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The Daily Tarot Story

Four of Swords
Wait, Rest, Regroup

Good morning everyone. We’ve made it to Saturday and we have an appropriate card to finish our Tarot Story this week, The Four of Swords. For some people this card indicates a certain amount of fear about something. That makes sense, we all have things going on in our lives that may be a cause for worry. Which is why today’s card is so perfect for the collective.

When the Four of Swords comes up in a reading it tells me it’s time to take a much needed break. We’ve all had so much going on in our lives on top of getting ready as best we can for the holidays and now that Christmas/Yule is over we deserve to hit the pause button to rest, regroup and decide what is next. Don’t feel like decisions must be made today, just wait. Make some “Me time” today to pamper yourself, breathe and clear your head. It won’t make problem situations go away but taking time to rest and regroup can give us perspective we may not have had previously.

Have a great day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon
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The Weekend Ahead


The Moon came up for us today! This is so interesting because today is the New Moon and the first eclipse of this month. It is a partial solar eclipse visible in Australia, but the energy can still be felt by us. The moon is about illusion, balance, emotion, reflection and our intuition. This card tells us that something might not be what it appears to be. There could be something blocking us, whatever this is might pull us off track a bit leaving us feeling like we’re not sure what is going on or where we are headed.

To stay on track we will need to be aware of what’s influencing the situations we are dealing with. Look for the blocks and the negative ideas that need to be handled.

We have a 33/6 day. 33 is incredibly creative and highly communicative. This energy will help us greatly to get us back on track. Six is a relationship number and will help us deal with people who might be the cause of our issue.

Moonstone is the crystal choice of the day and it will help us tap into our intuition and find our way back on track.


Sometimes we need to walk away from the noise of everyday life and it’s drama, stress and expectations for a while. The Four of Swords is our card today and it’s message is to do just that. This card generally comes up when we’ve come through a difficult time and we need to rest. Take the time to get away and do something to pamper yourself. Take a walk, read a good book or have a nice relaxing bath. This will give us some much-needed recovery time to get a fresh perspective and plan our next step.

Today is a Seven Day and this energy desires insight, knowledge and wisdom. Taking a break will help us find the insight we need.

The crystal chosen for today is Aqua Aura. This crystal is a type of Quartz and it’s energy helps restore calm, ease stress and give us a sense of peace.


In the tarot the Pages are message bearers. They are creative and talk to us about new beginnings. The Page of Cups is here to tell us to pay attention to our dreams and listen to our intuition. Our Page is a very confident young man. You really need to be to dress in such a Look At Me kind of way and pull it off! He is here to tell us that there are opportunities for growth around us but to see them we need to stay open and embrace our inner child. Don’t take things too seriously today. Relax, let things flow and a new idea might just come into your area of attention.

Today’s universal number is Eight and the energy of this day has us looking for balance, structure and control.

The crystal chosen to accompany our card today is Flourite to help us think clearly and listen to our intuition.

Today’s Daily Draw

The Bear teaches us to be courageous when we are scared. To find strength in our weakest moment, to take the lead when we must, and to be confident in our skills and abilities. There is another lesson to be learned from the bear, that there is great value in solitude. We live in a loud world. We’ve become so used to constant sound that many find the quiet uncomfortable. It is in solitude that we are able to rest, body and soul. The quiet allows us to hear the divine and discover our truth. From times of solitude we rise with a new sense of understanding and purpose for our lives. Give yourself the gift of quiet time today, you deserve it.

Today’s Universal Number

We begin a new cycle today with the one energy and it is not afraid to blaze a new trail, even if it is into silence.

Today’s Crystals

I chose, Moldavite, a very intense crystal for today, but it is one that is definitely about renewal. I don’t have a piece with me, but this beautiful green beauty is a rare and powerful crystal found only in the Czech Republic. It’s rarity makes it quite expensive but to find a genuine piece is worth the price. This crystal works quickly to clear energy blocks and bring renewal.

Today’s Daily Draw

Balance is important in our lives. Without it the pace of life gets to be to much, we aren’t at peace and nothing makes sense. To have peace we must first have a balance in our work life, our emotional life, and our physical and spiritual lives. Renewal Of Peace came to ask us if we are feeling out of sorts. Are we overworked? Are we under a lot of stress in our lives? Are we being overly optimistic about a situation? Are we taking proper care of ourselves? When we are out of balance we feel it in our bodies. It manifests as fatigue, anger, headaches, and illnesses like repeated colds or the flu. our card reminds us to take the time for self care. It’s not selfish to rest and recharge. Allowing ourselves this time makes us stronger and more able to do the things we need and want to do.

Today’s Universal Number

We have an eight day today and this strong energy is perfect. Eight likes order and that means balance. The number itself sings of this quality. Take some time today for yourself. Rest, meditate and find your balance again.

Today’s Crystals

There are several crystals that can help us find balance in our lives. Remember that all crystals work to our benefit but in different ways. Some crystals that can work to help us find balance are Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Shiva Lingam, and Rutilated Quartz. I chose Sodalite and Rose Quartz for today. Sodalite is a crystal that brings balance to our thoughts. Rose Quartz brings our emotions to a place of balance. When our head and heart are in sync, everything else in life should fall easily into place.

Today’s Daily Draw

There is nothing like a nice lazy Sunday to ground down from the busy week. To rest, relax, perhaps spend time with friends or making plans for the upcoming week. Grandmother Earth came to us to let us know that we are supported and loved at all times even if we don’t feel it. Relax today, put down your roots and plan ahead but don’t make a move until the time is right. Today is just for grounding, getting our strength back and preparation.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a nine day and we are finishing up the loose ends and getting ready for a new cycle tomorrow.

Today’s Crystals

I chose three crystals to accompany todays card and they are all in the Quartz family. The two I have with me are Clear Quartz and Amethyst. The third is Smokey Quartz. Clear Quartz will help us let go of any negative energy left over from last week and restore our light. Amethyst will work with our third eye to help us make plans for moving forward into another week and Smokey Quartz will help ground us.



Today’s Daily Draw


Four of Swords

There’s been a lot going on lately that’s left us feeling a little drained physically and emotionally. Today’s card, the Four of Swords, is here with the message that there is a break in the storm and it’s time for a rest before we move on. It is important to take a break and give ourselves a chance to regroup before we face the next challenge. They are coming of course, the four of swords only gives us a break in the action. We need this time to heal, gain some clarity and contemplate our next move. Whether we just finished a big project and are looking for another, if we are in the middle of a move, facing health issues, the end of a relationship, or just feel like we don’t know what our next move is. A day of rest and meditation to get our energy and focus back is just what we need. Have a pleasant day everyone.

Today’s Universal Number

March begins with a six day and we may have some things to take care of but it is also a day for creating harmony in our lives and surroundings, so take advantage of the energy and give yourself some space and self care.

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Today’s Daily Draw


Rest & Rejuvenate

Good morning everyone. The card that came for us today is Rest and Rejuvenate. It is coming to tell us that it’s time relax and regroup. This card usually comes up when we are emotionally or mentally worn out. In other words some alone time is needed to reflect and breathe. Perhaps take a long walk or even a hot bath. Today is a good day to stand back and assess our situation and see if we can make changes to help us feel more balanced. Let’s allow ourselves some “Me” time, we deserve it! Have a great week and be safe.

Today’s Universal Number

The universal energy today is a four. This energy is about structure, order and creating a foundation to build upon. Using this energy today can help us make sure we are standing on a solid base.

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Today’s Daily Draw



Stress and responsibility is an unavoidable part of life. Over time they weigh on us and we get tired, more stressed and just overwhelmed. Sure we don’t mind the responsibilities of life, most days, because we are working to build a life for ourselves and our families but, we need some rest and relaxation too, and this is the message of the card, Vulnerable. Take some much needed “Me” time today and indulge in some self love and self care. Relaxation is the word of the day so put all thoughts of chores and errands out of our heads and focus on restoring peace and balance to ourselves in whatever way works best. Meditate, take a nap if you feel like it, let your inner child out to play and follow his/her lead. Curl up with a good book or snuggle on the sofa and watch B movies. Have a great day, enjoy!

Today’s Universal Number

We have the last Master Number of the month today and it is 11/2. The energy of this number is both masculine and feminine so it seeks balance and peace while at the same time it encourages forward movement. Let’s use this energy to find our balance today and take a look at where our next step is taking us.

Today’s Crystals

When we are wanting self care and self love Rose Quartz is quite possibly the best choice. the energy of this crystal is all about love, care and compassion. Another excellent choice is Clear Quartz. This crystal will help us get rid of any negative energy we are holding onto.

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Daily Haiku


Resting on a branch
a game of tag just over
snack time then round two

Today’s Daily Draw



Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to fall back into old worn out thought patterns and actions. it’s our comfort zone, our familiar place, the fit is good and slides right back on us like that perfect pair of old jeans. We allow the negative self talk back in which tells us to not try, to give up because we’ll never get to our goal. We aren’t good enough or talented enough. Then we begin to question whether it’s true and wonder if we are wasting our time. The dangerous thing is that if we unpack our bags and stay there long enough, those negative thoughts will create that reality. And then everything we have worked toward will collapse around us. This is the message of today’s card, Futility. If we find ourselves in a negative thought pattern trying confuse and depress us. The best thing we can do is nothing. Wait it out until we can fight our way out. Don’t make any decisions for the future based on thought patterns of a past we no longer live in. Rest and look within, when we do we will see the strong, positive and talented person we truly are. We will see the bright future we are building. When we get our inner strength and confidence back we can kick negativity to the curb. Have a good day.

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