Healing for Mind, Body & Spirit

Today’s Daily Draw

The effects of yesterday’s draw might be hanging on a bit today as we have The Magician Reversed and Strength as our underlying energy.

The Magician is an Air card. He is about showing us the possibilities before us and letting us know we can achieve them. In the reversed position those possibilities and the potential he shows us is blocked somehow. The tools and skills we have to make our goal a reality might seem ineffective today. Our goal itself could feel like an impossible joke. Perhaps we’ve just lost faith in our ability to accomplish what we set out to do. Some days we struggle to feel it, to see the bright side.

This is where our bottom card comes in to help us. The Strength card tells us we can do it. We can master anything we put our mind to. We have the strength and the ability. Get rid of the negative thought patterns that are telling us we can’t and remember we that life is magick and we can do anything! Instead of fearing that we might not get it done, know that there is always a way. Stay calm and don’t be afraid to ask for help. A fresh set of eyes on the situation could help us get our groove back.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s is a Master Number day. We have the Master Builder 22/4 to help us get back on our feet and moving in a positive direction. The Master builder energy is very strong, confident, and absolutely sure of its capabilities. This could come in handy today!

Today’s Crystals

I chose Chrysoprase and Citrine to accompany our cards. Chrysoprase gives us flexibility,  self-confidence, and clarity. It helps us be calm so we can think. Citrine is all confidence, creativity, and problem solving. The Quartz family benefits will help as well.

Today’s Daily Draw

One of the things I like about the Tarot is the insight we gain. Tarot doesn’t foretell the future, it can’t, free will won’t allow it, but it does give us a look at a potential future if we do nothing. Well, we may want to be on alert today and take any action we can. Out cards are the Three of Swords and the Nine of Cups reversed. This may be one of those days where we feel like nothing is going right.

Our main card is the Three of Swords; this is a pretty straight forward card. It shows us pain. We all feel it at some point in our lives. We all experience rejection, disappointment, heartbreak and betrayal. They can come from any one of a number of places. A lost job opportunity, canceled plans, a relationship break up or finding out you’ve been lied to by someone you though could be trusted.

The bottom card, the Nine of Cups reversed, hints that the party is over. This is something that has been coming for a while and, perhaps, we chose not to see it. Reversed this card can mean we are not seeing or accepting the truth, instead we hid it deep and pretended it wasn’t there. It can also mean an over indulgence in behaviors that could cause this very situation.

Sometimes life hurts. Opportunities get missed, relationships fall apart and friends are sometimes jerks. Pain is a good teacher though, on the other side of sadness is a lesson learned, we discover we are stronger than we thought, and we have a chance to take our lives in a new and better direction. So, feel the pain. Be angry if you need to be, be sad or disappointed. Do whatever can be done if there is anything and know that tomorrow is another day.

We might like to think we can wish this day away, but we can’t. Covering up issues never turns out well, and sometimes we make mistakes but what we can do is find the positive in a not so positive situation. Find something to laugh about, look for the humor. It helps!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Three Day and this light creative energy will go a long way to help us through what might potentially be a not so wonderful day. It can help us find solutions to some of the issues, and that will help!

Today’s Crystals

The crystals chosen for today are Bismuth and African Turquoise Jasper. Bismuth is an interesting element. It kind of looks like Peacock Ore but it forms differently.  Its energy is calming, it eases the feelings of overwhelm that life sometimes throws at us. Bismuth is known as a stone of transformation and it helps move us in the direction we need to be going in. African Turquoise Jasper helps ease mood swings and opens our mind to new ideas.

Thank you BJ for todays guest reading!




Mookaite Jasper in The Morning Light

I absolutely love the rich earthy colors of Mookaite Jasper. It is a sedimentary stone formed from microscopic life that lived in the shallow seas around the island. As the water receded they died and formed these beautiful multicolored stones. The color combinations can be a mix of red, purple, tan, white, pink, gold and yellow.

It is named for and can only be found in the Mooka Creek area of Western Australia. Several variations of the spelling exist but Mookaite is the name given by the Aboriginal people of Australia. Because Mookaite can only be found in one place on the planet this is a rare stone. On the Mohs scale it is 6-7 for hardness, and the Chakras it works well with are the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus.

This stone is about feeling safe, and confident and following your passions. Mookaite helps us overcome the tendency to procrastinate by allowing us to see the reason for the behavior, deal with it so we can get going and reach our full potential. It gives us strength and balance that encourages us to seek new experiences, to follow our dreams but at the same making smart decisions.

On an emotional level Mookaite helps us go deep into our emotions to find and heal the root cause of issues keeping us bound in negative thoughts and beliefs that hold us back.

Mookaite also has physical healing qualities. It is said to help glandular problems, boost the immune system, and restore tissues. It helps the body balance the minerals and helps kidney function. There is a belief that it actually help the body reverse aging!

If this sounds like a stone you would like to work with I encourage you to find a piece and give it a try. Keep in mind that I am not a doctor and am in no way suggesting you leave the wonderful world of allopathic medicine. I am only offering alternative options to enhance you health and life.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekend Ahead

It’s looking like this weekend is going to be focused on how we are interacting with those we love. We have a lot of Cups in this reading. Things could get emotional! Our underlying energy is coming from the Ten of Cups. The Ten of Cups is a stage card and being the underlying energy of the weekend, hints that perhaps things are not a rosy as they seem, but we will come back to this later. Let’s take a look at what the weekend has for us.

Friday begins with the Ace of Cups. The Aces are about new beginnings and potential. With this Ace perhaps it is time for a fresh start. This is a new year after all and maybe our new start means it’s time to love ourselves more and let go of the emotional baggage holding us back. Be open and honest about our feelings with ourselves and those we care about.

Saturday This could be a tricky day. We have the Five of Swords again. Yesterdays issue might be carrying over into today, or we might have a whole new conflict on our hands. The question we have to ask is, is it really so important to be right? Is it really so important to win?

Sunday rounds out the weekend with the Four of Cups. We could be feeling discouraged. Perhaps things have not gone the way we anticipated this weekend and we’re a little pouty and unmotivated because of it. We know that this kind of behavior isn’t gong to work so we will need to check ourselves and ask a hard question. What were, or are our true motives in the situation? Are we upset because we didn’t get our way, or because someone didn’t agree with us? The four of Cups tells us the solution is right in front of us. We just have to see it. Holding a grudge won’t help anything. Be more flexible, love and forgive.

Bottom We are back to our Bottom Card. The tens of the Tarot are cards of fulfillment and completion. They are also cards that demand something change. From this point we must take that next step, to learn, grow and move forward. If our weekend has been an emotional roller coaster we are in the perfect place to make some changes in how we interact with those close to us. Whether we are blood family or family by choice, no two people are exactly alike. People will not always agree, believe what we do or respond the way we might expect them to. We must love and accept them for who they are not for who we want them to be. So, apologize, forgive, and choose to be happy.


My Turn

For those of you that visit my blog on a regular basis you know that I frequently talk about healing, learning our lessons and becoming the people we came to this lifetime to be.  

To be truly healthy, healing needs to happen on three levels, emotional, physical and spiritual. When one aspect of who we are becomes unbalanced, we lose our alignment and some kind of illness or dis-ease occurs. All illness and dis-ease are based in our emotions. Yes, thoughts become things, but it’s the emotion tied to that thought that brings the good or bad manifestation. It is the deeply buried emotion and negative beliefs systems that sit and fester in us that eventually causes illness on some level. Clearing and healing these negative emotions allows the body to begin the healing process.

To be physically and spiritually healthy we need to be emotionally healthy first. So, how does that happen? We must be willing to do the work to clear and heal all lower, negative emotion and belief systems. Those negative emotions like jealousy, comparison, shame, blame, judgment, fear, anger, worry, anxiety, hate need to be cleared and healed. Negative belief systems like not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough. We’ve all heard one or more these at some point. The “you’ll never” are just as damaging, and must be cleared.  

I titled this article My Turn because I have been working to clear and heal for a couple of years. I’ve come quite far from where I started, and this year is My Turn to fully heal. My issues are wrapped up in my lower Chakras. I am dealing with shame, blame and self judgment. These issues are manifesting in my lower spine and my knees. Spiritually this tells me I’m not feeling fully supported, self-confident. I feel not good enough. Logically I know this is not true, but this is deep. From what I’ve been told this is emotion brought in from a previous life time so that I can clear and heal it, and I intend to! 

I am 60 years old, half way through my time here. Yes, I intend to live to be at least 120, longer if possible! Growing older doesn’t mean becoming weak. It doesn’t mean we need to have medical issues. It’s simply growing older. I want the last half of my life to be vibrant, active full of adventure and opportunity to help other people heal and do the same. It’s not easy though, healing requires being open to feel the pain. If we can’t feel it, we can’t won’t fully heal it.  

2019 is my year to become fully me!  

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



Today’s Daily Draw

There is nothing wrong with being passionate, ambitious and wanting to succeed at whatever we are doing. We need these qualities to reach our goals. Allowing them to get out of control is another thing entirely and this is what we need to be on guard for today. Our main card is the Five of Swords. The scene shows us the main character very smugly gathering the swords of combatants who have given in and walked away from the fight. The background shows us the water appears to be a little choppy which tells us that emotions are high. The sharp clouds in the shy let us know that clear and respectful communication didn’t happen.

The Bottom Card that came up for us is the Queen of Wands. This is a very confident, passionate and courageous lady. When this card comes up in a reading she is generally letting us know that it’s time to be bold and stand in our power. Our lovely Queen is also a very sensible lady. She knows that exerting power for the sake of ones own agenda and making enemies of people that we may need on our side is not what we should be doing.

We may think our ideas are the best. We might feel we know better than anyone what action should be taken. What benefit is gained if our actions alienate the very people we need or want on our team? There is nothing wrong with ambition or wanting to win, but is winning at all costs really worth it? Be open today, share your ideas and concerns respectfully, and listen to other ideas. There may be a happy medium that works for everyone. Happy and successful is always better than alone and successful.

Today’s Universal Number

This is an Eight Day and this is just what we need. Eight energy is about balance, power and structure. All qualities that will help us today!

Today’s Crystals

Both choices today work with the Sacral Chakra, they are Carnelian and Tangerine Quartz. Carnelian is a wonderful choice if you are needing confidence, creativity and leadership skills. Tangerine Quartz also works to give self confidence, but as a member of the Quartz family we have those additional benefits to help us during our day.


Today’s Daily Draw

Today we may be thinking it’s time for something new. Perhaps the decision made yesterday is calling for us to Welcome some life changes. The best way for this to happen is to make room by letting go of those things we no longer need in our lives. Whether it is people who make us feel bad about ourselves, belief systems that no longer resonate with who we are becoming, or things we have around our homes we no longer use. Our bottom card Friendly tells us to open ourselves to the new and better. Take the steps to move in the direction we want to go today; whether it’s asking a co-worker out for a coffee or something bigger. Take the step!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Seven Day and this is an energy that is in search of insight and wisdom. It will help us make the decisions we need to make in order to bring us to the place we are wanting to go.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!

Today’s Daily Draw

Decisions, decisions. We might be facing one today where action is required but what do we choose? Our main card the is Two of Pentacles. We see the man is juggling two pentacles, two options as he walks away from some rough water behind him. Life throws curve balls at us sometimes but he made it through, and now he is faced with what next? The ground our man is walking on is grey which tells us that as we are juggling our options today what we really need is some clarity about the choices we are deciding on. Perhaps both are equally exciting and the potential risks are the same, but what are our long-term goals and priorities? They should be considered. The green lemescate and shoes give us a clue about how to make our decision.

Our bottom card today is the Knight of Cups. He is an open, generous and idealistic man. And, being in the realm of cups he is also a romantic. We know that the Suit of Cups is about our emotions. This includes our intuition.  Our Knight is here today to tell us to be open, receptive and most important, follow our heart! This is as simple as it gets for us today.

Going back to our main card we see the green lemescate and shoes. Green is the color of the Heart Chakra, healing and abundance. The lemescate tells us we have the strength and the ability to handle whatever comes along, and the Shoes tells us we are walking a path we love.

So, choose the option that resonates with us the most and get busy!

Today’s Universal Number

This is a Six Day and our focus is going to be on relationships, making sure those we love are happy and cared for. The energy of the six is about nurturing those we care about, making sure the practical things that can be done to ensure that everyone is happy.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Malachite and Carnelian to accompany today’s cards. Malachite will help us increase our ability to make good decisions and then give us the motivation to get going when we do. Carnelian will give us the courage to follow where our heart and intuition are leading us.


Today’s Daily Draw

Our cards are telling us to go for it today. Our main card is Pursue and it tells us to trust our instincts and follow the path we’re thinking about. Our bottom card is Determination and this message is, don’t give up. If we are facing a difficult situation, keep trying. If we are considering going back to school, taking up a new hobby or asking out that cute girl/guy. Do it!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Five Day today and we know that means get ready! With the five things can change quickly. Don’t be locked into any idea or course of action, don’t make any major decisions. Go with the flow and be flexible.

Today’s Crystals

The choice for today is Clear Quartz. This is the Master Healer and is always a good choice. Clear Quartz will help our focus and help us tune into our intuition. It will also clear any negative energy to help us get moving.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!