

Overall I think this is a promising read for our New Year and we deserve some good news! I am offering this reading at half off the normal price through January 5. Contact me if you would like a personal reading for 2021.

Blessings for the year ahead ❤ Sharon

August A Deeper Look

Here we are with July almost gone and August ahead of us. Hopefully we made some progress in July, and we look forward to new beginnings. let’s take a look at what August has in store for us.

Numerology: This is a three month which gives us the energy of joy, and creativity. It should be a wonderful month for finding creative solutions to problems that will help pave the way toward our goals.
Card: The card for the month of August is the Ace of Pentacles. Aces, as you know are new beginnings. As an Earth Element our new beginning will be in an area dealing with something that holds value to us within this 3D reality. Perhaps a new job, better health for ourselves or a loved one; it could be an inheritance or a financial windfall. Even a move that may bring a higher level of success and opportunity. The potential for this month ahead depends on our maintaining a good attitude and being open to fresh ideas.
Moon Cycle: The full moon and dark moon trade places this month, with our Full Moon in Aquarius shining bright August third or fourth depending on where in the world you live. This moon phase is likely to shake things up a bit by bringing some crazy or shocking events. It may even be game changing events.
Don’t let any upheavels shake you to badly. Stay alert to what is going on and open to different ways to handle it. The Dark Moon in Leo on the 19th and 20th will see things opening up and looking better for us.
Retrogrades: I am sure you are probably still feeling the effects of the five planets currently retrograde. In addition to the retrograde party happening in the outer reaches of our system, Uranus is joining the group just before our Dark Moon, on the 15th and will station direct on January 14th, 2021.
Uranus is the planet of liberation, freedom and the unexpected. When retrograde its energy is not much different than when it is traveling forward. For us, this means we can expect to experience the inner push to move forward with ideas and plans. To free ourselves from those things, people and situations that are keeping us from living our most authentic lives.
Prepare for and expect the unexpected while this planet is moving backward. Especially in October as Uranus will oppose Mercury. communication may be unclear so it will be important to understand fully what is going on. This five month period is a fantastic opportunity to liberate yourself!!
Remember that periods of retrograde are times where the planets are traveling backward through situations we’ve already experienced. This is why they are a perfect time to reflect and make changes where they are necessary.
Other Interesting Events: The month before us has three interesting events. Two we can see and one which we cannot but we certainly can experience. They are the Comet Neowise, Meteor Showers and The Lions Gate.
Comet Neowise: Historically comets have a reputation of being bad omens. It is believed they bring sadness, death and destruction. Whatever this one, called Neowise, may bring has yet to be seen. The next few days are the last chance to get out and view this amazing once in a lifetime event. The comet was discovered, or shall I say rediscovered on March 27th of this year. Neowise is fascinating on several levels. The first being, the last time it made a pass by Earth was 6000+ years ago and it won’t be back around for equally as long. This is also the first comet to be named for something other than the people to find it. It was names for a telescope in space designed to find such objects.
My son and I went out several days ago to find the comet. The best way to find it is by using binoculars or a telescope, but it can be seen by the naked eye. We found it by locating the big dipper just after sunset. Look for the tail below the dipper. I do have to say it is difficult to see with the naked eye, but once you see the long tail you can’t not see it. Even though it is faint in the night sky.
Meteor Showers: August is a month of meteor showers. The ancients believed they brought blessings and messages for the Gods. We could certainly use a few blessing couldn’t we!
Meteor showers are ranked by the number of potential sightings per hour. There are two major meteor showers going on in August and they both began in July. These are the Delta Aquids which are peaking as July turns into August and the Pleiades which are going to peak between August 11 and 13. With these two showers alone there is a good chance to see as many as 40 to 50 sightings per hour if the sky is clear.
Four of the minor meteor showers happening in August are the Alpha Capricornids happening through August 11, the Piscis Austrinids through the 18th, the Kappa Cygnids through the 17th and the Aurgids which will end arounf September 7th but peak around August 31st. The thing with the smaller meteor showers is that the sightings can be as few as 2 per hours and they can get lost amid the larger showers unless you know where to find them in the sky. The best bet is to just go outside and enjoy the show!!!
Lions Gate: The Lions Gate is an annual August event that begins around July 26th, peaks on August 8th, and ends around August 12th. For more information about this spiritual event, I have written and article about it and you can read it here, The Lions Gate is Open.

Have a great month! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

A Year of Change

My goodness, what a year this has been so far. I knew this was going to be a big year when I did my annual numerology post back in December of last year, if you missed the post you can read it here, Everything is lining up to make this a huge year for changes to be made both personally and globally. As painful as the process can be, the outcome is always a better place to be than where we started out.  

There are many scenarios for change that can play out. Some people are aware that an aspect of their lives can be improved but the boots on the ground, how to go about it becomes a roadblock. Fear can be another hindrance to change; a big one! Fear of failure or success kicks in and stops many people cold. Old thought patterns and belief systems can keep people locked into a place they dearly want to change. Some people remain in their comfort zone, happy to let dreams sit on the back burner of their lives. Then there are the people that know it’s time for a change and push forward, sometimes before they are completely ready. In order to accept any kind of change into our lives and make it stick, we have to be ready in body, mind, and spirit. If we aren’t in the right headspace or heart space, we aren’t going to give full attention to the process. 

I, like many of us, have lived through more than one of the above situations. This year and its energy for change has brought me to a place where I am ready for and welcome all the change the universe has to offer me. To that end, there are a couple things I am doing that I’d like to tell you about. 

The first change I’ve made is in my perspective. My Mother transitioning a couple years ago made it difficult to get out of my own way, or even think about the future. I knew it was out there, but I had no idea what it would look like or how to get there. The healing process has given me that clarity and I am ready to go! A couple things I have implemented to grow and expand are getting my Etsy Shop back up and teaching classes. 

My Etsy Shop fell by the wayside and went dormant after Mom transitioned. I have given it a makeover, altered its focus and opened it back up. I am excited about this move. I plan to grow the shop with more product offerings to be rolled out over the coming months.  

Right now, I am offering Custom Crystal Grids, Pendulums, Tarot Readings, Numerology Charts and my newest product, Incense. I am pretty excited about the incense. I was guided to learn and offer it. So I did the research and jumped into the process. To begin with I have seven scents to choose from; Patchouli, Sandalwood, Clary Sage and four custom blends that my guides gave me. I call them, Sacred, Prayer, Rest and Lavender Meadow. If you would like to check out my shop follow the link. 

I am also going to start having regular class offerings. The first is a basic numerology class July 31st. Signup for this class will be from July 20th to the morning of the 31st. For more information about this class you can check out the events section of my Facebook page. 

I hope you are also embracing the changes this year is bringing to your lives. Change is scary and never easy, but it’s always worth taking the journey. 

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon 

July A Deeper Look

July is here and with it we begin the second half of our year. Its energy is like a new beginning for us all, as if we are being given a full month of possibilities. Let’s take a look and see what is coming.

July Numerology: The second half of our year begins on a positive note with the Master Number 11/2 leading the way. Eleven is the first of the higher numbers. This number is the doorway to higher consciousness. Its energy is about balance, harmony, illumination, and being open to possibility. Think big this month. Envision your best life!

July Card: The Magician is the card for the month and an excellent companion to our July Numerology. The energy of this card is about new beginnings. It is assertive, independent. This card tells us we have everything we need to manifest into our lives whatever we focus our energy on. Step into your power and make it happen.

July Moon Phases: July’s Full Moon is this weekend on the fourth or fifth depending on where in the world you live is the third in a series of three eclipses. This penumbral eclipse is in Capricorn, and I believe, the last to be had until 2028; I’m not certain on that fact though.  The characteristics of this sign is its disciplined, determined and likes security. Capricorn is also patient and is not afraid to grab a good opportunity when it comes along.
For us, this full moon eclipse could be a turning point. Full moons are times of completion and release, adding an eclipse to it creates an opportunity to release things buried deep within us. What do we have that needs to go? This full moon, eclipse energy can bring hidden things to come to light. If forgotten, painful memories come back this weekend, deal with them and let them go. We may find in their place, things we haven’t seen before like truths we haven’t wanted to accept, or opportunities we might have never considered. The energy is quite intense. Embrace it and let it flow through your life.
This eclipse will be visible for much of the Americas, Western Europe and Africa. Check your local times for best viewing opportunities.
The Dark Moon this month will be on the 20th. I love these days because the slate is wiped clean and we are given the energy for all things new. What is it that you would like to bring more of into your life? Spend time on this day reflecting on how far you’ve come and where you want to go. Set your intentions and start making a plan!

July Retrogrades: Over the course of June we had Venus station direct, but that still leaves us with the North Node and five planets in retrograde. The energy of these combined offer great opportunity to move forward and just as great an opportunity for chaos. Fortunately for the planet Earth, Mercury is preparing to station direct on July 12, making communication and forward movement better for everyone.
The month of July has the asteroid Chiron going retrograde on July 8 and stationing direct five months and four days later on December 12. Chiron is known as the wounded healer, and when retrograde he helps us heal old, buried wounds from this and past lifetimes. As Chiron was a prophet and a healer, all areas of our lives are affected. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental clearing and healing is ahead for us.
The coming five months could very well be an interesting and painful time, but it is something we all must work through. The planets vibration is rising, as is ours in preparation for ascension when the shift occurs. The best way to deal with these energies is to be aware of them. Watch for synchronicities and triggers. These moments will be showing us what has to be healed. Most important is being willing to do the work, and remember to maintain your boundaries; self-love and self-care is not selfish!!

Meteor Shower: Meteor showers are like pennies from Heaven, full of opportunity. On July 28 we will have the Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower. The moon will be waxing during this time but there should still be some nice meteors to watch. The estimate is up to 20 per hour.

July is shaping up to be a great beginning to the second half of our year. It’s going to be work, but an adventure at the same time!

Have a fabulous month! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon






June: A Deeper Look

June has arrived, we’re half way through the year, and with it comes, warm weather, sunshine, a few thunder storms and long lazy evenings. It’s been a year of world changing events so far. Going forward nothing is going to be the same. That is not necessarily a bad thing, change is good. Speaking of change, let’s take a look at what the month of June has in store.

June Universal Numerology: One Month
May was a Nine Month, a time to release those things that no longer serve our highest good so that this month we have room for new beginnings. Yes, June is a One Month!  In numerology the number one urges us to be courageous and determined to move things forward. Have a vision, make a plan and take a chance this month. A breakthrough may be closer than you think.

June Card for the Month: Four of Cups
When I did my 2020 by the numbers post The Four of Cups came up for June, and it’s a perfect card for this month. When it comes to a reading it indicates opportunities are on their way. We need to stay alert and open to anything that might come along in June. The Four of cups is also a card that asks us to reevaluate our choices. Take the time to carefully consider your dreams and goals. Are they still what you want for your life or have they changed? Don’t reject any opportunities. Think them through before making a choice. The easiest path isn’t always the best path for us. The last thing we want is to move in the wrong direction too late to go back and make changes easily.

June Moon Cycles: Full Moon on June 5. Dark Moon on June 21/22
The moon cycle in June is kind of bitter sweet. They are the last of the spring moons and herald in summers at the same time. Both the full and dark moon this month are different in that they are both eclipses.

An eclipse is not unusual, we have several every year. This year we are having six and that is a bit rare. Eclipses generally come in clusters spread out over a year or two. Like the moon cycle, eclipses are about endings and beginnings.

The Full Moon on the fifth of June, known as the Strawberry Moon, is a penumbral eclipse in Sagittarius. Full moons are a time of release that encourage us to clear out the emotional, and maybe the physical garbage holding us back. An eclipse adds another layer to this already heightened energy.

Sagittarius is the ninth house of the zodiac and rules higher learning. It has a go big or go home energy, so with this full moon eclipse set your goals, step into your power and move any obstacles out of your way!

As we all know a full moon can send our emotions into a tailspin. Well there is a bit of a twist this month and that is our full moon is squaring Mars and opposite Venus. Mars is the God of war and Venus is retrograde until later this month; which means relationships are currently at risk of being an issue.

Mars and Venus together are a powder keg waiting to explode. This combination can create crisis situations on a personal and global level. Strong relationships will likely withstand the strain, but any relationship that is not could very well go really bad very quickly. Things could get hostile and result in battles. For the planet we could have an earthquake or two around this time.

Our best bet is to think before we speak or act. If we focus on the cause of issues and remember how we feel about the people in our lives we are more likely to take the time to work through any problems rather than let them get out of hand. Kindness, compassion and an open heart will go a long way to help.

The Dark Moon in the sign of Cancer will be on June 21/22. In addition to the Solar Annular Eclipse it is also coming in on the tail of the Summer Solstice, amplifying the energy of new beginnings. The energy of the solstice is like a rebirth. The spring equinox brings in the Mother energy, the Summer solstice brings back the Father energy. That strong male energy is like a portal encouraging us to change old thought patterns, to let go of old habits leading to a whole new beginning. Set your intentions at this Dark Moon, create a crystal grid, have a ritual bonfire, anything that allows you to take hold of your personal power and move yourself forward.

June Retrogrades:
I thought that as we are half way through the year I would give a quick recap of the planets currently retrograde. Right now, there aren’t many but what is, packs a punch!

Keep in mind, planets go retrograde all the time. Some more than others, but these reverse motion periods should not be feared. The energy of these periods has a global and personal effect. For us, times of retrograde are an opportunity to go within and clear out old thoughts, beliefs and habits keeping us from becoming our best selves. If we are willing to be honest with ourselves and do the hard, sometimes very emotional work, we can see great benefit from the time spent.

January had the North Node. The North and South Node are karmic. The north being what we are meant to be in this lifetime and the south what we were in previous lives. With the North Node being retrograde we need to focus on what we came to this lifetime to be, do and learn. This can mean stepping out of our comfort zone, but that is a good thing because nothing grows there anyway.

February gave us the first Mercury retrograde of the year.

In April Pluto went retrograde on April 25 and will not station direct until October fourth. When Pluto retrogrades, dramatic changes can and do happen on a personal and global level. This is a time of purification which bring hidden things to the surface to be dealt with. Are we ready for the truth?!

May gave us three more planets moving retrograde. They were Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. These three can bring great leaps forward, but they can also bring great big problems.

Saturn went retrograde on May 11 and will station direct September 29. It is the planet of rules and order. When retrograde those rules are opened up giving us the space to move forward. This is also a light shining on social issues that need changing. This sort of change never happens easily. So, there could be some sad events beaming a bright light on long standing issues.

Venus went retrograde on May 13 and stations direct June 25. During this time our focus will be on relationships as they may be a bit uneasy. It is not uncommon to have past loves show up out of nowhere. Keep in mind they are an ex for a reason. Beginning a relationship during a Venus retrograde is not a good idea either because it is not likely to last. In addition to love, Venus rules finances and our values. With our emotions potentially out of whack it isn’t the time to consider big financial spending. Globally we could be on the cusp of a massive financial reset. Financially we could be facing s worldwide depression, or at least a very deep recession. So, be careful how you use your resources through this period. Even when it is over recovery time is going to be llong. This tells us we must focus on what we most value. Consider what we need not necessarily what we want, and put our energy there.

Jupiter was the last planet in May to go retrograde and that began on My 14 and will station direct on September 13. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and spirituality. When retrograde our focus is on our belief systems and how they may need an adjustment.

With these three together growth potential is a big possibility, but that growth might be hard fought. Saturn will put eyes on what needs to change, but Venus might confuse those issues. Jupiter will try to help us figure out a long-term plan for change, but how will that play out? We’ll have to wait and see.

Adding to this mix we have Mercury and Neptune going retrograde in June.

Mercury will be the first to head backward on June 18 and will station direct July 12. We all know that a Mercury is the planet of communication and during its backward travel’s all things communication can be a mess. This time around the retrograde is in Cancer, meaning our focus will be on self-talk. How do we speak to ourselves?

Neptune is going retrograde in Pisces on June 23 and stations direct on July 12. Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusion. When retrograde we have a lot of potential to clear away anything that is holding us back. To do that we have to be completely honest with ourselves and break through illusions we may be clinging to.

Additional interesting Things
A couple other things going on in June is on the 27th Mars will move into Aries where it will stay through most of the rest of year. This pairing of high energy fire will give us the push to think about our gals and dreams, but not just think about them, get them moving forward.  this can be a very aggressive pairing. So, be careful how you treat people.

On June 29th Jupiter will align with retrograde Pluto. This can be a bit of a double edge sword as it will put a spotlight on finances both globally and personally. It will be a good idea to check the budget and how we are handling our money. It will also be a great opportunity for tuning into the abundance mindset. Think before you leap, but don’t let a good opportunity pass you by.

We have quite a lot of potential for growth and change in the month ahead of us. This year is a turning point. Much can be accomplished personally and globally but we have to be willing to do the work. It won’t be easy, but it is absolutely worth it.

Have a great Month!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

May: A Deeper Look

May: A Deeper Look

For those who are familiar with my yearly Numerology post. I decided to take them a step further and do a monthly break down allowing for a more in-depth look. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read my yearly post you can do that here.

Welcome to the month of May. Flowers and trees are coming back to life and things are not slowing down. There is A LOT going on energetically and in the sky. So, hang on and let’s begin!

May Universal Numerology: 9

In Numerology the number nine is a transition number that holds a dual energy. It is about endings and beginnings, but also is a number of compassion and tolerance. Accept that things sometimes end. Sometimes by choice and others whether or not we want it too. Be kind to yourselves and others. Give people the space they need to learn and grow. Remember, the new can’t come in to our lives while we hang onto what no longer is useful to us, so be willing to let go of those things that are no longer serving your highest good.

Card for the month: King of Pentacles 

The King of Pentacles made a return visit this month. This King encourages us to stay focused on our goals. To be diligent, have a clear goal, make a solid plan and do the work. Short cuts won’t due here. Don’t be impatient, part of the joy of reaching the goal is knowing you worked hard to make it happen.

Retrogrades: There are three planets going retrograde this month

Retrogrades are not to be feared, they are a time to slow down and reflect. To look at our lives and see what changes can be made to improve our life. Every planet goes retrograde. Some, like Mercury, more often than others. The further away from our sun a planet is, the longer it stays reverse and this means it doesn’t retrograde as often.

Keep in mind a period of retrograde has a personal and global impact. The energies that we feel are also felt on the global scale. In May we have three planets going retrograde in sequence beginning on May 11th. Let’s take a look at who they are and how they will affect us.

Saturn begins its reverse motion in Aquarius May 11th and will station direct in Capricorn on September 29.
Saturn is the planet of restriction, rules and order. It highlights our hopes and dreams, then reminds us that nothing worthwhile comes easy. Saturn asks us, how badly do we want it? When retrograde the restrictions are lifted and we are free to fly as high as we dream.      It urges us to reflect on our responsibilities, our self-talk and beliefs. And how well we deal with challenges in our lives. We have the space to reach for our dreams, but do we have the drive?

Because Saturn is the planet of rules and order, a retrograde motion in Aquarius and Capricorn can bring big social issues to light that need to be dealt with. Are there rules, ideas and social limits that are needing to change? As this is a year of truth, we may want to buckle in. The next few weeks may be interesting.

Venus is going retrograde in Gemini on May 13th and will station direct on June 25th.
Venus is the planet of love relationships and finances. During this reverse period, we have the Dark Moon and the Solstice playing a role. Emotionally things could get weird. It is not uncommon for an ex to come back around. Keep in mind an ex is an ex for a reason!

When Venus retrogrades, our relationships can get difficult. Quite often we may not know what we truly feel or what we really want. This retrograde is a good time to reflect on how we communicate in our relationships both personal and professional. Are we being open and honest? Are we setting our boundaries? What, if anything, needs to change? It is a good idea to not make and huge changes like a breakup or starting a new relationship. Wait until the retrograde is over to see whether it is really what you want.

Because Venus is also the planet of finances; this retrograde season will highlight our spending. With the current state of the world and our emotions all over the place this isn’t a time to be foolish. Being retrograde at the same time as both Saturn and Jupiter, we could be looking at the potential for a huge global reset in the financial sector.

This is also a time to consider our career. Are we ready for a change, perhaps go back to school to learn a new skill or start our own business?

Finally, Jupiter will go retrograde in Capricorn on May 14th and station direct on September 13th.
Jupiter is the planet of expansion and spirituality. When retrograde it is a good time to re-evaluate our belief systems, our dreams and goals. Think long term and look at what obstacles might be in our path and how we can overcome them.

On a personal level these three planets in retrograde hold wonderful potential for growth. It might be a confusing time thanks to Venus playing with our emotions, but if we take the time to think and act carefully, forward motion can happen.

Globally that growth potential is also a possibility, but that growth might be hard fought. Saturn will put eyes on what needs to change, but Venus might confuse those issues. Jupiter will try to help us figure out a long-term plan for change, but how will that play out? We’ll have to wait and see.

Moon Cycle: Full May Seventh and Dark May 22nd 

The full moon is a time of release and renewal, time to let go of what isn’t working.so we have room for the new waiting to come in. May’s full moon is called the Full Flower Moon and is the final Super Moon in a series of four. It will be full at 7:45 am CST so the best, biggest view will be on the evening of the sixth. If you have clear sky’s get out and enjoy; and don’t forget to put your crystals out!

This moon is full in the sign of Scorpio, the planet of secrets. For us personally and globally, this means hidden things coming to light. Things could get uncomfortable, especially as Venus is going retrograde this month. But Scorpio is a powerful fixed sign so stick with and work through anything that comes up. Be willing to do the inner work. It leads to much needed change in our lives.

On the global scale accept that things are never going to be the same. With every truth that comes out the way we live is going to change. It may not be easy but it is not a bad thing. After all is said and done this could be a very uplifting time for the planet.

The moon will be dark on May 22nd and 23rd in Taurus. The Sun, Moon and Taurus are in the sign of Taurus at this dark moon. With Saturn, Jupiter and Venus going retrograde this month we could see some big changes beginning to happen. This could be the calm before the storm.

Meteor Showers: Eta Aquarids and Lyrid

Each year there are several meteor showers. Many go by unnoticed but there are a few strong enough to be seen and enjoyed by those looking up. They are named for the area of the night sky they radiate from. Ancient cultures believed a meteor shower was a blessing. God giving gifts or bringing information to the Earth. What a nice thought!

The month of May has one shower we may be able to see and remnants of another. One coming from the area of Aquarius, called the Eta Aquarids and the other from Lyra. The Lyrid meteor shower is all but ended as the peak viewing time was April 21 and 22, but there may be a few stragglers for us to see.

The Eta Aquarids are pieces of Halley’s Comet that broke away and created their own trajectory around our system. Peak viewing opportunity will be May fourth and fifth during the predawn hours. The best viewing will be from the Southern Hemisphere north to the Southern United States. There is the possibility that further north can still see something. They will be less active, maybe ten to twenty per hour, but if you want to brave the dawn, take a jacket and something to lay on and head out!

Comet Atlas

The Comet Atlas has been on a track toward Earth for some time. Don’t worry, it isn’t going to hit us! As it makes its approach, it grew incredibly bright. At its brightest , it was said it might outshine Venus. The problem is that, like many comets this one is made of ice and may be melting on its journey toward our son.

Atlas began its final approach on April 29 and will be the closest to us on May 23, if it doesn’t melt first. This should be quite a light show for us. Atlas is very large, more than a mile wide! The elements within its ice is making it give off a green tail as it soars through space toward us. The best viewing time is in the evening around 9 pm looking toward the north.

For some, a comet passing means something bad is going to happen before the end of the year. If you look back into history, a comet preceded Cesar’s murder, a comet preceded Mt. Vesuvius exploding and when Hale Bopp passed in the late 90’s Lady Diana and Mother Teresa died. While I believe there is no such thing as coincidence, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Wrapping it up

As you can see things are lining up for some intense change personally and globally. We are entering a month of endings and beginnings. The best way to move easily through these changes is to take the King of Pentacles advise, relax and work through it. The Full Moon on the seventh hints at the revelation of secrets and the Dark Moon tells us to brace ourselves. Then there are the three retrogrades and the Comet Atlas shaking things up. All this and it’s only May!!!

Have a wonderful, exciting month ❤
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon





Nothing But Time

How is everyone handling this down time? I hope you are all staying safe. I know being at home can be a struggle for some. Worries can creep in about how we are going to keep our bills paid without a steady income or savings to fall back on if this carries on too long, worries for family and friends can overwhelm, and some might even be bored out of our minds.

Keeping ourselves mentally and physically busy will help.

It is a great time to embrace a new skill, try a new hobby, take an online course, or dive into the list of things we’ve always said we’d like to do if we had time.

Spend some time outside taking walks and working in the garden. Soaking up vitamin D, is great for the immune system!

I’ve been keeping busy making pendulums to sell, building my Tarot and Numerology business and developing an online class.

The thing is, with all the craziness going on in the world right now, this down time is giving us all an amazing opportunity to re-evaluate our priorities. As I was putting together this article for posting, I decided to do a quick tarot spread asking what this isolation time is teaching us.

I wasn’t surprised that all three cards that came up were Swords. Being isolated can be a huge mental and emotional strain. What the cards tell us that we are all prisoners of our own design. We are bound by our belief systems, our self-talk, our dreams, desires and in numerous other ways. What this time of isolation offers is time to rest, regroup and consider what is and is not important to us; then we must decide what changes that may be necessary going forward after things start opening up again.

Because let’s be real, things need to change and after this is all said and done the world is not going to be the same ever again and neither are we. And, that isn’t a bad thing, is it?

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

April: A Deeper Look

For those who are familiar with my yearly Numerology post. I decided to take them a step further and do a monthly break down allowing for a more in-depth look. Welcome to the month of April! It will be April 2nd when this article is published, and all I can say is buckle up because there is a LOT of very interesting things going on energetically and in the sky. So, let’s begin.

The number eight is very significant for us this month. The full moon falls on April 8th; universally this is an eight month and the tarot card that came up is the Eight of Wands. In the tarot and numerology, the meaning varies slightly… but overall, the number eight is a about finding balance between the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives. It is about infinite supply, structure, and growth. To have three eights come up for us is no accident. Balance is going to be very important this month. If we can keep ourselves in check there will be great opportunity for both areas of our lives. In the tarot the suit of wands is about growth, movement, and passion. The Eight of Wands tells us that things are moving forward. Great news!

Planets in Retrograde

There is only one planet going retrograde this month, Pluto, but it is going to pack a punch. It will go retrograde on the 25th and station direct on October 4th. These five months can be a life changing period for us all. Pluto can be an unpredictable planet. When it retrogrades, dramatic change is quite likely to happen personally and globally. This is because Pluto loves revealing hidden things; We are forced to look within and deal with those things. Globally there is great potential for hidden things to be revealed which may cause a lot of upheaval. Secrets have a way of coming out.

Pluto also deals with the use power. We will find ourselves dealing with how we react to and use our power. Are we feeling controlled? How are we going to deal with it? Are we being too controlling of others? We’ll have to fix that if we want to clear that energy and move forward. Don’t be surprised to see governments expanding their use of power.

During these months Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will conjunct Pluto. This has the potential to be concerning. I mentioned that balance is going to be crucial this month and this conjunction is a reason. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It will increase our focus and drive to move forward. There is a great opportunity for transformation in the spiritual realm as well as in our physical lives. But that will only happen if we keep our heads. If we are in fear, doubt or denial; those emotions will grow.

Mercury is also playing a role in this retrograde and conjunction. This planet controls the lungs, so expect an increase of illness associated with the virus. Expect governments to take more of our freedoms in order to deal with it and expect an increase in worldwide fear this month but don’t get caught up in it. Stay safe and use common sense and do what you can to stay balanced. If you can, this will be a month of purification and growth.

Full Moon Cycle

I mentioned the full moon earlier. It is being called a Full Pink Moon but it won’t actually be pink. It’s simply a reference to the flower Phlox that begins to bloom in April. The moon will be full on the eighth and dark on the 23rd and 24th. This month will be the third of four Super Moons in a row. In addition, this month the moon will be the biggest and brightest of the group.

The full moon is always an emotional time and a Super Moon intensifies the effect. It is a time to release what isn’t serving our highest good. Use this energy to begin letting go of thoughts and belief systems that no longer serve who you are or who you are becoming. Be brave, look within and begin the process of transformation ahead of Pluto going retrograde.

Venus and the Pleiades

Every year Venus passes close to the Pleiades for a little girl time. But every eight years (Yup, another eight!) she goes even closer. This conjunction will be at its closest on Friday, April 3rd, but if it’s clear where you live between today and Friday, head outside after sunset and look to the west. That bright planet is Venus visiting Pleiades, the Seven Sisters. This grouping is a time of spiritual healing, love, and karmic release for us all.

The Comet Atlas

I thought it appropriate that the next things to discuss is the Comet Atlas. In mythology he is the Father of the Seven Sisters, Pleiades! Atlas is a planet near the Pleiades but also a comet discovered in December of last year. It has been working its way close to earth and beginning later this month, April 29th is will begin its fly by the planet Earth, with its closest point happening May 23rd. The comet is estimated to be a mile wide and 2.5 times as tall. Don’t worry though there is no danger of it crashing into us. We should be able to see the comet pass without use of binoculars or a telescope. Which is pretty exciting! It’s said the comet will be very bright and have a green color. It should be an amazing sight to see, let’s hope it’s clear skies!

For some, a comet passing means something bad is going to happen before the end of the year. If you look back into history, a comet preceded Cesar’s murder in the Senate, a comet preceded Mt. Vesuvius exploding and when Hale Bopp passed in the late 90’s Lady Diana and Mother Teresa died. While I believe there is no such thing as coincidence, we’ll have to wait and see what happens here.

Meteor Showers

There are several meteor showers every year. Many go by unnoticed but there are a few that are strong enough to be seen. They are named for the area of the night sky they radiate from. Ancient cultures believed a meteor shower was a blessing. God giving gifts or bringing information to the Earth.

The month of April has two, the Lyrid and the Eta Aquids. The Lyrids are a well-known shower and can be seen from April 16th to the 30th with its peak viewing time being the 21st and 22nd. The Eta Aquids aren’t quite as known as the Lyrids but they will be active from April 19th to May 28th. The peak viewing time is May 4th and 5th.

Weather and moonlight permitting these two have between 15 and 20 meteors an hour. For most meteor showers the best viewing time is usually after midnight and around dawn. Check your local area for best viewing times. Grab a blanket and head out to enjoy the show.

That wraps up a deeper look at April. There is a lot of potential for change, but it’s not to be feared. Things must end in order for anything new to come in. Growth comes only by a willingness to let go and move into unknown territory. Is it scary, Absolutely! Is it worth the risk, Absolutely!!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

A Closer Look at March

Some of you may know I do a post every year which takes a look at the numerology of the new year coming in. I expanded that post this year and included the moon phases and other things of interest for each month. If you missed that post you can read it here. I have been thinking that it might be advantageous to go back and take a deeper look at each month to see what they have to offer us as we move through this amazing year of unlimited potential. We want to take the fullest of every opportunity we can to move forward on our life journeys. Granted we are nine days into march, but it’s not too late yet. There are five exciting things happening this month, beginning today, so let’s take a look at how the month of march is going to flow. 

When looking at the numerology of the month we see March is a seven energy. This number is a desire for insight and wisdom. Yes, we are just a matter of weeks into the new year. We might feel like we need to hit the ground running, but chances are many of us are looking for that next step to take; preferably in the right direction, or for the perfect moment to take it. At this point waiting, watching how things go is not a bad idea. By the end of the month we might have more clarity about what we need to do, when we need to make a move and how we can most effectively do it.  

The insight we could be looking for could spark today. As the full moon is cycling it can help illuminate some of the answers we could be seeking. It’s not just any full moon. It’s a Full Super Moon in Virgo, the sign of details. If you saw my Week Ahead Tarot draw this morning you saw I mentioned this event briefly. Super moons can be full or dark and happen when the moon is at its closest point to the earth. Being closer to the earth is going to intensify the effect a full moon has. So, brace yourself.      

As I said Virgo is the sign of details. This month is a great time to check them, gather them and clear out the ones that no longer serve our highest good. When we do, we could find that we are closer to our goal than we believed.  

The second exciting thing this month is Mercury coming direct, and that will be tomorrow, March 10. Most people don’t view Mercury being retrograde as a gift, but the weeks of down time really do give us the opportunity to check in and see how things are going. To find where we can make changes and then do it. With communications opening back up a big part of our ability to get things done will be set free. At least until the next retrograde in June, when we will have our next break! 

The third exciting thing this month is the Vernal Equinox. I know many people who follow a Christian faith system don’t pay much attention to this day, but there is much to consider. The Vernal Equinox is the astrological new year and the day the cycle of life begins anew. With the sun moving into Aries, the sign of fire, passion and action, things could begin to heat up. These next few days are a perfect chance to make our plans, gather what we need and get ready to make our move. 

The fourth exciting thing to happen in March is pretty big, and probably the most exciting of all. That event happens on the 23rd, and is Saturn moving into Aquarius, an air sign, and what a combination this is going to be for us. Saturn can be quite hard. It is the ruling planet of structure but this combination will help us trim away what isn’t helping us move forward. We will be able to take a good honest look at our goals, what motivates us and drives our creativity. Jupiter is about expansion and also currently in Aquarius. This is a very positive grouping. Expect big things to happen globally and personally this year! 

The fifth and final exciting is the Dark Moon in Aries on March 24th. The Dark Moon is always about new beginnings, and Aries is the sign of passion and fire! Use this month to shake off the winter doldrums, clear out what no longer serves and get ready to take a leap forward. This year is absolutely pure potential. We may be three months into the year but this is the stepping off point. Believe in yourself and your dreams, you can make them happen!! 


Prince and his Numbers


Within this reality we play roles for one another. We create ideas of who we are and masks that reflect the person we want others to identify as us. We know the roles we play may or may not be who we truly are. Some of us struggle to find our truth and discover why we are here. This is where Numerology comes in. Numerology is one of my life’s passions. Doing charts for people is fascinating, seeing how the energy of numbers within our name directs us along our path is so interesting. Everything in the universe boils down to the math, and the numbers are never wrong. 

 Like other forms of divination, numerology doesn’t tell us directly what will happen in your future. It can’t because we have free will, and with it we can choose to follow the path we came here to travel, or we can make changes. Numerology is the gate; whether we choose to pass through it and take the journey is up to us. Numerology identifies our strengths and weaknesses. With this information we are better informed about our path and where it will take us.  

 There are many kinds of numerology. All cultures on Earth have some type in their history. I use two forms when doing a chart for a client. The first is Pythagorean, this form assigns a number value of 1-9 to the letters in your name. The numbers are added, reduced then their meaning defined. I also use the Kabballah; a form of numerology from the Hebrew Spiritual Tradition. It’s a little more complicated but I find the result to be very accurate and honest. 

 All numbers have positive and negative aspects to them just as we as do in our lives so keep in mind that a chart might reveal an area that needs attention. This does not mean that someone is a bad person. It simply means like all humans we have our flaws, and it is part of the human experience. Being aware of our flaws allows us to work on correcting behaviors we do not want to continue. 

 In a short chart I give the individual five different areas of information. The Life Path number, Expression number, Soul Urge, the Inclusion table and finally their Kabbalah numbers and meanings. A full chart allows for much more information, but to be honest it is way more than most people can wrap their heads around. If people want the additional information I will, of course, provide it. 

 I recently took a look at Princes numbers. When doing his chart, I included the S on his middle name because he added it during his life. Here is what I discovered. 

 Life Path – 9 

The Life Path Number describes your journey through this lifetime. It is your main goal and purpose for being here. This is found in your birth date. 

Nine is what I call the big picture number. In numerology it is a transition number. It is also the third step on the path of love. Nine is a number of the humanitarian, brotherhood, and tolerance.  

As his Life Path number, the energy of the nine made him an honorable, compassionate and trustworthy man whose focus was on making the world a better place than he found it, and helping people rise to their highest potential. After his transition stories came out of his many private donations to charities and people in need.  

Having a life path of nine can also put one into a situation of being taken advantage of. People with this life path number have very open hearts. They want to see the best in everyone, but unfortunately that is not always the case. They can find themselves being used and let down by users.  

Expression – 100/1 

The Expression Number is taken from your full name at birth and tells you what skills and abilities you brought to this lifetime to help you achieve your Life Path goals.  

Prince was a complete package. With the conscious addition of the s to his middle name, the numbers of his name add up 100. In all the years I have been doing numerology I have never seen this before! Reducing this makes Princes Expression a 1.  

The number one is bold, a leader, an innovator, a good business man and independent. Prince was certainly all these, to the point of wanting control of his body of creative work. The energy of this number is highly creative and wants to keep busy. This is evidenced in the vault of music he left behind. Ones in this position can be perfectionists which can be frustrating. It probably made him difficult to live and work with sometimes. That drive for perfection, in the end is what made him who he was. He knew what he wanted, what needed to be done and how to go about making it happen; his way!  

When I was breaking his name down, I found two interesting numbers. Within Princes name in the Expression area he has the Master Number 11/2 and the Good Karma number 10. When combines these two numbers are quite telling. 11/2 is the first of the Master Numbers and its energy is of the visionary and the spiritual teacher. In the area of the Expression it holds the capacity to be a great inspiration. He was aware of this and took great measures to not compromise his ideals or beliefs. Being a big picture person, he was well aware of his long-term goals and what effects his actions would have on them. The number 10 in this pairing is like a heaping spoonful of blessing. It took work to achieve what he accomplished, but his effort was most certainly blessed.  

Soul Urge – 9 

The Soul Urge Number is exactly what its name tells. It is who we are and what we long for at the deepest part of our being. 
In this position Nine came back as Princes Soul Urge number. What this tells us is, on the soul level, Prince was a very loving, kind, compassionate, giving person. He honestly cared about people and wanted to make a positive difference in the world. Having this big picture number at the heart of who he was means that he understood how blessed he was and that he could use his influence and resources to benefit others. 
Like in the Expression his Soul Urge has two Master Numbers. Both being 11/2. The other is a Karma Debt number, 14. It is incredibly fascinating that he would have two 11/2s in this aspect. This tells us he was deeply spiritual and lived his truth for all to see.
Karma is nothing to fear. One of the side effects of living many lifetimes is that we all come upon instances where we accumulate some kind of debt that must be paid back. Prince did too and this time he chose to pay back one having to do with the number four. It appears in his first name. The energy of the four is about structure, organization and work. He certainly cleared that this time.  

Inclusion Table 
The Inclusion Table is the sum total of the experiences and lessons learned across all your previous lives, whether they were lived on Earth or elsewhere. While all of our skills and abilities are available to us, we do not bring all of them to this life.  

The table is calculated by the total number of each number in a name, 1-9. Each number in the chart has an average amount of lessons and are the number in the parenthesis. In areas where the average is less than the average or nonexistent for any number, it simply means that we, as a being, will keep working to fully learn the lessons within that number. Where there may be an overabundance compared to the average, it means that you have encountered these lessons several times and balance might be what you need to learn. Thankfully time is not an issue, we can take as many lifetimes as necessary to fully learn our lessons. 

Numbers one through six are the lessons we need to learn in order to get along on this 3D physical reality. Seven begins the lessons that move us forward spiritually. What I will do here is list the average number for each in parenthesis, and Princes beside it along with what is means.  

  1. (3) 2 The lessons of number one teach us skills necessary to take care of our basic needs. As we can see, Prince has one fewer than the average. While he was capable of caring for himself and others in this lifetime. It is my belief that getting ownership of his intellectual property was his final lesson in this area.
  2. (1) 0 The number two teaches us to get along with others. Two is intuition, balance, harmony, cooperation and diplomacy. Having no twos in his name tells us that Prince knew what he wanted and was not willing to compromise. While he was a very loving and compassionate person, he was probably not very patient with people who questioned his decisions once he made up his mind.
  3. (2) 1 The number three is about joy, creativity, and self-expression. Prince was obviously a very creative person this time around. What is interesting to me is the duality of his nature. Being a Gemini, he was two different people. On stage he was incredibly open and expressive, but in his private life he was a very quiet person. Perhaps this life was to help him open up a bit more.
  4. (1) 0 Four is a foundational number that teaches us organization, structure, the ability to focus on a task, and the value of hard work. This is obviously a lesson he nailed this time around! It’s probably not something he will have to visit again.

  5. (4) 7 The number five teaches us flexibility, to think quickly and to cope with change. It is also a number that enjoys variety, travel and new experiences. Having three more than the average in this area tells us Prince was all about change. He probably loved being busy, to the point of working on several things at once. The word ordinary was not in his vocabulary. He reinvented himself several times and experimented musically. Those who followed his career saw him grow and develop into the icon love by millions.
  6. (2) 2 The number six is about relationships, service and responsibility. Being balanced in this area means that Prince had the average skills required to cultivate and protect the people in this life and the community as a whole. To be honest this surprised me a bit. Having a nine in his Soul Urge made me think he would have more than the average in this area. To use the word average in association with Prince just doesn’t feel right, but he knew what it took to build good lasting relationships.
  7. (1) 2 The number seven is the first of the higher numbers. It is a spiritual number that teaches us insight, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and our ability to think and analyze. It is not terribly common to have more than the average in this area, but Prince was not an ordinary man. He was a highly spiritual person, a deep thinker who marched to the beat of his own drum. With more than the average in this area Prince was not about to take anyone’s word as gospel. He would do the work to find the answers and ultimately his truth.  

  8. (1) 0 The number eight is an interesting number. It is a powerful energy that teaches us leadership, to manage our daily affairs, and to find a balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives. I call it a grown up four because it is more structured and organized. Just like with the two and four, Prince came into this lifetime with a 0 in this area and nailed this lesson!  

  9. (3) 4 We have discussed this number already in this post. The number nine teaches compassion, tolerance, brotherhood and understanding. This is certainly who Prince was.

Kabbalah 874

As I said earlier the Kabbalah is a type of Numerology within the Hebrew spiritual system. Like Pythagorean Numerology it assigns a numerical value to the letters of your name, the numbers are added and the meaning of the values defined. I like this system because it tends to be quite specific where the Pythagorean system can sometimes be vague. It can be brutally honest but more specifically accurate. 

I found the result for Prince surprising at first. I expected his number to be well over one thousand. Then I realized he was an ascended master here to do a job for humanity and this made sense. Here is Princes number and what it tells us. 

Looking at the numerical result of the Kabbalah requires us to break it down by hundreds, tens and ones. Princes result is 874 which shows us: 

800: We know that eight is a number of power and leadership. Eight hundred tells us that in his life he would gain a large amount of power and influence in whatever area of life he chose to pursue.  

70: This number tells us that he would encounter a big challenge in his life but would overcome it and find success on the other side of it. 

4: Four in the number of work and structure, and this tells us he would have a great deal of work-related issues to deal with. It also gives a warning the health issues might be a problem later in life.  

This concludes a look at Prince Rogers Nelsons Numerology chart. I hope you found it as fascinating as I did. If you are interested to see what the numbers of your name have to tell you, contact me and we can make it happen.   

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon