Wrap up and Introduction

Good morning, how are you doing? As this is Friday I thought I’d do a little wrap up and introduction. We’re wrapping up the Tarot and Numerology posts and introducing my next series of topics. I have to come up with a title for Friday’s like I did for Crystal Thursday. I can’t call it Tarot and Numerology Friday anymore I’ll figure something out. If you have any suggestions I’d love to see them, leave your ideas in the comments below.

I love to share things that I’ve been passionate about all my life. Introdcing people to ideas that can enhance their lives is very rewarding. I began with the Tarot and Numerology back in August. Hopefully you found the articles interesting. If you have any questions about either subject feel free to ask. Even though I am moving on to two new topics I am more than happy to answer questions for you. If you are interested in a Tarot Reading or having a Numerology chart done DM me for more information.

For the next few weeks I will be trading off discussing the Chakras system and The Archangels. Now there are 114 Chakras in the body but I won’t be talking about each one of them. My thought is to cover the in line Chakras from the Earth Star below the Root up to the Galactic Gateway then on alternate Friday’s I’ll tell you about one of my favorite Archangels. I am looking forward to talking with you.

See you next Friday!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon