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Today’s Daily Draw

We have a pair of ones today. The thing I like about the Aces in Tarot is that they seem to be a thought out of nowhere. This giant hand appears out of a cloud and plants the seed of an idea that sets us on a journey through each suit. I find it fascinating that we have two ones on the day before the Dark Moon, the threshold to new beginnings and a partial solar eclipse on Friday. Our main card is the Ace of Cups, and tells us to always start from a place of love. Whether we are setting an intention, have a need, are looking for a new relationship or a new friend.

Our bottom card is the Ace of Wands. Fire energy and it’s all about passion, creativity, movement, growth and potential. This card tells us we are at the beginning of something new and where we go from this point depends on us. Whatever new thing approaches us today is going to have to cover two areas of our awareness. We have our emotions, our heart, longing to love it and our instinct and intuition telling us to go for it. Whether it is a new friendship, a new job, a new idea, an opportunity to get involved in a local charity, or any number of things. Start from a place of love and if it feels right, Go For It!!

Today’s Universal Number

Wouldn’t you know it would be a Five Day! This energy can take us in any direction today so fly high, stay grounded and have fun!!!

Today’s Crystals

I chose three crystals today. Clear Quartz because it’s perfect for everything. It’s high energy will help us stay focused and ready for anything. Jade because it brings an abundance of good luck to you and promotes harmony. The final choice for the day is Citrine. This crystal has all the elements of the Quartz family as well as enhancing creativity and abundance.


Open to the Conversation

Today’s Daily Draw

Buckle in, it may be an interesting day. We have the Page of Pentacles being paired with our bottom card which is Death. Yup it could be a very interesting day but perhaps not in a bad way. Generally speaking, when this card shows up it’s to deliver some good news.The Page of Pentacles is known by many as a card of promise. For us this means that we could be presented with a new opportunity. We could have an inspirational idea, find a new job or decide it’s time to get healthy. We could also get good news related to something we have been concerned about. Maybe a promotion will be offered! The possibilities are wide open today.

The thing is this good news or opportunity might not come to us in a way that we would expect and our bottom card, Death will have something to do with that. First thing, relax! This card is feared and highly misunderstood by many people. It very rarely, if at all, means an actual physical death. This card is about transitions, sudden and unexpected change in our lives. In some cases it is a major change. I personally could go for a big change for the better!

A couple of things we should keep in mind today is that our Page is a dreamer, young and naive. There is not a single thing wrong with being open-minded. In fact it’s a good thing, but don’t let anyone push you into anything. Just because someone says that an opportunity is fantastic or we have an idea that we think can’t fail. We need to think about it. Do the research and ask questions. Then make the decision as to whether we want to get involved. Remember this is the beginning. It may take some time before there is a positive result for us, so let go of the illusion that there might be a fast buck to be made. It will be important to be committed to the whole process.

Kep in mind that with every new beginning there is always an ending to something. We might want to ask ourselves if the trade-off is worth it. Are we willing to let go of what could very well be something we have held tight to whether it’s good for us or not. It might just be time to let go!

Today’s Universal Number

I really like the synchronicity of our universal number and the Tarot. We have a Four Day and our bottom card is 13 which reduces to Four. So we are all about structure and creating a solid foundation with what ever change is coming our way. Plan well!!

Today’s Crystals

The crystals for today are Chrysocolla and Hypersthene. Chrysocolla is a great choice for business. It helps bring prosperity. Being blue makes it a wonderful communication aide. Hypersthene opens doors to opportunity. If you are looking for answers, this is a good piece to carry with you or to meditate with.

Thank You BJ for today’s guest reading!

Today’s Daily Draw

The King of Swords came up for us today. He is the oldest of the kings so he’s seen and done it all. His long reign and  his many battles have given him a keen intellect. He knows that all battles are won or lost in your mind. Over many decades he has developed a level of wisdom that tells him not to judge without first getting some perspective and to lead with compassion.

Our bottom card, the Nine of Pentacles shows us a mature woman in a lush garden. She is living a comfortable life, confident in her future. This card speaks to us about being confident, grateful and success that comes from hard work and focus.

So what is it that our cards have to tell us? They are telling us that if we want to reach our goal for the day it is going to take confidence, focus, and good use of our intellect and skills. If something challenging comes up, don’t stress about it. Get some perspective and think about the possibilities to fix the problem instead of imagining all the other things that can go wrong. Like our king, our battle will be won in our thoughts. know that we have the talent and the knowledge to achieve any amount of success.

Today’s Universal Number

This is a Three Day and the energy is just what we might need. Three is creative, expressive, and a social number. These are qualities that are perfect for us today.

Today’s Crystals

For clarity of thought I chose Sodalite. It has a soothing energy that helps you get through tough situations. It opens your intuition and give creative thought room to imagine. The other crystal is Citrine. This crystal is known as the stone of abundance. It absorbs negativity and because it is a member of the Quartz family it is both a receiver and a transmitter of energy. This means that it will amplify the energy we give it and citrine is uplifting, creative and geared toward success.



Today’s Daily Draw

The cards that came up for us today bring a warning that we migh have a real problem with our temper. Anger came up first. It tells us that becoming angry is a natural part of our human experience. Things upset us sometimes. The thing is we need to be aware of how we react to what makes us angry. We don’t want to be taking our anger out on people close to us. We don’t want to be giving off that  kind of bad impression or adding negative energy to what might already be an uncomfortable situation. We certainly do not want any bad situation turning worse and having it turn into throwing things or coming to blows. Physical violence is never the answer.

Whether emotions get out of hand on the job or at home, we should do our best to diffuse the situation and then work to have an honest conversation about the issue. Disagreements if handled well can clear the air and put everyone on the same page. Handled well, that’s the key. There is nothing wrong with not agreeing with someone. Being disrespectful and blowing our top is not cool, and it doesn’t accomplish anything.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is perfect for today. We have Master Number 11/2 and this energy is about creating Harmony. We have both the masciline and feminine energy giving us the visionary and the intuitive.

Today’s Crystals

The crystals chosen for today are Labradorite and Rose Quartz. Labradorite will help us use our intuition to find a solution to our emotional issues. Rose Quartz will bring love and forgiveness to the situation and that is awesome.

Thank You BJ for today’s guest reading!

Today’s Daily Draw

My first thought when ever I see the young man emotionally closed off with his arms and legs crossed on the Four of Cups is that he is a whiney spoiled brat. He’s been presented with three perfectly good options which reflect back to the previous card in this suit. Any one could give him great joy. Neither of these are what he wants though so here he sits pouting because he didn’t get his way. The universe brings a fourth potential choice and he still sits pouting, not acknowledging any of the possibilities.

There are a couple of possibilities about our young man. He could be meditating on the pros and cons of his choices or he could be bored with where he is in his life and looking for something new. So what does this mean for us today? Are we looking for something new? Well we may have a chance along those lines. Our card is telling us we may have a choice to make or that we will be presented with an opportunity.

The Four of Cups tells us that we are in charge of our lives and the only one to determine where this life takes us. Life is full of possibility, but they don’t always drop into our lap. It will be important to open our awareness and look for a new path sometimes. This is where our bottom card, the King of Pentacles comes in. The underlying message is that if we have an idea or an opportunity it will be important to make sure we have a solid action plan. This king is about abundance that is achieved from hard work, being persistent, being informed, and making careful use of resources.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a One Day and this energy is about being bold, Taking charge is that is what’s necessary and blazing your own trail. It’s about fresh ideas and new beginnings. Go for it, but have a plan!!

Today’s Crystals

I narrowed the choices down to three today. They are Jade, Citrine and Aventurine. Jade is considered a very lucky gem to the chinese. It is wonderful for helping plan for long-term financial goals. Citrine is known as the stone of success and abundance. Keeping a piece where you keep your money is thought to draw more money to you. Aventurine is also a good abundance stone. it draws to you the things and people needed to help accomplish your goal.

Today’s Daily Draw

The Queen of Pentacles is a beautiful self-sufficient lady, a successful business woman, a wonderful compassionate mother, wife and home maker. She is practical, elegant, intuitive and able to adapt to different situations and rule the day. She does all this because she is a good business woman. She has learned the necessity to stay focused on what is important. Stick to the basics and be careful to check the facts before making a move.

These are skills that we might need today as our bottom card is the Ace of Swords. The ones in the tarot are about new beginnings and potential. This is generally a good thing, but the sword in the image of our card is double-edged. It can cut both ways. Meaning the potential could be good for us today or not so much. We are going to need to be careful today. Look for the truth in the situations we encounter. Don’t rush into any situation without understand the details. Don’t get super stressed and worry that someone may be trying to pull something over on you. Just stay open, be kind when dealing with people and be ready to take action if you need to.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a double Nine Day today. This is both a universal nine day and a universal nine month. The energy of this number is very much big picture. It’s about tolerance, compassion and brotherly love, but it is also about completion. Endings and beginnings. If we need to let something go today, don’t be afraid to release it. Our Ace tells us that it’s a day for both endings and beginnings.

Today’s Crystals

I Chose two crystals to accompany our cards. Sodalite to help us have the insight and clarity we need today and for its ability to help us tune in to our intuition. The other crystal choice is Charoite to help us with the perspective and wisdom we need.

Ruby in Fuchsite in The Morning Light

Back in April I did a post about Ruby in Zoisite. Today I have another Ruby combination and this one is Ruby in Fuchsite. Being a green and pink combination as the previous one is, this lovely is a wonderful Heart Chakra piece. It also works very well with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras.

This mineral was discovered somewhere around 1816 ish by the Mineralogist Johann Nepomuk Von Fuchs. Some of the countries where it can be found are Brazil, India, Ethiopia, South Africa, Pakistan and Russia. Because there are two crystals to this mineral, there are two hardness levels. The Fuchsite is quite soft with a Mohs scale of 2-3. The Ruby is hard and has a scale of 9. It’s not easily carved because the Fuchsite is so soft, but it can be made into nice jewelry pieces.

As I said this is a wonderful Heart Chakra crystal. It gives off a deep level of compassion, understanding and acceptance. As a crystal of renewal Ruby in Fuchsite cleans and clears mental and emotional blocks, leaving you more balanced and able to release emotional stress.

Some other qualities of this stone are:

  • Transmutes negative and destructive energy into positive energy.
  • It activates and enhances psychic ability as well as our connection to spirit
  • It helps you be more objective and accepting of other points of view.
  • It increases awareness and connection to Earth energy
  • It amplifies intent
  • Encourages you to take better care of your health.
  • Clears the Heart Chakra and fills it with love.

There is one warning I must give in connection to this crystal and that is that it carries a very low-level of radiation. I don’t think that it is high enough to be seriously dangerous but still it should be mentioned. And, this brings me to my disclaimer. The point where I must tell you that I am not a doctor and I am in no way suggesting you give up your normal medical practitioner. I only offer alternatives to enhance your current level of care.

Today’s Daily Draw

We’ve been getting a lot of swords lately. This tells us that our thoughts are something we need to be paying attention to. We have another reminder in the Six of Swords. It’s come to tell us we might have some obstacles in our way today. Fortunately The Magician tells us we have all the elements at our disposal to overcome anything that could be blocking us from moving forward. All we have to do is concentrate and tap into our power and potential. Trying to avoid a problem situation isn’t going to help us get anywhere. We need to take responsibility and step up to  make the changes that need to be made.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is an Eight Day. The energy of the eight is strong, organized and disciplined. It encourages us to reach for what we want. It is the number of balance and infinite supply. What a great energy!

Today’s Crystals

I chose Labradorite and Chrysanthemum Stone to accompany us today. Labradorite is about change and transformation. It enhances our psychic ability and will bring much-needed change to your life. The Chrysanthemum Stone is also about change. The Chinese consider this a stone of luck and good fortune. The energy of this stone help us make our lives bloom.

Rant In Process

Why is it people choose to stay in situations that are not healthy or what they want? Is creating a self-imposed prison of fear, denial or compromise really preferable to taking any kind of action to improve your life?  

I understand fear, denial and compromise. I lived them as many people have, and moved beyond them.  What I don’t understand is not doing something about it. These might be lessons to be learned but it doesn’t need to take a lifetime to learn that living in fear sucks, that putting blinders on doesn’t help and compromising your way through life is equally no way to live.  

Once we understand that something needs to change, be willing to do the emotional work to make the change.

Don’t wait for the perfect time, now is the perfect time and you are worth it.  

Don’t be afraid of what might happen if you try and fail. Failure is the ultimate teacher. It makes you stronger and wiser. Pick yourself up and try again.  

Don’t wallow in self-pity because your life in not what you want it to be if you’re not willing to do the work to change it.  

Don’t complain or get angry if you aren’t following it with action.  

Don’t settle for a life that is not what you want it to be!  

Be Brave enough to take a chance on yourself! 

Be fearless enough to stand for what you believe! 

Now I am not trying to be unkind but don’t come to me for help or advice if you aren’t going to do the work. I won’t do free tarot readings unless I am the one suggesting it. I feel $30.00 is affordable for a half hour session. If you can’t afford it, what can you afford? An exchange is only fair. 

Understand I do want to see you grow into your best self but I can’t do the work for you and if you are not willing to do your work I have a right to not waste my time. If the time comes when you are ready and willing to do the work, I will be happy to help in any way I can. 

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon