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Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good Morning! My name is Terry and I am this week’s guest reader. I am using Oracle of the 7 Energies by Collette Baron-Reid. It’s an unusual deck I’ve never seen one like this, it has amazing detail and explodes with color. 

The Land Between is our first card for this Weeks Tarot Story. It’s telling us we’re in a place of waiting and waiting is not always a happy or comfortable place to be. Something big is coming into our lives but it’s not here yet; so we wait.

Do you feel the energy of change coming? While we’re anticipating what’s coming we have work to do that will help us be more prepared when our change arrives. Facing up to the messy parts of our lives and cleaning them up will make a big difference. Like looking back at where we’ve been and letting go of what doesn’t serve our highest good, the thoughts, beliefs and maybe even people that don’t support the person we want to be need to go. We can look forward to where we want to be and face our fear of the unknown, and we can look at where we are, learn to be patient and embrace this moment with gratitude for the lessons learned.

Have a nice day.
Be Blessed, Terry

The Weekly Tarot Story

Nine of Wands

Good morning everyone. Well we made it to the end of our week. For the most part t was not a bad week but we may have encountered a complication or two which may be a cause for concern. Our card for the day, the Nine of Wands, is here to tell us to hang in there.

Unexpected problems might have come up this week but we can handle them. In Numerology this is the number of completion. Nines of the Tarot let us know we may feel blindsided, beat up or backed into a corner but we’re also strong and determined. We may feel a certain amount of discouragement as our Tarot Story comes to a close but hang in there and do what needs to be done because we are almost at our goal. We will get there!

Have a great day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story


Good morning everyone. It is Friday March 26, 2021 and our card for the day, Temperance, is guiding us to take some time to regain our focus and balance.

It may not be a bad week perse, just hectic and perhaps a bit challenging. For may of us things might have become more complicated when yesterday’s card, the Page of Pentacles came into the picture. He didn’t bring us anything negative. In fact he came to help. The issue is that we began our week with what we thought was a clear goal with a plan; now we have other potential ideas to consider.

And this is why we need Temperance today. This lovely lady is about balance and blending together ideas and beliefs in order to find what works for us. To reject out of hand any ideas the Page of Pentacle may have brought our way could potentially be a big mistake. So consider them and the original plan carefully. There may just be a brilliant mix of ideas waiting to be discovered!

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Page of Pentacles

Good morning everyone. Our week has been going by well so far but even though today’s card, The Page of Pentacles, is a positive one, it may be a cause for some potential stress.

The week began with a new beginning by way of the Ace of Cups. We’ve been working to plan and and implement this new idea, project or whatever it might be all week. Now we have the Page of Pentacles bringing in another new beginning!? Oh my do we need a scorecard?

Although it may be a bit chaotic at first, our Page is here to help. In the Tarot, the Page of Pentacles can bring a new opportunity to grow wealth, improve health, a new job or a promotion. Perhaps even a move of home. Whatever it is the opportunity is generally a good thing. Being the realm of earth practicality and work are going to be involved.

I mentioned our Page was here to help and he is. He may bring us ideas to help move our idea along. It may be the solution to a problem, a mentor to guide us, perhaps even a fresh idea or perspective from out of nowhere. The answer we’re looking for could come an unlikely source so pay attention.

Have a great day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Three of Cups

Good morning, we are halfway through our week and things seem to be going well. Today’s card is the Three of Cups and its message is always a welcome one.

The Three of Cups is here to say take a break, everyone needs some fun now and then. Our week seems to be going well, maybe we have some good news to celebrate or perhaps it’s simply time to have a get together with family or friends, enjoy a beverage of choice and make a few memories.

Have a fabulous day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story


Good morning! At first glance today’s card, Justice, may seem a little out of place in the Weeks Tarot Story. Knowing there are no accidents in life we can be confident it does indeed fit into our story.

Yesterday the knight of Pentacles guided us to slow down and plan before moving forward with a new idea, project or relationship. The time spent planning might be what we need in order to get something we’ve been waiting for. When Justice comes to a reading it encourages fairness and truth. Perhaps we’ll receive information we were lacking about what we are working toward. This card can also mean a decision is going to go in our favor and it will help restore some balance to our lives. Have we been waiting for the go ahead? Chances are it’s coming.

Have a lovely day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Knight of Pentacles

Good morning everyone! Welcome to Monday March 22, 2021 and the beginning of a new days adventure. Our card for the collective is the Knight of Pentacles and it couldn’t be a better choice to follow yesterday’s Ace of Cups.

We might be excited and in a hurry to get started on whatever new idea presented itself yesterday but the Knight tells us to slow down. As a group the Knights are all about action and this one is too, but it’s a different type of action. The Knight of Pentacles tells us to make plans and plant the seeds. Rushing into any kind of action without thinking carefully and making a plan first is likely to cause setbacks in the future.

Take the time to plan. This is just the action we need to manifest our future!

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Ace of Cups

I was going to say Good Morning but it isn’t morning anymore, so Good Day! It is Sunday March 21, 2021 and I am using the Crystal Power Tarot by Jayne Wallace and Illustrator Roberta Orpwood this week.

The card we begin this Weeks Tarot Story is the Ace of Cups. We know the Aces of the deck bring us a potential new beginning within its realm. Cups are the realm of emotion and intuition. Last week we were guided to follow our hearts and it appears we are still and it’s not a bad thing!

For the collective, the Ace of Cups may be the first bits of an idea for a project that would be dear to our hearts. It could be a new job that is perfect for us, a new relationship or an existing one taking the next step.Whatever it is there will be an emotional connection for us and work necessary to grow this new venture into reality. If we pay attention to our intuition it can lead us in the direction we should go.

Have a fantastic week everyone! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

The Magician
Creation, Manifestation, Beginnings

Good morning everyone. It’s Saturday March 13, 2021 and the final card for our Weekly Tarot Story couldn’t be a more perfect way to balance out our week. The energy of our cards has been leading us to take a step onto a new path or to continue along one we’ve previously begun.

Today’s card, The Magician, challenges us to take a step toward making whatever goal is shining at the end of our journey, urging us forward, a reality. He reminds us we have everything we need. We have the dream, the skills and the knowledge needed. All we have to do is believe and put in the time and effort to get there. So lets go!

Have a fabulous day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon
This is a reading for the collective. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Contact me if you are interested in a personal reading

The Weekly Tarot Story

The Hermit
Contemplation, Truth, Wisdom

Good Friday Morning. I hope everyone has had a fabulous week so far. I love that today’s card, The Hermit, comes to us after The Lovers. Yesterday’s card suggested we seek out guidance from a trusted person. Today, The Hermit, suggests taking a step back to think and discover whatever truths are needed. Don’t feel rushed into a decision. Remember we are working toward a long term, lasting security. Pay attention to your intuition. Get all the facts and advice necessary to be confident about the choice being made to move forward. Then act only when your mind and heart are telling you to move.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon
This is a reading for the collective. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Contact me if you are interested in a personal reading.