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Today’s Daily Draw

We just had a pair of fire cards two days ago, and we do again. The Two of fire was here about a week ago and has come back as our main card this time. The image is striking with all the orange, green and yellow. There is a lot of creative energy in this card. We are looking at an endless horizon full of possibility and rising out of the valley comes a huge hand holding two arrows. This could be two ideas we have before us today. Maybe it’s two people we are dealing with or are we just trying to get more done than we have time in the day. If the hand represents our end goal then we have a small problem because it’s two valleys away. It’s not far but far enough to be an annoyance for us. A decision must be made and a plan of action decided on.

Our bottom card is the Ace of Fire. The Aces are about new beginnings, transformation, and being courageous. The message of this card is that we are the ones that have control over our lives and it’s time to expand some horizons. Take a look at all the possibilities today. Consider what decisions from the past have brought us to this point and what needs to be done to get where we want to be.

The Ace is telling us we¬† have the ambition and the determination to get there. We can step up and lead if we need to and our Two is letting us know we have the creative energy and the confidence to get the job done. All we have to do is make the choices that need to be made today and put a good action plan into place. So let’s get going!!

Today’s Universal Number

I absolutely love the synchronicity that today is a Four Day! The energy of this number gives us the structure, order and focus to build a solid foundation and this is exactly what we need today. Awesome!!

Today’s Crystals

I went with the first two crystal choices and didn’t give myself a chance consider other possibilities. There are many of course ūüôā The first to come to mind was Sodalite. This crystal works well with the Third Eye Chakra to help us think clearly and make the decisions that must be made. The second is Carnelian for the creativity, the courage and the energy boost to do what has to be done.





Today’s Daily Draw

We had two very influential ladies come up for us today. The Queen of Cups and our bottom card the High Priestess. These ladies have some important characteristics in common. Our Queen is an emotionally stable, loving, compassionate lady known for her keen intuition and her imagination. She has a way of knowing exactly what people need. Now our bottom card also speaks to us about intuition and hidden knowledge. Our Priestess is standing next to a small pool of water. The moon in the night sky tells us we are also dealing with time, change and water which is symbolic of emotion. Both cards are showing us green, hinting that growth is coming.

Both our ladies are telling us that there are higher forces at work on our behalf today and it is going to be important for us to listen and trust our intuition. In our personal or professional lives we should watch for signs that things are changing. If we pay attention we will know just what to do when we need to make a move.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Three Day and the energy will keep things positive for us and give us the creative boost to get things moving.

Today’s Crystals

Today the crystals chosen are Clear Quartz¬† and Cats Eye. Clear Quartz will help clear any negativity that might be bothering us to bring us to a place of emotional stability. This energy will also open our intuition and boost our psychic ability. Cats Eye has a protective energy that might come in handy today. It helps turn negative thoughts into positive energy. It’s known to bring good luck and this is not a bad characteristic to have working for us!

Thank you BJ for today’s guest draw


Today’s Daily Draw

We have a pair of fire cards today. Fire means action. We also have another four, we’re still seeking structure and stability but this time it’s the Four of Fire and we are using that structure and stability to help us get ready to take a big jump. We have reached a point of completion and where there is an ending there is also a new beginning. The image shows us four smouldering sage bundles on a mat. The smoke is rising from the center, clearing out our old negative energy and sending our prayers skyward. I love how the smoke is taking on the shape of lightning. This tells us that we are looking at the possibility of a very quick or sudden change and we are ready to stake our claim!

Our bottom card is the Son of Fire. This young man is bold, passionate and determined. We see him dressed and ready to go. On his lap is a story cloth which shows us his desire. I love the Thunderbird rising in the distance against the orange and yellow sky that speaks about the level of passion and confidence. I also like the how the lightning bolts appear to be coming from his head. His thoughts are becoming reality! There is a lot of green in this card which tells us there is a great deal of growth opportunity.

Today we are entering into a creative period and It is time for a change, for a new adventure. Our cards are telling us to watch for the signs and be ready to get moving!

Today’s Universal Number

It is so cool that we have two fire cards telling us a big change is coming on a Master Number day! We have an11/2 day. The eleven is a gateway number and we are standing at the open gate today. If we choose to take the leap we will find ourselves more stable, more secure and in a wonderful place of harmony. This number combines the bold energy of the one and the intuitive energy of the two. So listen to your intuition today and watch for the signs.

Today’s Crystals

Our cards are talking about change so I picked two old favorites today, Moldavite and Labradorite. If you want fast change Moldavite is the crystal you want. it is a very intense high energy crystal that is about transformation. You have to be ready for its energy, not everyone can handle it for more than short periods at a time. It’s also very rare now and can be quite expensive. Because of its rarity you have to be careful of fakes. Labradorite is one of my most favorite crystals. I talk about it all the time. It is another crystal about transformation. It opens your psychic abilities, intuition and our third eye chakra. All these help direct us to our life purpose.




Today’s Daily Draw

The Four of Earth came back to tell us that today we could be in a position of power and have a choice of directions that we could go. We will need to keep in mind that with this choice comes a good deal of responsibility. The choice we make today will ripple forward to our future. Four is a number of security, order, structure and building a good solid foundation for ourselves as well as those we care about.

Our bottom card is the Six of Air and this card is telling us that getting some insight into each possible choice and talking about the options is going to go a long way to help us learn what risks or obstacles there might be and what is important to us moving forward. Knowing this will give us the confidence to choose the path that is right for us.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a One Day and this is perfect. We could be choosing a new direction and the one energy is about new beginnings, independence, and moving things forward.

Today’s Crystal

I choose the Sapphire to accompany todays card because it’s energy will help us stay focused on what is important, it will help us get organized and be disciplined enough to reach our goal. The sapphire also opens our intuition and this will help us know just what choice we need to make.

Aventurine in The Morning Light

Aventurine is an amazing crystal with¬†a lovely gentle energy that can do a lot more for you than you might think. This translucent crystal has a slight shimmer to it from mica or feldspar being in the mix. It¬†was¬†first discovered in Italy sometime during¬†the 1700’s. On the¬†mohs¬†scale aventurine is a 7 for hardness making it perfect for carving into just about anything. Green is the most common color of this crystal but it is known to be found in several others as well, like blue, orange, yellow and white. I have read that it has been found in brown and purple but have never seen¬†them in any shops. Most aventurine is found in India, Russia,¬†Spain¬†and South America.

Aventurine is a member of the Quartz family and is known as a stone of opportunity. Aventurine will help you manifest whatever you need by bringing to you the things, people, or events just when you need them. It creates situations that ensure success. The only thing is we have to be looking for the synchronicity and grab them when presented to us.

Some of the other qualities of Aventurine are:

  • Helps release old patterns and habits to allow new and better to come in
  • Encourages you to stick to a dream or goal even if it doesn’t look like it will happen
  • Increases confidence and optimism
  • Enhances creativity
  • Helps you see problems as opportunities
  • Helps you stay in the present moment
  • Helps¬†instill¬†an attitude of gratitude

On a physical level:

  • Protects and supports the heart
  • Helps circulation
  • Helps lower¬†cholesterol
  • Calms the nerves and reduces stress

And, we have arrived at the point where I must give my usual disclaimer. I am not a doctor and am in no way suggesting you give up on allopathic medicine. I am merely offering options to enhance your life and health.

Blessed Be ‚̧ Sharon


Today’s Daily Draw

In life we have the choice to let it happen to us or take an active part in it what happens. Authority is here to let us know that It’s our life and we have to choose to speak up and take action today or sit back and say nothing. If something isn’t going well today or something we want to do, Attempt tells us to go for it. The message for today is we need to make the time to do what is important to us. It’s our life and if there is something we need or want, don’t sit back. Take action!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Nine Day and the energy is about endings and beginnings. Nine tells us to wrap up any loose ends, let go of what is not for our highest good and prepare for the new and better that is on it’s way.

Today’s Crystals

The crystals we have today are Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz. Quartz is the master healer. It helps turn negative energy into positive, it clears our aura and brings in light. Quartz is both a receiver and transmitter making it programmable. Rose Quartz has all of the base family characteristics plus it has its own and that is a focus on love.  Our crystals will help us to focus on the outcome we want most then supports and encourages us to do what is best for us.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading


Sometimes We Wait

Technology is a good thing; in many ways it’s helpful. Having electricity, heat when its cold and air conditioning when its blistering hot is wonderful and let’s not forget indoor plumbing! That was an awesome upgrade. Technology gives us access to information we might not otherwise find easily. It keeps us instantly connected to people we care about and the medical industry is always coming out with new and interesting ways to “Help” us.

There is a very real downside to technology as well. It’s very intrusive. Every aspect of our lives has some sort of technology grasping at it. We can’t go shopping or anywhere without being captured on surveillance cameras. Many people have tv’s or computers in several rooms of their homes. Some people don’t know what it’s like to not have a radio or tv playing, even if they aren’t paying attention to it. Television, movies and magazines constantly feed us thoughts of comparison and conformity. We need to look, act and live like everyone else. We need the big houses and fancy cars. Computers speed up the rate at which we live. We have become an instantaneous world and we are forced to live our lives faster than ever.

How many of us feel lost or “naked”without our cell phones? Even with these super handy tools, how often do we actually call or text people? How often do you have a conversation with someone while paying more attention to the phone than the person next to you? How often do people take the time to cook, not microwave, a meal then sit at a table and share it with friends or family? Life is so busy that it is easier to stop and grab something on the way.

Life isn’t meant to be lived at a breakneck speed; it’s meant to be experienced and enjoyed one day, one hour, one moment at a time. Everything of value takes time. Growth takes time. Learning life’s lessons takes time. Forging friendships take time and Love certainly takes time. When we live in overdrive we forget that life sometimes bring us to a stop and asks us wait. This causes a lot of pain and confusion because we’ve been programmed to think we need to be doing something. We think there is something wrong with us or with life. We question whether we are on the right path. This emotional state can send us spiraling into a dark place of anger, depression and misery.

Waiting periods are critical for our growth and serve a couple of purposes. Sometimes we need a pause after a difficult time in our lives to heal and find our balance again. A waiting period for us might be a time of learning for someone else and we are a part of their lesson, and they are perfect times to reconnect with our guides and prepare for the next chapter of our journey.

We are never on a wrong road and we will always end up at our destination as long as we are working on becoming who we came here to be and doing what we came to do.¬†Life will always take us to the place we most need to be for as long as we need to be there. Sometimes that place is the thick of the action and others is sitting and waiting and that’s alright too because patience is one of the lessons we need to learn.

Blessed Be ‚̧ Sharon


Today’s Daily Draw

Becoming the person we want to be requires a growth process. Letting go of what is not working for us and learning the lessons that life throws our way. It’s not an easy or a fast process but it is a necessary one. Our card, the Three of Earth is here to let us know we may have a breakthrough of some kind today.¬†Three is the number of creativity, the imagination, self expression and abundance. The image on our card shows three new sprouting trees with their roots reaching to and wrapping around the heart of Mother Earth. Directly behind them are three dying moss covered trees. Whether consciously or not we might have released something that made room for a new opportunity or creative project that may come our way.

The Mother of Water is our bottom card and nobody is more creative, imaginative or intuitive that this lovely lady. She is perfect support for us. Her message is that we have done the emotional work needed to get to this point. We are strong and in control so be inspired today. If a project or opportunity is interesting and feels right go ahead and grab it. One thing to keep in mind is that we are dealing with the earth element and with that time is always a factor. It might take a while for this opportunity to come full circle for us. That isn’t a bad thing though, getting in at the beginning means we have some amount of control in the foundation building of the project. If we stay diligent and focused throughout the process it will be alright.

Today’s Universal Number

The energy we have is the Eight today and it is just what we need. This is a highly focused and powerful energy that brings structure and balance into the picture for us. Use it well!!

Today’s Crystals

I think I have mentioned before that this is the most complicated part of doing this post everyday. There are so many crystals to choose from that I want to offer choices rather than keep picking my favorite goto pieces all the time. For today I wanted to choose crystals that would encourage creativity and also tap into our intuitive and imaginative abilities. I narrowed down the possibilities by going to the Chakras involved in todays draw. Creativity comes from our lower Chakras so I chose Carnelian. this is our Sacral Chakra, where our passion resides. Intuition and imagination are in the Third Eye Chakra and for this I chose Iolite.