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Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Good Morning! We made it through another week. I sure hope you got what you needed from this weeks Weekly Tarot Story.

The final card this week is the Lottery. It tells us to make room in our lives for unlimited happiness. We have been planting seeds and doing the work to make our dreams come true for the longest time. Now it’s come full circle and we are ready to receive the harvest we’ve been working for. Let’s not forget to be thankful and pay it forward when the opportunities arise.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, Terry

Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Good Morning and Happy Friday. The card that came for us today is Teeth. Our brain is where our thoughts, beliefs and truths are stored but it is our mouths that express them. In a world where it is so easy to say something hurtful and insulting, an important part of expressing ourselves is how we do it. Do we speak with love and kindness in a way that empowers and lifts people up?

Everyone deserves to be heard but before you say something that might hurt a family member, friend or coworker remember the last time someone said something that hurt your feelings. Then fill your thoughts with ways to deliver your message in a way that is full of love and kindnes.

Keep Smiling, Terry

Weekly Tarot Story – Thursday

Good Morning All! The card that came for the collective today is Gift. There are many types of gifts but the main one is we are God’s Gift to this world. We are here to be a blessing to people. Not just family and friends but to anyone in need. If you see someone struggling today, do what you can to be the answer to their prayer for help.

Have a wonderful day, Terry

Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Good Morning Everyone! Here we are at midweek, I trust you have been enjoying the readings and the deck, Dream Oracle by Kelly Sullivan Walden.

The card that came for us today is Falling. The simple thought of Falling can overwhelm us. It could mean falling into a new job, a new relationship, or a big life change that leaves us spinning out of control and not knowing which way to turn next. But, Sometimes things need to fall apart so things can come back into our lives beautifuly. If something is falling apart ask your angel guides to give you strength to fall gracefully and have a soft landing with greater perspective on the other side. After all life is one big adventure!

Keep smiling, Terry

Just a Reminder

Hello I wanted to remind everyone I am going to be taking a step back from my blog beginning the end of this week. I’ve felt for some time that a change was necessary. To that end I will be stepping back from the blog to reimagine it’s potential.

I plan on doing is deciding where I want this to go. What kind of platform is this for me? I may change the name and style. I would like to know from you, my readers, what content you have enjoyed the most especially if you’ve been around since the beginning. Please let me know in the comments.

I don’t know how long this break will be but appreciate you all and look forward to coming back with a new focus and energy.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

Good Morning! The card that came for the collective today is Food-Eating. This is a great card to get us thinking. It’s not only about food for our bodies but about feeding our souls and minds too.

What are we truly hungry for? Do we want more attention, romance, money, a bigger home or a greater spiritual connection?

Be mindful of what food we put into our bodies. Is it something we need that will benefit us in the long run? Or something that will pull us away from everything we want for our lives.

Have a great day, Terry

Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

Good Morning! The card that came up today is Flood. We all react differently to good or bad things that happen in our lives. Our card can be telling us our day might be headed in many different directions and could overwhelm us with what is going on.

If the day gets to be too much and the choice to laugh, cry, scream or rant is all we have by all means have at it! Let it fly, let it rip, it is good for your soul. Once that is done a whole new world will open up. A calmer, less stressed version with maybe a new perspective. Its a decluttering process clearing out things so we can see a little clearer. Listen to your instincts and follow them. A new verson of ourselves is about to emerge from the storm.

Have a wonderful blessed day, Terry

Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good Morning Terry here as your guest reader for this weeks, Weekly Tarot Story. The deck I chose is an Oracle deck by Kelly Sullivan Walden called, Dream Oracle. As you know by now it is the colors that first grab my attention and this beautiful deck has deep rich colors that draw you into the scene. The card meanings are very short but easily understood.

The card that came for us is Childhood Home. The person we are today is the result of the environment we grew up in. Whether that was a warm loving and peacful home or one full of anger, tension and pain; the memories of that time are stored in our hearts and minds.

When we dream of our childhood it could mean we are processing unresolved issues that left a strong impact. This is us working through those issues so we can finally free ourselves and leave the past in the past. One more thing here these memories can also be coming up to remind us of our innocence and to enjoy each and every moment of our lives. Life is what happens outside work!

Be blessed, Terry

Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Good morning, we have reached the end of this weeks tarot story and have another perfect card wrapping it up; the Ten of Water! This card has several descriptions. It’s known as the Rainbow of Promise, the Happy Family card and the Happy Ending card. There may be more but those three were the first to jump into my head. The Ten of Water tells us everything is falling into place for us. It might not be picture perfect yet but we’re getting there.

Have a fabulous day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Good morning everyone. Our story this week is winding down. I hope you have maneuvered through the emotion of the week and now find yourself in a good solid place. Our card is the King of Earth. I’d say that is about as solid as we can get! I love that it’s following the Eight of Earth. Again perfect timing as the eight tells us to get going and the King of Earth says our hard work will pay off is we stay focused on our plan and do the work without taking short cuts. Believe, stay focused and commit to the plan!

Have a wonderful day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon