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Crystal Thursday

Fluorite in the Morning Light

Good morning crystal lovers! Welcome to Crystal Thursday. Our crystal of interest today is in the Fluorite Family. Specifically Clear Fluorite. I may have mentioned with the Citrine post from Sept. 9 or the Amethyst on Sept. 16 that families of crystals have a base group of qualities the family shares. Each individual color has qualities in addition to those of the family.

My original post was on August 9, 2017 and, like many of my original posts, didn’t give a great deal of information. In fact the information given were basically the qualities of the Fluorite family and not much else.

Fluorite is one of the crystals that have been in use for so long it’s difficult to determine who it was that first discovered and named it. I think its fun information to know. I do know that Pliny the Elder wrote about Fluorite in book 37 of his History of the World Series. This tells us Fluorite has been used for decorative purposes since ancient Rome and Greece. I found a reference to drinking cups made from Fluorite which were very highly valued. Nero had some that at today’s value would be upwards of three million dollars per cup. Apparently wine tastes better when consumed from fluorite cups!

This beauty can be found in several places around the world. A few places mining is done are Mexico, Brazil, China, and the US. Fluorite can be transparent to opaque so clear Fluorite can be as well. It resonates with the Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakras and on the Mohs scale of hardness it registers a soft four. It is difficult to work with when making jewelry but if you own jewelry made from Fluorite care must be taken to avoid damage to the piece. It could get scratched or chipped easily.

In addition to decorative use Fluorite is also mined for industrial use in steel making, for the fluorine gases and fluoride which is put in drinking water. In gas form fluorine is highly toxic; it can cause damage to the eyes, lungs, kidneys and liver. The debate is ongoing as to whether fluoride in drinking water is safe. 

Fluorite is known as the Genius Stone and is a physically and psychically protective crystal that helps bring order and clarity to our thoughts. It eases stress and anxiety to bring us to a place of calm and peace. Another characteristic of this crystal family is that they work with the upper chakras to enhance our spiritual and psychic development. It helps us reprogram our negative thoughts and beliefs.

As a family of crystals Fluorite helps increase focus, concentration and the ability to remember, so putting a piece where you work or study helps absorb and retain information! Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics Clear Fluorite has to offer when working with it:

  • It clears and energizes the aura.
  • Helps draw pranic energy into the body.
  • Helps you shift your perspective so you can get a better picture of what’s going on.
  • Helps you to see what’s holding you back more clearly.
  • Brings clarity and insight.
  • Strengthens intuition and psychic ability.
  • Helps calm the emotions so you can think clearly.
  • It opens spirituality.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at Clear Fluorite . If the qualities of this stone resonate with you I encourage you to purchase a piece and work with it. Keep in mind I am not a doctor and sharing the healing qualities of this stone is in no way giving medical advice. Working with it can help but if you are ill see your medical practitioner of choice.

Until Next Time…
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Today’s Daily Draw

A few days ago the Emperor, with all his leadership ability and discipline, came for a visit. He is back again bringing us some guidance. We may have a little bit of a problem balancing what we need to do with our desire to be of help. Our Emperor is here to let us know that we’ve done what we can to create the structure we need. Our bottom card the Six of Pentacles talks to us about balancing good judgment and timing. There is no question that we have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done. If we keep our focus and pay attention to the facts we will find a way to do what we think is best all the way around.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Three Day and the creative and communicative energy of this number will go a good long way to help us balance things out.

Today’s Crystals

I couldn’t make my mind up between three crystals so I chose them all and they are Citrine, Aventurine and Pyrite. Citrine is a crystal of personal power, it opens our mind to more creative thinking. Aventurine attracts opportunities as well as the people and resources we need to our projects. Pyrite helps us think long term and use our resources well.

Today’s Daily Draw

Change is the universe daring us to shake up our world and get moving. It’s not always easy, or something we look forward to. We humans like to be cozy in our comfort zones. Life though, is meant to be a challenge, to be celebrated and experienced. The card that came to us today tells us the winds of change are beginning to blow. This means that it’s time for us to get ready.

Change generally requires us to be willing to let go of something. Our card, Shift Your Energy, is asking us to take a look at our lives. Are there beliefs or habits that no longer serve our highest good or who we are becoming? Are there people we have unfinished business with or we need to forgive? Have we been telling ourselves that it’s time to begin taking better care of ourselves? Do we have things we no longer need or use that someone else might be thankful to have? Letting go gives us the space to bring the new.

Our bottom card is the Renewal of Peace. This card lets us know clearing things from our physical and emotional lives that we no longer need, will open to new and better things and give us a sense of peace that we may not have had for some time.

This is a time of self love. Don’t be afraid to take a hard look at what might need to change and then be willing to make it. Do something nice for yourself today. Remember, life may not be easy but we aren’t meant to spend it being miserable or unfulfilled.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Two Day today.The energy of this number is quite intuitive, and nurturing. It’s about compromise, and partnership. Our interactions with other might require us to be willing to give a little in order to a place of agreement. Let your intuition guide you.

Today’s Crystals

For clearing and self love nothing is better, in my opinion, than the Quartz family. I chose four different types to accompany the cards today. The first is Clear Quartz, the master healer. Clear Quartz, amplifies the energy it is presented with, making it a great tool for manifestation and growth. It clears negative energy, clears and aligns the aura. Rutilated Quartz is a powerful choice for clearing. It helps you get to the bottom of an issue so it can be released. Smokey Quartz is a wonderful choice for grounding and clearing old thought patterns and beliefs, and finally Rose Quartz. This type is all about love and forgiveness for ourselves and others.

Today’s Daily Draw

After what might have been a less than productive day yesterday, we have another card from the suit of wands to give us the motivation to keep going. A new day always brings us new opportunities. On the Two of Wands, we see the merchant standing on the roof of his home, waiting for his ships to come in. As he stands there he is facing west. In the tarot this tells us he is reflecting on what worked and what didn’t. With this knowledge he can plan the days activities and for the future as well. The wall he stands next to tells us that there are going to be problems to overcome but they won’t be insurmountable. The flowers painted on the wall promise growth, expansion and a blossoming future.

Our bottom card is the eighth in the Major Arcana, and that is Strength. Strength is very similar to the Chariot in that story is about strength and courage to move forward, but with this card we are looking at inner strength. We can bluff our way through almost any situation but if we don’t have the inner tenacity to overcome negative thoughts or belief systems any plans we make might not become reality. Without the mettle to overcome our inner beast, we won’t have the determination or the patience to overcome our obstacles that might come up today.

So reflect on what might need to change in order to get to our goals. Make plans and dream, but know that to get there we might need to overcome both internal and external obstacles. We can do that!

Today’s Universal Number

We have the power and the energy of a One Day today and this is fabulous! The one is bold strong, courageous, daring and not afraid to blaze a new trail. This is very much a “don’t even try to stop me” kind of energy. Perfect for today.

Today’s Crystals

I had four crystal choices that I was going to present today but I cut it back to two. I chose Tigers Eye and Carnelian. Tigers Eye is a great go to choice for protection while traveling. It helps let go of any fear that might be holding you back so that you can get going on whatever you want to move forward toward. Carnelian gives people the energetic kick in the butt to get moving. It’s energy is both courageous and creative.

Today’s Daily Draw

We are starting out the week with all kinds of ideas and drive but with some complications too. We have the Ace of Wands bringing us a new idea, a new opportunity or the renewed drive to continue an existing project but along comes our bottom card, the Three of Discs reversed, and things could get complicated. Upright this card talks to us about team work and communication. Reversed we could be looking at a situation where the team work is less than desired. We, or someone else, could have made some bad decisions that we have to deal. The trick will be to stay focused today. We can make some headway if we don’t let frustrations get in the way of thinking clearly.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Nine Day. The energy of the nine asks us to look at the big picture and see what needs to be finished up today.

Today’s Crystals

The crystal choice today is Moss Agate. Moss Agate is technically not an Agate at all but it holds the grounding qualities of the Agate family. This crystal is a wonderful choice for bringing abundance. It also gives you confidence and helps communication. These are things that could come in handy today.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!

Today’s Daily Draw

The cards are bringing us a message of hope and inspiration today. Our card is The Star and we see a maiden, naked pouring an endless stream of water from pitchers. One into the water and the other onto the ground next to her. This indicates that she has achieved a balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of who she is. Stars in the image of a Tarot card tell me that opportunities are either being presented or on the way. Our maiden has one big opportunity! We also see a bird in the tree behind her. Birds are messengers from the Divine and it is telling our maiden that she is on the right path. And so are we!

Our bottom card is the Knight of Wands and with this guy we can pretty much guarantee a wild ride. He has energy to burn and he is here to tell us to get moving! The thing is, our Knight can be more than a little impulsive sometimes. He is all about sudden change. While we may have a great idea or a moment of inspiration today, and running with is a great idea. We need to be realistic and do the sensible thing. That is, give yourself the best chance for success by doing any research and planning first.

Today’s Universal Number

I love this, today’s bottom card is about movement, quick or sudden change and this is a Five Day. Hold on tight everyone this day could be really interesting!!

Today’s Crystals

I chose Clear Quartz for today. This is a powerhouse crystal. Being both a receiver and a transmitter, it amplifies energy. It can come in very handy for us when working on our inspiration.



Today’s Daily Draw

We all feel confined by life now and then, we want something to change but we might not know what. Our bottom card, Trapped, is telling us that we may be feeling a little stuck in a situation, our thoughts, a job or maybe even a relationship today. Don’t worry though, there is always a way out. The first thing we need to do is understand that we are more than likely the ones that put us in the situation to begin with. So it’s a matter of changing the way we look at things.

The solution begins when we open ourselves up to something new. Welcome is here to let us know its a matter of looking at the resources we have and opening ourselves to the possibilities that might present themselves. Maybe we are caught between two friends or loved ones that are fighting. Bow out, let each person know you love them but you will not take sides and they need to figure their stuff out on their own. We could be working on a team and one person is really out of line. Nothing will change unless we speak up and say something. Honesty in all situations is the best choice. We need to own our power and speak up. If we aren’t happy with our job, find ways to make it more interesting, put in for a transfer or a promotion. The other option is to update the old resume and look for something else. Another possibility is, start a business of our own. Bottom line, if we feel stuck or trapped we need to open up and let it happen.

Today’s Universal Number

August begins with a Four Day. The energy will have us looking for ways to find a level of balance and structure that will give us something to build on.

Today’s Crystal

Rose Quartz is the choice of the day and it’s an excellent one. It allows us the self love that it takes to make changes which help us to move forward.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading



Today’s Daily Draw

Our personal or business relationships could be on our radar today. The card that came up is the Page of Wands. These young royals bring messages of new directions in thought or action. I see them as similar to the Aces. When they show up, some sort of new beginning is either happening or on its way. This particular young man is quite passionate and is not afraid to be a bit showy. He loves adventure but might not stick to anyone thing for too long.

Our bottom card is The Lovers. This card is one of the few in the Tarot whose meaning is not too difficult to figure out. The story of our bottom card is about passion, trust, union, cooperation, relationships and yes, love. We could find love bringing different opportunities for us. Perhaps a new friendship, a new relationship or a new direction to an existing one. Maybe we will be presented a new opportunity at work or find a new job.

The thing we need to keeping mind is, whether it’s personal or job related, any change we might consider today needs to be more that pretty on the surface. Like a good and lasting relationship, there needs to be the security, balance and long term potential in it. We are going to want the whole package!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Six Day today and like our bottom card the emphasis of this energy is on relationships. The six is focused on caring and devotion and responsibility not only for our relationships but also on a larger scale, for our communities. As we move through our day this energy will help us focus on what we need moving forward.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Carnelian and Rose Quartz to accompany our cards today. Carnelian will give us the creativity and passion we need and as we know Rose Quartz is all about love.


The Weekend Ahead

Energetically there is a great deal going on that could open the door to huge change in the next few days. We had Mercury go retrograde yesterday. This is a planet of communication and yes, it can cause some issues but this cycle is a perfect time to go within and look at where we’ve been. Re-visit old issues and clean them up.

Today brings us two significant things. It is an 11/2 day and as you know this is a highly intuitive energy that is very spiritual and visionary. We also have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is a particularly special one because it is going to be the longest eclipse of this century! The full moon encourages us to do some house cleaning and let go of what is no longer moving us toward our highest good. When combined with the powerful eclipse energy, Mercury Retrograde (not to forget Mars, Uranus and Venus!) and a Master Number day we have an energetic vortex that could be an unbelievable force for change both personally and globally.

So what do our cards tell us for the Weekend Ahead? Let’s take a look!

We have The Queen of Swords beginning in the weekend. This suit rules the Air Element so we are dealing with thought, challenges and action. Our Queen is one very no-nonsense kind of lady. She is about imagination, organization and transformation. We see in the back ground of this image the trees are bending with the wind telling us that there is some movement associated with this card. The message we get is that we need to think clearly and be ready to act at a moments notice.

The Queen of Cups comes in next and this suit is the water element. It deals with emotion, intuition, security and commitment. When this Queen comes around she will tell us to listen to our inner voice. Find your place of confidence and bravery. Then don’t let anyone take it away!

The Knight of Swords wraps up the weekend. This guy is all action — sometimes action without thinking. Fortunately he has both Queens giving him the direction, to think and get ready for the change. Do the work necessary, be brave and get going!

Our bottom card is the Three of Wands. This card is about expectations. The man in the image is watching his ships come in. He has a firm hold on his future plans. It encourages us to think big and embrace the changes that are on the way. Are you ready?

Today’s Daily Draw

We have been in the pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde since July 7th. It actually enters full retrograde today and we can see it in the bottom card that came up for us. The underlying energy of our bottom card, the Five of Wands, tells us we could have some challenges in communication. Maybe someone will have a problem making up their mind as to what they want the priority of the day to be, we could be disorganized in out thoughts or perhaps someone could try to undermine what we are trying to accomplish.

No worries though, in spite of whatever chaotic situation happens to surface, our lovely Magician is here for us! When this Magick Man shows up he is here to let us know amazing things can happen. He is about change, personal power and transformation. No matter what goes on today the Magician lets us know that we have the skill, and the ability to create anything we want.  We can turn the fire energy of the Five of Wands to our favor and win the day!

Today’s Universal Number

This is a One Day and how perfect is this! The energy of the day is about being bold, taking action and leading the way. So let’s go!!

Today’s Crystals

When I think of the Magician my mind automatically goes to Labradorite; so this is what I chose for today. It is a crystal of transformation and magick. So, it seems like the perfect choice!