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The Daily Tarot Story


Good morning everyone. It is Saturday January 16, 2021 and we have a fabulous card to round out our Daily Tarot Story this week. Our card is Butterfly. The symbolism with butterflies is all about change, transformation and rebirth.

So what could this possibly mean for the collective today? When we stop to think about it, who doesn’t like watching a butterfly dancing on the breeze? They are beautiful reminder that life is about becoming something new. Of reaching for something different, something more and that’s perfectly ok. When the caterpillar closes itself up into its cocoon. It doesn’t know what is about to happen or whether it will be hard or painful. It justs trusts that everything is going to be alright and rests in that trust.

Butterfly coming to us as our card for the day hints that we are facing some kind of change in our lives. If not today then in the near future. Be open to change. Yes it’s taking a risk and it might be scary, but after last year aren’t we all ready for something new? A new job, a new relationship, or even a new us! Be open to the possibility, it could be a very good thing and just what’s needed right now.

Have a great day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Why is not the Right Question

Every person who comes to this planet lives an experience unique to them. We all made the choice to come to Earth, none of us were forced. At no point did we think it was going to be easy, because this reality is definitely not meant to be easy! We came for the experience. It’s beautiful here and a 3D reality is completely different from the norm for us. We came to do work that will move to the next level. And, we came because there are things only a physical experience can teach us.

As I said a moment ago we’re all having our own experience, learning lessons and understanding our lives through preset filters we put in place. The one thing that’s the same for each of us is everything in this reality is a teachable moment. Say that out loud to yourself and let it sink in for a bit.

Everything in this reality is a Teachable Moment!

Once we wrap our head around this truth our perspective begins to change. We see and understand things from a larger view. Nothing is random. Everything that is meant to be will be whether we learn its associated lesson or not. The delightful and frustrating part is, if we haven’t learned the lesson the cycle of behavior will continue until we do!! Good, bad or indifferent.

We are very intricate beings so some lessons can take several lifetimes to learn. Coupled with this, teachable moments go unnoticed because we forget. We forget our purpose for coming here. We forget who we really are, how powerful we are, on top of this we’re born into this amazing, beautiful, low energy reality packed to the gills with distractions meant to keep us from awakening and asking ourselves the correct questions.

So many people ask why. Why did this happen to me? Why does this keep happening to me? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why has many facets but it’s not the question we need to be asking. To ask why is like throwing gas on a fire. We’re feeding an emotional pit sending us further and further down a rabbit hole of pain and confusion. All we discover is more pain but it brings friends like anger, bitterness, and resentment along. There is no healing or resolution there.

Unfortunately many people are so wrapped up in the why they don’t recognize it’s not the question we need to be asking. The answer to the why question, is because we planned it like that but that’s a topic for a different day. The question we need to be asking ourselves is, what. By asking what we give ourselves the opportunity to slow down and examine the situation and how we reacted to it.

We all know someone, maybe ourselves if we’re being totally honest, who when talking with them always go back to a person or event that hurt them. They are so consumed with the why of the situation that they refuse to acknowledge the healing that could take place if only the right questions were asked. What happened to my relationship with my husband? What did I do wrong? What signs of a problem was I unwilling to see? What part did I play in the situation? What might have been done differently?

When we ask why based questions we’re, more often than not, drawn outward to focus blame on something or someone other than ourselves. Asking what based questions draws us in. It makes us face a mirror that perhaps we don’t want to see. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. This is a mirror based in ego and our ego is not necessarily our friend. Sometimes we feel like ignoring the painful things is easier. Put the blinders on and not deal with the pain; which is why some lessons can take multiple lifetimes to learn. Living in victim mode is somehow better than doing the painful work to move forward.

There are other questions that can be asked that will take our healing deeper. What did this teach me about myself? What lessons are there to learn from this situation? What can I do to forgive and move on?

These questions aren’t easily answered but if we look at every disappointment, betrayal or situation that triggers us through the filter of what, not why we open ourselves to healing and letting go of pain that has no place in our lives or our future. From the guy who cut us off in traffic, to the rude lady in the grocery store to the jerk at the office…

Everything in this reality is a Teachable Moment!

Have a great day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Daily Tarot Story

Good morning everyone; we made it to Friday. It is January 15, 2021 and we have Big Horn Sheep here to encourage us today. This powerful animal brings us a new beginning. He/She is all about strength, leadership and action.

Yesterday’s card guided us to get some perspective so we could determine the right course of action we need to take. Bringing this into today with Big Horn Sheep we have a plan and it is time to put it into action. Keep in mind this magnificent animal also tells us to persevere. We will have to hang in and do the work. but, we can do that!

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Daily Tarot Story

Messenger, Visionary

This weeks Tarot Story is unfolding into a promising conclusion. Our card for today is Hawk and it’s message builds on previous days guidance by telling us to get some perspective. We need to take the information gained over the last few days, the decisions made because of it and see the bigger picture. Based on what we know to be true and the actions we are considering taking, what is the likely outcome? Is it what we want? Do we think an alternate choice is called for?

Getting some perspective will help us make that determination. Perhaps asking a trusted family member or friend will give us some clarity. Be open to guidance today and watch for signs pointing us in the direction we should go. They are there!

Have a good day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Daily Tarot Story

Strength, Confidence, Introspection

Here we are mid-week already and our Tarot Story is taking a little bit of a turn. So far this week we have been guided to pay particular attention to our intuition because something might be goin on that perhaps we either did not know about or didn’t have full knowledge of. With today’s card, Bear, that’s changing.

When Bear comes to you it is to deliver one of two types of guidance. She either tells us to stand strong and be courageous or to take time to consider our options before we act. I’m feeling it’s a combination of both. We’ve had three days to observe what is going on and to gather needed information. Now we need to take stock and decide what we are going to do with it. Don’t be rushed, consider the options carefully then once a decision is made stand confidently for that choice and hold your ground!

Have a good day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Daily Tarot Story

Grace, Elegance, Balance

Good morning! It is Tuesday January 12, 2021 and the card we have from the Spirit Animal Oracle by Susan Andra Lion is Swan. This card reminds us to take life smoothly, gracefully and keep going.

How we choose to react to situations determines a great deal. Swan encourages us to stay calm in the midst of stressful situations or when we get less than happy news. Staying open minded, calm and balanced gives us the chance to cut to the truth, breathe and look for potential solutions faster. Swans represent finding new ways of thinking. We’re not going to do that if we are freaking out.

Like Wolf and Weasel, Swan tells us listening to our intuition can help us transform a negative into a positive and we can do it looking like it is effortless. Let’s own that power today!!!

Have a magnificent day! blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Daily Tarot Story

Careful Observation

It looks as if the energy of yesterday’s card, Wolf, might still have us thinking something is going on that we don’t have a full grip on yet.

As our card from the Spirit Animal Oracle is, Weasel, you may guess today is about being quietly observant. If we suspect something is not quite right we need to keep that to ourselves and appear to go about our business as normal. By paying attention to what people are saying and doing, and asking the right questions we can find the truth then decide what we’re going to do about it.

Have a good day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Daily Tarot Story

Spirit, Instinct

I don’t remember the last time I used this deck for the Daily Tarot Post. I honestly don’t think I have, anyway I am using the Spirit Animal Oracle deck by Susan Andra Lion. It is a 50 card deck focusing on animals of North America to help us connect to our higher selves and develop a closer relationship to nature.

This weeks Daily Tarot Story is guiding us to listen to our intuition and begins with Wolf. The Wolf is a strong, intelligent animal comfortable being alone but still understands the importance of social and family connections. As powerful as they are, they know they are stronger together. Those close connections rely on trust. Depending on what each of us is experiencing the trust we feel may be threatened.

When the wolf comes to us it tells us to trust our instincts and listen to our intuition. If something doesn’t seem right; pay attention. This is not to say we should jump to conclusions at this point because we shouldn’t. It could be nothing but we need to pay attention to what’s going on. Is there an issue within our family, work or social circle that we are unaware of? Whatever it is, we need more information.

Have a good day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Daily Tarot Story

Five of Water
Loss, Lack of Perspective

Do you see the path this week has taken us down? It began on a very positive note, then a little negative energy came in, we lost our perspective and things kind of went sideways didn’t it? We are ending this weeks Tarot Story using the Vision Quest Tarot with another Five, this time it’s the Five of Water.

We may have been struggling with worry, doubt and fear about something for a couple days now. Father of Water stepped in on Thursday to guide us to a place of clarity and perspective and it might have helped, some. But we’re still dealing with it so not completely. The Five of water lets us know our focus is on the wrong things. Maybe we’re too close to the issue right now to see it clearly. Our best bet is to step back and let the situation play itself out for a while. This will give us time to get our focus, clarity and perspective back. As painful as the last couple of days might have been we will be better off in the long run because of what it taught us.

Have a a good day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon