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Howlite in The Morning Light

It is my opinion that Howlite is an under valued mineral. Howlite it easily identifiable by its grey and black spidery lines in white stone. It was first discovered back in 1868 in a Gypsum mine in Nova Scotia by miners that were not sure what it was. They called on a chemist and geologist named Henry How to come take a look at it. He didn’t think it had much value but named it Silico-Boro-Calcite. It was later named Howlite by James Dwight Dana. On the MOHS scale this mineral has a rating of 3.5 so it can be easily carved and made into jewelry and other decorative items.  Most Howlite comes from Canada and the United States, but is can also be found in Turkey, Mexico, Germany and Russia.

Because this mineral is white with spidery veins, it is not uncommon for people to dye it blue and call it Turquoise. This is quite inconvenient for jewelry makers who want to use Turquoise, then find out it’s not. It is sometimes dyed green and yellow as well, but for me, the only real Howlite is White Howlite!

Howlite works well with the Crown Chakra. It is known as an “attunement stone” because it opens our minds and prepares it to receive information from our guides. Some other characteristics of Howlite are:

  • It is an excellent stone to meditate with especially as it works so well with the Crown Chakra.
  • Brings you an awareness of both current and past life issues so they can be dealt with.
  • It encourages expression.
  • Its calming nature absorbs anger and negativity and strengthens positive energy.
  • Helps balance emotions.
  • Teaches patience.
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and tension.

On a more physical level Howlite:

  • Is great for people who have trouble with insomnia.
  • Eases pain from arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Helps the body absorb calcium so it is very good for the teeth and bones.
  • Works to heal stress related conditions like ulcers.

We have arrived at the place where I tell you that I am not a doctor and I am not suggesting that you leave traditional allopathic medicine. I only offering alternate possibilities for your health and well-being.


The Weekend Ahead

Instead of pulling a one card for each day of the weekend I did a three card spread with the bottom card showing us the underlying energy. Our bottom card is the Hanged Man and he is telling us that it might be time for a change. When he shows up in a reading its message is about letting go, surrendering to the flow and getting a new perspective.

Our first card is the Page of Pentacles. The Pages are messengers and this young man is a messenger of dreams, and making them a reality. He is here talking to us about the promise of good things coming, new ideas, new opportunities, inspiration and new beginnings.

The Ten of Cups is another card theat speaks of promise. This is a card of home and family, gratitude, happiness, joy and sharing. Home and family are a big part of this card but there is also another message. We have that rainbow of cups in the sky telling us to follow our heart.

Our final card is the Queen of Cups. She speaks to us about committment, imagination and intuition. She is a very intuitive and compassionate woman. Her message is about listening to our inner voice.

What does this mean for us this weekend? The hanged man is telling us we might be feeling like it’s time for a change and perhaps it is. The Page could bring us news of a potential opportunity that might be just what we are looking for to deliver everything that we hope for the future our Ten of Cups is showing us. And, if a rainbow of promise isn’t validation enough we have the Queen telling us to listen to our inner voice, our intuition and to stay committed. So, it appears, now is the time to get started!


Today’s Daily Draw

This is a really cool combination of cards. We have the Magician with our bottom card being the Chariot. The Magician reminds us that we have the power to affect the circumstances of the day. We have all the tools we need to accomplish anything we set our attention to.

Our bottom card confirms this for us. The Chariot is a card that speaks about skill, balance, action and moving forward. Another aspect of the Chariot is moving forward quickly. This a vehicle, so we have to expect some amount action, whether it is going forward or backward today is up to us, but as we have everything we need to succeed at whatever we are working on, let’s get going!!

Today’s Universal Number

The universal energy today is Three and it is perfect. The energy is creative, energetic and positive. Everything we need today.

Today’s Crystal

When we have the Magician come up the only crystal that comes to mind is Labradorite because it is the stone of Magick. The gorgeous shimmer of this crystal expands our awareness and brings our creative, magickal power to the surface.


Today’s Daily Draw

We have a pair of swords talking to us about renewal and choices. The Ten of Swords is a card of release and surrender which leads to change. We may face some kind of conflict today, a sudden or unexpected ending to a project or plans. This could hit us like a brick wall , but don’t dwell on it. Remember that the outcome of any situation hinges on how we react. The sword is double-edged. There is always a way to turn things around. We just have to be open to the possibilities.

Our bottom card today is the Two of Swords. This card is about being patient and making choices. Today’s energy could mean we need to slow. Ultimately we need to make a decision about how to handle the day’s news. We just need to make sure that we are prepared for whatever change is on its way.

Today’s Universal Number

We have an 11/2 day today and this combination of male and female energy will help guide us to the best decision we can make for us.

Today’s Crystals

The crystals chosen for today are Rose Quartz and Goldstone. Rose Quartz will give us the comfort we need to regroup and move forward. Goldstone has an energy of drive and confidence. Both crystals will help us today to calm down, think and move forward.

Thank You BJ for today’s guest reading!

Be Kind

Today’s Daily Draw

The Page of Wands has stopped by this morning looking all dapper, and pleased with himself as he contemplates the new growth before him. The Pages of the Tarot are messengers, they are full of life and ideas. Our Page is in the element of fire, making him very enthusiastic, creative and very much a free spirit. He is here to tell us that we may receive some unexpected news that could spark our thoughts and give us a new idea, prompt a journey or it could give us a new way of looking at an old issue. Even though this could ignite our enthusiasm we should hold off.

Being impulsive and diving into something new before we are ready or the timing is right might skew the whole idea. We have the bottom card to consider. The Eight of Pentacles is here to shine a light on the practicalities of our news. Whether the news is good or bad we should not make a move until the conditions are right. This card is one of work, ambition, determination and focus.

If we commit ourselves to act on whatever the news might be we are going to have to be resourceful and committed to the project or idea until it is completed. The Page of Wands reminds me of the Ace in that the news he brings is offering us a new beginning. Our Eight of Pentacles does as well because determination and hard work always pay off in time.

Today’s Universal Number

I know I’ve said it many times but the synchronicity of the Universal Number and the Tarot never fails to make me smile. Today is a One Day and this is the number of new beginnings, creation and leadership. If today delivers something you feel strongly about and you are committed for the duration. Do the planning and go for it! Let the One energy flow!

Today’s Crystals

I chose Malachite and Carnelian to accompany today’s cards. I like Malachite for its quality of keeping us level-headed. It will help us take any unexpected news, good or bad, and be realistic about what it means for us as well what it might mean going forward. The Carnelian will give us the courage to react if we and when we need to and encourage us to think creatively for a solution.

Today’s Daily Draw

It’s been a while since we’ve had a reversed card and even longer since we’ve had both this way! Our card is the Queen of Swords reversed. In the reverse position we could be facing the possibility of being overly emotional or bitchy. Today we might be thinking more with our heart instead of our head. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing on occasion but being overly emotional or cold to others about a situation might be a serious hinderance to progress as we go through our day.

Our bottom card is the Eight of Cups reversed and this tells us our behaviour today could come from being confused about what we need to do. Perhaps we feel like we are ready for something new in our life but at the same time we feel like if we leave our current situation we might miss out on a good opportunity.

The best thing we can do today is to do our best to refocus and get some perspective. Getting overly emotional and treating people bad isn’t going to help us. It could in fact push away or alienate the very people we need to help us get something done. Keep in mind that sometimes the best thing we can do is walk away from the situation.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Nine Day and this energy is about completion and seeing the big picture. Perfect energy to help us today!

Today’s Crystals

The two choices for the day are Jade and Clear Quartz. Jade is a great crystal for bringing good fortune but it also gives us an air of calm in the midst of the storm. It helps release negative thoughts and irritable behavior. Clear Quartz is always a good choice. This powerful master healer clears negativity, clears our aura and brings light to us.

Thank You BJ for todays guest reading!

Chiastolite in the Morning Light

Chiastolite is an interesting stone. More commonly known as the Cross Stone, it is a form of Andalusite. The Cross Stone was created when minerals like Muscovite, Paragonite and Margarite settled into Graphite sediment and clung to the strips. I don’t understand the science of it, but it’s interesting to know that the black cross is graphite!

The Ancient Chinese revered this stone because it shows the four cardinal directions. They believe that it attracts peace, harmony, good health and good fortune. They also thought that if a piece was placed in the center of your home it would attract these qualities to your home and family. It’s worth a try!!

The first documentation of the Chiastolite was in 1754 by a Franciscan Priest named Jose Torrubia in his book called Aparato para Historica Natural Espanola. For those of us that do not speak Spanish, me included, I translated this title and his book is called Apparatus for Spanish Natural History. This also tells us that one of the countries where this mineral can be found is Spain! Some of the others are China, France, Brazil, Chile, Canada, and Sri Lanka.

The energy of this crystal is highly protective. It will help prevent your energy from being drained by energy vampires. Some of its other characteristics are:

  • Encourages creative thinking
  • It helps release thought patters holding you back.
  • Adds a calm, creative and productive energy to the workplace.
  • Gives you the strength and perseverance to adapt to change.
  • Helps you stay calm, secure and balanced when things around you are chaotic.
  • Helps you to not fear death by giving you a connection to the cycle of life.
  • It’s wonderful protection when traveling.
  • Wonderful for meditating and channeling
  • It helps you see the big picture by allowing you see all the sides of a problem and all possible solutions.

On a physical level Chiastolite helps heal blood conditions and circulation problems like blood pressure issues. It helps repair bone issues, rheumatism, gout and muscle weakness.

This brings us to that wonderful part of these posts where I give you my usual disclaimer. I am not a doctor and am not in any way suggesting you give up the world of allopathic medicine. I offer information and opportunities for alternative support for your physical and spiritual well-being.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


The Weekend Ahead


The Moon came up for us today! This is so interesting because today is the New Moon and the first eclipse of this month. It is a partial solar eclipse visible in Australia, but the energy can still be felt by us. The moon is about illusion, balance, emotion, reflection and our intuition. This card tells us that something might not be what it appears to be. There could be something blocking us, whatever this is might pull us off track a bit leaving us feeling like we’re not sure what is going on or where we are headed.

To stay on track we will need to be aware of what’s influencing the situations we are dealing with. Look for the blocks and the negative ideas that need to be handled.

We have a 33/6 day. 33 is incredibly creative and highly communicative. This energy will help us greatly to get us back on track. Six is a relationship number and will help us deal with people who might be the cause of our issue.

Moonstone is the crystal choice of the day and it will help us tap into our intuition and find our way back on track.


Sometimes we need to walk away from the noise of everyday life and it’s drama, stress and expectations for a while. The Four of Swords is our card today and it’s message is to do just that. This card generally comes up when we’ve come through a difficult time and we need to rest. Take the time to get away and do something to pamper yourself. Take a walk, read a good book or have a nice relaxing bath. This will give us some much-needed recovery time to get a fresh perspective and plan our next step.

Today is a Seven Day and this energy desires insight, knowledge and wisdom. Taking a break will help us find the insight we need.

The crystal chosen for today is Aqua Aura. This crystal is a type of Quartz and it’s energy helps restore calm, ease stress and give us a sense of peace.


In the tarot the Pages are message bearers. They are creative and talk to us about new beginnings. The Page of Cups is here to tell us to pay attention to our dreams and listen to our intuition. Our Page is a very confident young man. You really need to be to dress in such a Look At Me kind of way and pull it off! He is here to tell us that there are opportunities for growth around us but to see them we need to stay open and embrace our inner child. Don’t take things too seriously today. Relax, let things flow and a new idea might just come into your area of attention.

Today’s universal number is Eight and the energy of this day has us looking for balance, structure and control.

The crystal chosen to accompany our card today is Flourite to help us think clearly and listen to our intuition.

2018 Retrograde

I have had a couple of people ask me about this years retrograde cycles and what they mean for us as we come into the last half of the year, so I thought I would do a post about them. At any given time, we have several planets in retrograde influencing our daily lives. Right now, we have five. This is interesting because July is eclipse season so we have that energy interacting with the retrograde energy as well. 

A retrograde cycle has three stages. The leading edge, which is the slowing down time. It is during this phase that we begin to see and feel the effects of the retrograde. The reversal period which is the time where the planet appeard to be standing still, and the cool down period where the energy drains bringing us back to normal.  

We need to keep in mind is that a retrograde is not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, they slow things down and can be inconvenient, but they also give us an amazing opportunity to make changes in our lives that we might be resisting.  If we use them well we can make some real progress in our lives.  

Mercury is the only planet that has multiple retrograde cycles a year. This is, of course, because it is so close to our sun. The further away from the sun we move the length of the cycle grows, meaning we feel the effects longer.  

It takes 88 days for Mercury to complete one trip around the sun. This gives us an average of three to four retrograde cycles a year. Occasionally we have a fifth but that is pretty rare. We have already had one cycle this year. The second has already begun. We entered the leading edge of the second retrograde cycle on July seventh and are probably feeling the effects. The full cycle will be from July 26th to August 19th when it comes direct, with the post cycle energy being completed September second. 

The final Mercury Retrograde begins with the pre-cycle lead in on October 28th. The retrograde itself begins on November 16th and comes direct on December sixth. The post cycle is complete on December 24th, just in time for Christmas. 

We all know that when Mercury is retrograde there is a real opportunity for confusion in anything to do with communication. It’s always a good idea to back up your work, have copies of important documents. Don’t sign anything, don’t buy anything or start anything new. This is a time to quiet ourselves and look within at our personal communication. Are we communicating well with ourselves and others? Is our self talk positive or negative? Mercury Retrograde is a time for planning, review, research, meditation and getting ready for action when the cycle is over. 

Venus takes approximately 225 days to complete a cycle around the sun so she goes retrograde about every 18 months. Venus is not currently in retrograde but it’s coming. We will enter the pre cycle on September second. Venus will go full Retrograde from October fifth to November 16th with the post cycle being complete on December 17th 

Venus is named for the Goddess of love so this retrogrades impact is on all relationships. We may have trouble with them or relationships we though were long over might come back around for another go. During this cycle we have the opportunity to get some perspective on our relationships and decide if they are good for us or whether we need to let them go. Any relationship that begins during Venus Retrograde might change or end with the cycle. As a side note, Don’t invest money during this retrograde, it might not go well for you! 

Mars is currently in retrograde. It takes 687 days to complete a trip around the sun so we have a retrograde cycle about every 26 months. We entered the lead in phase on May 12th. The retrograde is fully active from June 26th until August 27th and the post cycle is complete on October eighth.  

Mars is all about fire energy so this retrograde will slow down any direct action we might want to take. Anything we want to do is going to, at best, be a challenge. I’m sure you have been feeling this, I know I have! Traveling might be more difficult. Initiating a project can be harder. Are you trying to find discipline in your life or start an exercise plan? Good luck. I’m not saying things will be impossible during a Mars Retrograde, but they will be difficult.  

With Mars Retrograde it’s a good idea to not try to initiate anything. Use the slow down to look at things you have started but not finished. This is a perfect time to clean all this stuff up.   

Jupiter takes 12 years to make a trip around the sun. This means that we experience a retrograde cycle about every 13 months. It entered the pre-retrograde phase last year on December 12th and came direct a couple of days ago, July 10, so it is now in the post retrograde cool down until October sixth. That is a long cycle! 

Jupiter brings our personal belief systems into focus which also determines how well we can manifest change in our lives. A retrograde is the perfect time to slow down and take a look at what we believe and why. It is the perfect time to get rid of negative beliefs and ideas that do not reflect who we are, what we believe and where we want to go in our lives. Even though we are in the cooling down aspect of this retrograde cycle we still have a good deal of time to do the work in this area to help bring a positive change to our lives. 

Saturn takes 29.5 years to make a complete revolution of the sun. It goes retrograde approximately ever 140 days. This is another one that is currently in retrograde at the moment. Saturn entered the lead in stage on January 10th of this year. It went into full retrograde on April 17th and will stay there until it goes direct on September sixth. We will be done with the post retrograde energy on December 12th of this year. 

This planet is about structure, discipline and responsibility. When it is retrograde we have the opportunity to take a look at our long-term goals in all areas of our lives. Saturn will test us to see how determined we are to reach them. It is the perfect time for us to get a new perspective on our choices; to look at our behavior and see where we need to make improvements. It helps us to see areas in our lives where we might have failed, forgive ourselves, make changes and move forward. 

Uranus takes 84 years to complete a trip around the sun and goes retrograde about every 148 days. We entered the pre-phase of this cycle on April 20. It will go into full retrograde on August seventh and stay there until January sixth of 2019. We will be out of the cool off energy on April 23, 2019. This is a very long cycle.   

When direct we can fall into our comfort zones and stay all cozy. Happy to never try anything new. Uranus Retrograde rips our rose-colored glasses off and challenges us to step out of our comfort zone and be brave. To try new things, to find a new level of inner freedom. This can be a scary one but if you are brave, boy can you make some strides forward in your life! 

Neptune takes 164 years to travel around the sun. We entered the lead in phase of this retrograde on February 26 of this year and into the full cycle June 18th. We will stay in the retrograde until Neptune turns direct on November 24th. The post energy will cool down and we will be done with this cycle on March 15 next year. 

Neptune is about our inner peace, our spirituality, vision and focus. When it goes still we are faced with another period where the rose-colored glasses come off and we are challenged to be real with ourselves and look at what is working and what isn’t in our lives. We ask ourselves if it is worth hanging onto what isn’t good for us, can we change it, fix it. Bottom line if it isn’t working toward our highest good; this retrograde will encourage us to let it go.  

Pluto takes a whopping 248 years to make a journey around the sun so you know its retrograde cycle is going to be  lengthy. We entered the pre-phase on December 31st of last year and the full retrograde on April 22 of this year. We will be in full retrograde until Pluto comes direct on September 30th. The post retrograde cool down will take us through the end of this year and complete on January 21, 2019.  

I am sure you have noticed that the further out the planets are form the sun, the emotional and spiritual work they encourage us to do gets deeper. Well Pluto, the Roman God of the Underworld, in retrograde invites us to go real deep and take a look at our dark side. We all have one, but not everyone is comfortable looking at it. If we are to find a perfect state of balance in our lives we need to come to terms with our negative side. This retrograde challenge is to look at our level of desire, our need for power and material wealth and how we are motivated by them.  

This is a full on, five month reality check geared to what motivates us. Do we do charity work because we have a real desire to help the needy or do we want to look like a saint in our community? Do we want to do well in our career because we love it or because we want to impress our family and friends  with how much money we make? Do we want to get into shape because we are concerned about our good health or do we want to be an object of desire?   

All the retrograde cycles offer us an opportunity to learn something about ourselves and grow. Of all the planets, I personally find Uranus, Neptune and Pluto the most challenging and beneficial in the long run because they require us to get out of our comfort zone and really look at who we are, how we need to change and where we want to go in life. Change is never easy, it isn’t meant to be but it’s always worth it.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon