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Golden Healer Quartz in The Morning Light

I came upon todays crystal a short while ago. It is called Golden Healer Quartz, and the energy is incredibly powerful yet gentle. The lovely golden color comes from iron oxide inclusions that get trapped in the layers of the crystal as it grows. The intensity of the color rages from lemon to mustard and the crystal can be either clear or milky. It is fairly rare as it is only found in three locations around the world. Madagascar, Whales and Arkansas. I’ve heard China is also a source but I’ve not been able to verify this as fact. By careful of fakes, yes there are people that do that kind of thing. A Golden Healer will not have iron oxide on the surface of the crystal, it will be inside it. On the Mohs scale this is, like all Quartz a 7, and works well with all the chakras but especially so with the Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye and the 8th Chakras.

Golden Healer Quartz has all the qualities of the Quartz Family, and then some. This amazing crystal draws golden light from the universe (life force energy) into your body through the Crown Chakra and lets it flow throughout your body. It is a powerful healing tool, one that works multi dimensionally.

Some of the qualities of Golden Healer Quartz are:

  • It clears energy block from the chakras and the aura.
  • It will raise your vibration to the highest your body will allow.
  • Helps communication with between world, with spirit and other dimensions. It is said to hold the energy of the ascended masters and Christ consciousness.
  • Encourages a state of joy, peace and oneness
  • It increases creativity and self confidence
  • Strengthens psychic ability
  • Helps you discover your spiritual purpose
  • Helps attract abundance
  • Activates healing on all levels of the body

The energy of the gorgeous crystal is amazing. I hope you found this introduction to Golden Healer Quartz interesting. If it seems like something you would like to work with, I encourage you to acquire a piece and work with it. I am sure you will love it as much as I do. Remember that crystals and minerals were given to the Earth to enhance our lives. I am in no way suggesting anyone leave allopathic medicine. Rather the purpose of these weekly articles is to offer alternative options to enhance your lives, our wellbeing, and the healing process.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


The Weekend Ahead

After a week of contemplation, our weekend reading seems to be urging us to get moving. Leading the way is the Page of Swords. The pages are about new beginnings, and the Page of Swords, a beginning of an idea, a plan or a new way of thinking. With this card things can come quickly, so we have a pair of Kings to guide us.

The King of Swords instructs us to be disciplined, to think clearly and to act confidently. Take the lead if you must. Our final card is the King of Cups. You would think the kings would not work well together but they do. This King is very stable, in complete control of his emotions and guides us to stay in control and not go flying off into anything without thinking and planning first. We must not forget to listen to our intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, step back, get some perspective and make any changes needed before moving forward.

Thank you, BJ, for today’s guest reading!

The Week Ahead

Eagle Medicine jumped from the deck as I was shuffling the cards for The Week Ahead Tarot draw, telling us perspective will be necessary in the days ahead.

Our first card is Spirit Keeper of the North. North is the direction of the dark before the dawn, it is about endings. When this card comes up in a reading, the message is about taking time to consider what is working and what isn’t. To dream and make plans. Any answers we are looking for are waiting for us to discover them this week. All we have to do is take some time alone to think and meditate.

Our second card is, Vision Quest, another card encouraging us to take a step back and allow time for thought. Vision Quest tells us to watch for the signs. The answers we are loking for are around us, we just have to be aware enough to see them for what they are.

This brings us back to Eagle Medicine, the card that jumped from the deck. The Eagle is revered by many native cultures for its ability to fly high, and to commune with the Great Spirit. its message is one of perspective, and bravery.

Don’t feel like you must rush into anything in the days ahead. This is a week of contemplation. Take the time to know any decisions made are the right ones at the right time. Make sure consider all the options and plan well. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, just make sure it is a well planned one.

Have a great week!  Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


Brecciated Jasper in The Morning Light

Quartz, as we all know, is a very large crystal family. There is the Matriarch, Clear Quartz at the head. Standing at her sides are her sisters Amethyst, Citrine and Smokey. As other minerals are included into the family, we have their many cousins; the agates, Chalcedonies and Jaspers. Today’s crystal post is about a cousin in the Jasper branch of the family tree, Brecciated Jasper. It is sometimes called Poppy Jasper because of its red/orangey spots. The way this crystal forms is quite interesting. Its name Brecciated means Broken Fragments. Angled pieces of stone are cemented together over long periods of time. Forming these lovely stones.

Jaspers as a group tend to be multicolored. What separates this type is, it contains hematite. Some of the best sources to find this beautiful stone are Egypt, India, Australia, and Brazil, to name a few. The most common colors are red and brown but yellow and orange can also be found. On the Mohs Scale it is a strong 6.5 to 7.

Being a Root and Sacral Chakra stone, some of the qualities it has to offer anyone who works with it are:

  • Decreases stress, and help to feel calm and safe.
  • Increased organizational and time management skills.
  • Help to think clearly and focus.
  • Help to be brave and take action toward a goal.
  • Inspires you to think and dream big.
  • Increased creativity.
  • Increased energy and endurance.
  • Gives the courage to be honest with oneself and others.
  • Strengthens the digestive system.
  • Helps you heal faster and regain your vitality after illness.
  • Helps detox the body of unwanted toxins.

I hope you found this introduction to Brecciated Jasper interesting and helpful. If it seems like something you would like to work with, I encourage you to acquire a piece and give it a try. Remember that crystals and minerals were given to the Earth to enhance our lives. I am in no way suggesting anyone leave allopathic medicine. Rather the purpose of these weekly articles is to offer alternative options to enhance your lives, our wellbeing, and the healing process.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekend Ahead

The Queen of Swords is back to give us guidance for our Weekend Ahead. The Eight of Wands is telling us things are opening up. Things could begin to change quickly, and will mean we need to be able to respond just as quickly. If we want to move ahead with an idea or project, our Queen is saying think clearly, get the information we need. Our final card, the Seven of Swords is letting us know communication is going to be vital if things are going to move forward. Make sure everyone on the same page, being open and honest. Everything can work out well for us, but it will take some work.

Thank you, BJ, for today’s guest reading!


The Week Ahead

Our week is beginning with the energy of the Five of Wands. Five is about movement, but as you see from the image, our week may begin in a chaotic way. It could be a struggle for us to get organized or communicate with family. friends or co-workers. It’s not that we aren’t ready to go. We see that in the Page of Swords. We are eager to get busy with a project, but perhaps we aren’t  as prepared as we may think. Maybe we don’t have all the information we need. Another possibility is there may be too much going on. So much so that we don’t know which way to go. The Queen of Swords is here to help. She tells us to be confident, to get the clarity we may need before we get moving. The Hanged Man is our final card. I like this card. it encourages us to follow our own path, and to get a different perspective on whatever our week has in store for us. Be flexible, keep an open mind, and be prepared to let go of ideas that just aren’t going to work right now.

Have a great week! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


Emerald Quartz in The Morning Light

We have another member of the Quartz family in the spotlight today, and that is, Emerald Quartz.  The beautiful green is from chromium rich mica found in Mariposite.

Emerald Quartz is found in several places around the world. Some of these are California, Pakistan, Zambia, India, Australia and Tanzania, to name a few. Being green this crystal resonates well with the Heart Chakra. It is a crystal of unconditional love, good luck and healing. Like other Quartz, it is a seven on the Mohs Scale.

Like all Quartz, this type holds all the qualities of the family. In addition to them, Emeral Quartz has many of its own qualities to enhance our lives and well being. Some of them are:

  • Its high vibration encourages spiritual awakening.
  • Increases confidence in oneself.
  • Reduces stress.
  • It helps you speak your truth from a place of love.
  • I have not validated this but it is said to alert you to the presence of danger.
  • Helps you overcome problem situations.
  • Helps you find your true purpose.
  • Increases intuition.
  • Helps you have hope and faith that all will be well.
  • Give your body and aura a boost of energy
  • Amplifies the healing ability of other crystals.

I hope you found this brief introduction to Emerald Quartz interesting. If it seems like a crystal you would like to work with, I encourage you to acquire one and give it a try. Remember that crystals and minerals were given to the Earth to enhance our lives, our well being, and as a companion in the healing process.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon




The Weekend Ahead

This weekend should be an highly energetic one. The first of four Penumbral Eclipses of the year will be on Saturday. Eclipses always bring new beginnings, and transformation. Our cards seem to be pointing us toward a change of some kind.

The Void of Course Moon is the energy driving our weekend. The message of this moon is, Nothing Will Come of This. Now this could be a good thing or a not so good thing. If we are worried about something, we are stressing about it for no reason. Everything will work out fine. But, if there is an issue with a project or relationship, we may just have cause to be worried, and this is the focus of our reading. Something that shouldn’t be ignored needs attention. The three supporting cards are Full Moon in Leo, Full Moon in Pisces and South Node.

The first of these is Full Moon in Leo. It tells us any situation we are dealing with could be an issue because of our own stubbornness and pride. The solution could be finding some perspective and balance. We may like to think we are always right and always know best, but that isn’t true is it?

Full Moon in Pisces is the next supporting card. As a water element it tells to get control of our emotions and to get over ourselves. If the situation is in any way our doing, we need to take responsibility or face a potential loss.

The third supporting card for our weekend is South Node. The south Node deals with our past. Its message; it could be time for a change. If something from our past is having a negative impact on our present, then perhaps it is time to let those thoughts, beliefs or people go. This could be a huge year for us all. Why would we want to let the past keep us from achieving our dreams!

Have a great weekend. Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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