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The Weekly Tarot Stroy


Good morning, welcome to another Weekly Tarot Story. We have BJ stepping in as our guest reader this week using his Cats Inspirational Oracle Cards by Barbara Moore and Marco Turini. Let’s see what the cards have for us this week.

Hello everyone. Prepare, what a great card to begin our week. Life right now is like sitting on a seesaw. From one day to the next we don’t know what to expect. All that unknown can cause so much stress and fear; instead of living in fear we can look ahead and do whatever we can to be ready for anything that comes our way.

Take action against the unknowns by being as prepared as possible. Be flexible as the week unfolds, have a plan B. long term we can review insurance policies to see if they are still adequate, take steps to improve our health, do a security check of our homes and make any upgrades necessary, consider going back to school to advance work opportunities or implement a spiritual practice.

We don’t have to be afraid of what might be if we take constructive action and prepare.
Have a good day! BJ

The Weekly Tarot Story

Page of Swords
New way of Thinking

Good morning. Here we are at the end of another Weekly Tarot Story. Can you believe we are seven weeks into this year already? Wow! The card that came up for the collective for today’s final chapter of our story is the Page of Swords.

We’ve had several cards that stir emotion this week.They all do, of course, that is their purpose. The Tarot guides us through the mountain top and dark valley moments of our lives. Today’s does as well. Being a Page we are being offered something new. As the Page of Swords it may be a fresh new idea, a new perspective found after walking away from something we were trying to make work.

Our Page is Swords up in preparation for what is coming. He isn’t standing on level ground so we will need to steady ourselves before we make a move but we only have room for the new when we’ve let go of what no longer serves.

Have a fantastic day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Eight of Cups
Disappointment, Walking Away

Good morning everyone. The Weekly Tarot Story began on what seemed to be a strong footing. But it appears as if things may not be going to plan. Wednesday’s Four of Swords slowed us down then yesterday the Three of Swords brought some sadness. With today’s card, the Eight of Cups, that sadness might bring us a new level of clarity that tells us it’s time to let something go.

The Eight of Cups is about walking away from something that has meaning to us. Perhaps the timing isn’t right, something may have changed, gone wrong or canceled; maybe we realized the idea or project is not something we want anymore. Know that we don’t have to give up forever. It could be we can revisit the idea at a later time.

Have a beautiful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Three of Swords
Sorrow, Regret

Good Thursday Morning everyone. The card for today’s chapter of our story is the Three of Swords. This card reminds us that sometimes life hurts. Plans change, things go wrong, people leave or disappoint us, and we are left to deal with the pain, collect the remaining pieces and keep going. Did something go sideways with the plan? Has someone let you down? It’s ok to sad or angry. Feel it, heal it, learn the lesson then let it go and keep moving. Figure out what went wrong then make a new plan. Just don’t unpack and live in a place of anger or grief.

Have a good day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Four of Swords
Wait, Regroup

Good morning everyone! We’ve made it to the middle of the week and the card for today’s chapter of the Weekly Tarot Story is the Four of Swords. This is a card of waiting. After yesterdays card, the Moon, it might be a good idea to take a step back to see what happens. Moving forward without being fully prepared isn’t a good idea. If we feel that perhaps we don’t have all the information we need or there is some detail that requires tweeking, take some time to rest and regroup. We can’t let ourselves be pushed into decisions or actions we don’t feel ready to make. If a break to think it through is needed, take it. The future we’re working toward will be all the better for it.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

The Moon
Hidden Things, Intuition

Good morning everyone. Welcome to Tuesday February 16, 2021. Our card for the collective today is The Moon. An interesting card to follow yesterday’s. I find the image of the Sun and Moon together significant. The moon casts a light but not as brightly as the sun. Today’s card tells us we have information but perhaps not everything we need to do what we stepped out to do yesterday.

We may be moving forward with a project, idea or toward a goal but if something doesn’t feel right, don’t rush into it. Take the time to ask questions or do a little more research. The Moon card guides us to listen to our intuition it will lead us to our missing information.

Have a great day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

The World
Completion, Movement

Good morning everyone 🙂 The Monday chapter of our Tarot Story is brought to us by the second of our three major arcana cards, The World. As the first bridge card in the deck our message for today is something is finished and it’s time to move ahead. perhaps we’ve gathered all the information we needed to make a decision and now that time has come. Maybe we have been thinking about making a change and the time has come to stop thinking and start doing.

This card is about being brave enough to take what may feel like a giant leap into the future. There are opportunities waiting. Everything is falling into place, so are we ready?

Have a fabulous day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

The Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning everyone. It’s Valentine’s Day and we are at the beginning of another Weekly Tarot Story. Our week begins with a series of three Major Arcana focused on learning and taking a step in a new direction, followed by the pain of having to let something go. Our story winds up with a feeling of expectancy and perhaps a new perspective. Let’s take a look at today’s chapter of our story for the collective, The Hierophant, and see how it will set the tone for our week.

The Hierophant
Learning, Conformity, Communication

Historically, The Hierophant speaks to us about learning and conformity to a groups thought, or belief systems. Generally when this card comes up it suggests that now is not the time to move away from well established ways of doing things. But, this might be our challenge this week; what if we don’t agree with the hard and fast rules placed in front of us?

Although going off on our own can be done, how we accomplish this might be tricky as we are smack in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. Carefully weigh all the options and gather facts and information needed to build a well thought out plan. This could include doing research, taking a class or seeking the advice of someone we trust. If after all our research we decide to take the step off the well worn path, be prepared for push back and questions.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Daily Tarot Story

Full Moon in Virgo
You are good enough

Good morning everyone! The final card for our weeks Tarot Story is the Full Moon in Virgo. This moon reminds us that we are good enough. All the things we’ve gone through this week and in the past can weigh on our self confidence leaving us feel as if we are not good enough to do or be successful in any area of our lives. Many of us deal with these oppressive feelings at one time or another.

Today’s card tells us to be honest with ourselves. We’re not perfect but we are perfectly imperfect. Each of us has skills and abilities we can use to bless ourselves and others. Each of us is beautiful. We all have days where we doubt and struggle, but we can’t stop believing in ourselves. Remember we are enough; you are enough and you can do anything. Keep going, keep trying!!

Have a fantastic day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Daily Tarot Story

New Moon Aquarius
Bring love into the situation

Good morning everyone! This weeks Tarot Story has us dealing with change on both the physical and emotional level. Today’s card is New Moon in Aquarius. How interesting that it comes to us on the New Moon, a new beginning!

The message it has for us is to bring love into the situation, whatever that situation may be today or this week as a whole. By adding love instead of worry, disappointment or hate, we allow ourselves to see possibilities negative energy won’t. Let love show the way forward and don’t look back.

Have a good day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon