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The Weekend Ahead

This weekend may be a confusing one for us but if we take it slow and do our best to stay on course, we’ll be alright. Let’s take a look at the cards and see what is going on.

Our Bottom card for the weekend is the Knight of Pentacles. Now, the Knights are about taking action, but with the suit of pentacles time is a factor. We are dealing with the practical, everyday life stuff. So things can take time. Our knight is telling us to make our plans, plant the seeds, but not be in a rush for results. We have work to do and must be willing to put in the time. If we do, a successful outcome will be there. Keep at it, don’t give up.

Friday starts off the weekend with the reversed Chariot. I don’t think we’ve ever had this card come up reversed for us. When upright it is about balance and movement, but that is not the case for us today. In this position we may be feeling like things are out of control, like we’ve lost our direction or our focus. As we move through the day, keep in mind that this is a Five Day and plans might change. Things we thought were set in stone might not be. So, be flexible and have a plan B.

Saturday Brings us The Lovers. This is a card that focuses on harmonious relationships and the choices we make within them. It can also look at the relationship and choices we make on our own lives, and that is where we are today. With things seeming to be a bit out of whack for us, it might be a good idea to take some time today to go within and have an honest conversation with ourselves. What is it that motivates us? Are our belief systems in line with what we want? And what is it we truly we want for our lives?

Sunday is here and so is the reversed King of Cups. Upright he is man who is grounded and in in full control of his emotions. Today we might not be so grounded or feel like we are in control. Rather than letting things get out of hand, we should do our best to face what is happening and ask ourselves what we can do to stay on solid ground. Don’t let emotion get the upper hand. Sometimes things don’t move forward as quickly as we may like or in the direction we would like to go, but getting upset and letting it affect us negatively for days isn’t going to help. Thinking clearly will be important this weekend. Remember the advice of out Bottom card and be patient, do the work, and hang in there. Things will get better.





Moss Agate in The Morning Light

Today’s post is about Moss Agate, also called Tree Agate, and it’s technically not an Agate at all. To be honest I can’t tell you why it is in this group of Chalcedony crystals which are members of the Quartz family. An agate forms in layers, giving them bands of color. This is clearly not that formation but, it’s all good! An example of the agate group that I have written about previously is Carnelian.

Agates have been used for centuries. Archaeologists have found Agate tools and charms in Neolithic settlements and burial sites. Some of the best sources are India, the Middle East and here in the US. Agate as a whole can either be milky or translucent. Moss Agate has inclusions of minerals which give it its mossy look and name. They can also have green, blue, red, yellow or brown coloring. It works well with the Heart Chakra, and on the Mohs hardness scale it is a strong 6.5 to 7.

This group of crystals has a strong connection to the earth and Moss Agate is no different. It helps you with the magick of nature, to open your ability to connect spiritually with Mother Earth and Devas. Moss Agate has been known to help plants grow well. Back in the day people would plant pieces of this crystal in their fields and gardens to encourage good yields.

When I do these posts, I try to explain why working with the crystal of the day is such an amazing benefit for people. Moss Agate, like all of the family group, vibrates lower than other crystals. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a hard worker. It helps you on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. The lower vibration makes today’s crystal give a very stabilizing and strengthening energy that works to balance emotional and physical energy.

On the physical level Moss Agate helps calm mood swings, it helps reduce stress, stabilizes and strengthens the body and helps it recover from periods of illness. It is said to ease nausea and heal infections. Moss Agate is also said to reduce sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants.

Emotionally this crystal helps you release old fears and habits that keep you trapped. This allows a feeling of self-worth to grow, encouraging self-expression and the flow of new ideas. The result being that trust and hope in the future increases.

Physically and emotionally this is a very beneficial crystal to work with but, spiritually this is a powerhouse if you want to move forward on your path. Moss Agate helps you create your life’s purpose, guiding you on your journey. Anyone can talk the talk; Moss Agate will also help you walk the walk.

If all this is not enough encouragement to find a piece of Moss Agate and begin working with it; there is one more tidbit of information. Moss Agate is a crystal of new beginnings that attracts abundance on all levels into your life. I have a piece in a glass of water that I am drinking from. The energy is amazing!

This brings me to the point in my post where I must tell you I am not a doctor, nor am I suggesting you leave allopathic medicine. I share these posts to offer alternatives for your health and wellbeing.

Blessed Be ❤ Shay




Today’s Daily Draw

Change is in the air today, and it’s coming from our bottom card, Death. The energy of this card is about endings and beginnings. As the underlying energy of our day we can expect some kind of change. When Death pays us a call the change he brings is usually deep, and profound. It may seem difficult in the moment, but hang in there, be honest. Some times we just need to let things go. It might be time for something new.

Out main card for the day is the Queen of Cups. When she comes up for us she tells us to listen to our intuition. Things might be confusing and perhaps a bit scary for us but one of the qualities our Queen has to share is that she is connected to her emotions but is not overwhelmed by them. She is here to let us know, no matter what happens we can handle it if we don’t let the circumstances that come at us take control. Instead we can pour all that emotion into something creative. Something new!

Today’s Universal Number

How interesting that our universal number for the day is 22/4. This is the Master Builder, and its energy helps to tear down those things that are no longer serving our highest good! Perfect!

Today’s Crystal

I chose Moonstone for us today. Moonstone’s energy is very loving. It increases our intuitive abilities and helps us take steps that will help os grow and move forward.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Shay



The State of Love


Today’s Daily Draw

With the energy of the full moon and lunar eclipse winding down we might need to find balance in our thoughts. emotions and behaviors today. Our cards are the The Lord as the main card and The Lady as our underlying energy. Both are very positive cards when they are upright, but, for us they are reversed and this energy may play with us a bit.

With The Lord reversed we,  or someone we interact with today, might be feeling like we have no authority to take the control needed to get things done. It could also be a situation in the extreme opposite. Either we or someone else is acting like a complete tyrant and imposing all kinds of unnecessary control over others.

While The Lord is busy being less than the best version of himself, we have The Lady reversed, also acting in the extreme. When she comes up in a reading like this she may be trying too hard to please people in her life, perhaps to the point of smothering them. Another extreme might be playing a victim and relying on other people to take care of us.

The best thing we can do today is, stop, breathe and regroup. Remember, we don’t have to be everything to everybody. Examine our motives, why are we acting like this? If it isn’t us that’s displaying this behavior; be patient, try to give them space, and help them or us we don’t have to bear the whole burdon of responsibility.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Three Day today and this joyful and creative energy is just what we need to relax and find creative solutions to any issues we may have.

Today’s Crystals

The crystal choice for today is Tourmalinated Quartz. The energy of this beauty will help us clear negativity, help us clear the mind chatter and find our balance.

Have a wonderful day   Blessed Be ❤ Shay


Today’s Daily Draw

There is potential for the day but we might be feeling like we aren’t quite ready for it, and chances are we’re not. This potential comes from the Two of Wands. It tells us we have an idea and have done some research and preparation but we’re not ready to move full on with our plans.
This energy is coming from our bottom card the Five of Pentacles. The message it has it that we might be dealing with some insecurities. Maybe we’re not feeling prepared, or we up against some unexpected roadblocks.
The best thing we can do today is, our best to work through the issues. Explore all our options, consider the long term goals. Make our decisions, check to make sure we haven’t missed anything important, and finalize our plans. The number five is about movement, so keep going. Stay committed!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Two Day ahead of us. The energy of the two is about compromise and finding harmony. We will have decosopns to make today. We should do our best to make choices that give us peace and confidence that we are doing the right thing for us.

Today’s Crystal

Todays choice was a toss up but I chose Dragons Blood Jasper to accompany our cards. The energy of this crystal gives us courage to stand in our personal power. It helps us find creative solutions and keeps us determined to achieve our goals. It acts like a shield against negative peopleand give us confidence. All things that will be a help to us today.

Today’s Daily Draw

Our week begins on a high note with the underlying energy of the Ace of Wands. Aces are about new beginnings. For us this could be a new idea or opportunity that lights a fire of potential in us. This will make us want to beginning the process of making it a reality, and that is all well and good, but we have a couple things to keep in mind.

The first thing to consider is our main card, the Six of Pentacles reversed. Up right it talks to us about giving or receiving help. In the reversed position that help may come at a cost. There could be strings attached to this idea or opportunity that we might not want to be wrapped up in. Before making any decision about pursuing this exciting new path, we need to make sure all the details are fully up front and understood. The last thing we want is to find out too late that we’ve made a bad or costly decision.

The second thing we might want to keep in mind is that Mercury is retrograde until the end of the month. Starting anything new during this time can be tricky. This doesn’t mean we can’t, it just means we will need to ask a lot of questions, and make triple sure of all the details. Read any contracts carefully before signing, or better yet have your lawyer look them over. Certainly, don’t allow anyone to push a quick decision on us.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a One Day. This energy is all about beginnings, getting out there and making things happen. While that is a wonderful energy to have, it may not necessarily help us today. Get going on an idea, sure, we just need to be careful that we aren’t charging blindly forward.

Today’s Crystal

I chose Red Calcite to accompany our cards today. As a Root Chakra crystal it helps give us confidence and energy but I chose it for the grounding and protective energy it will give us. Being excited about a project can lead us off into the wilds of bad decisions. Being grounded will help us make good and fact-based ones.

Thank you, BJ, for today’s Guest Reading!

Buckle Up!

An eclipse is like a doorway leading to new possibilities. They always bring forward bits of buried emotion to be dealt with and released. We are currently in an eclipse period that is a gateway to transformation which will be felt planet wide. The series began with the July 2nd solar eclipse. With the upcoming lunar eclipse on the 16th this energy will carry us to yet another eclipse in December, then into a brand new decade.   

This sequence happens every 18 years and brings big changes in its wake. When we look at the number of planets currently retrograde, four, the intensity of this series is magnified and potentially world changing. Mercury is one of the planets currently retrograde until the end of the month. For us this means that the upcoming eclipse on July 16 could very well be an emotional one as it is moving through both Leo and Cancer. We can expect some very strong emotional reactions if we aren’t careful. Go within, examine and release what is no longer needed in your life. 

It is also coming extremely close to Pluto, making things even more emotional for us. This process is a good thing though, perhaps in hind sight for some. What we are looking at is major endings, but also amazing new beginnings. Things will come up that need to be released, so be brave and let the old thoughts, beliefs, habits and relationships go that are keeping you from becoming your very best self. 

Buckle up, the next few months are likely to be a bumpy ride. Lives will change, the planet will change in deep, profound and permanent ways. We are moving toward a new level of healing and release that we haven’t seen in thousands of years. Don’t resist the changes, embrace them because there is no going back. The Age of Aquarius is coming!  

Rainbow Fluorite in The Morning Light

I have done two posts about Fluorite before this one. My first was in August of 2017, and was a brief introduction to the Fluorite family. The second post was in April of this year telling you about Indigo Fluorite There are several colors within this crystal family, today I am going to tell you about Rainbow Fluorite.

Natural Fluorite is clear, but other colors it can be found in are yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, black and Rainbow. The intensity of color depends on the amount of mineral inclusions in the forming crystal. The rarest colors are clear, yellow and black. Some of the countries Fluoride is found areSouth Africa, China, Mexico, Spain and Nambia, to name a few. This family of crystals can be clear or opaque and has a hardness of 4 on the Mohs scale; making it workable for personal use as well as industrially. The history of this crystal traces back to Pliny the elder. He wrote about Fluorite in book 37 of his Natural History series. Georgius Agricola also discussed its use in the iron smelting process in his book written in1530.

As a family of crystals, the energy is very protective, grounding and brings clarity, focus and increases concentration. Putting a piece where you work or study does wonders in helping you focus, process information and get thigs done. I’ve read that it’s known as the genius stone because it helps lift us to higher states achievement. Fluorite links our mind to the universal consciousness and increases psychic ability.

It also:

  • Absorbs negative energy from the environment.
  • Clears the Chakras and the aura.
  • Acts as a shield against psychic attack
  • Should be cleared often

Fluorite is similar to the Quartz Family in that the individual colors hold the group energy but also have their own qualities. Rainbow Fluorite is unique in that it contains two or more colors, making the crystal even more magickal!! Overall it cleanses the aura, activates and energizes the Chakras and increases intuitive ability. Because there is more than one color it helps build a connection to the universal consciousness. I will give a brief explanation of some of the qualities of the colors. Keep in mind that the colors can fluctuate a bit depending on the amount of minerals in the mix. For example, Purple Fluorite may sometimes have a pink look to it, and yellow can flow into orange.

Clear: Works with the Crown Chakra to bring us clarity and insight. It cleanses the aura and helps us see what is holding us back, then find a way to break through the block. It also enhances the energy of other crystals.

Yellow: Works with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This color brings unity, creativity, increases understanding and it helps bring our mind and personal will together.

Green: Works with the Heart Chakra. It clears negativity, and helps release old emotional issues, thought patterns and it clears and purifies the Heart Chakra.

Blue: Works with the 3rd Eye and Throat Chakra. It helps communication between our spirit and physical selves to bring us to a place of spiritual awakening. It helps us find our divine purpose and helps us think rationally.

Purple: Works with the 3rd Eye Chakra. It is calming, helps amplify our psychic ability, think clearly and find our spiritual purpose.

Black: Works with all Chakras. It works to clear negativity from the auras and astral bodies. It also is known to reduce or eliminate nightmares.

As I said this is a brief overview of the colors and qualities of Fluorite. I will go deeper into each at a later date. for not this brings me to the point in my post where I must tell you I am not a doctor, nor am I suggesting you leave allopathic medicine. I share these posts to offer alternative possibilities for your health and wellbeing.

Blessed Be ❤ Shay

The Weekend Ahead

This weekend has a great deal of potential for abundance and moving forward thanks to our Bottom card, the King of Pentacles. There is a catch though, we have the Four of Swords reversed sitting between two Knights. When there are more than one Court card together, this intensifies the energy. We might want to make sure we aren’t moving too fast. Let’s take a closer look at our cards and see what we might expect as we move through our weekend. 

Our Bottom card, as I mentioned, is the King of Pentacles. As our underlying energy he gives us the determination and confidence to do the work necessary to get where we want to be. He tells us to be methodical. Make sure our plans are solid, that we’ve considered all possible things that can go wrong and planned ahead for them, to make sure we have the people and resources we need. Then do the work! 

Friday brings us our first knight, the Knight of Cups. This guy is the lover of the Tarot. Being the Knight of Cups, he is emotion, imagination, intuition, and creativity. When he comes up in a reading, he tells us to follow our heart. Where ever or whatever that may be for us this weekend. It could be a relationship, a hobby or any number of things. The important thing is to pursue it. Keep in mind that this guy is not in a hurry, his horse is moving along at a steady pace, so take the time to plan before doing anything. 

Saturday is here and our card is the Four of Swords reversed. This card could very likely be the key to getting where we want to be if we heed its advice. Upright this card tells us to wait, rest and regroup. When reversed, as it is today, we might be tired of waiting and restless. Trying to push ahead could be the absolute wrong thing to do though. Sometimes we have to let things work themselves out and let everything fall into place. Be patient and wait until the time is right.Element 

Sunday give us our second knight the Knight of Wands and he is all action, and adventure. We see him charging off after whatever has piqued his passion. He is a determined and fearless kind of guy. While these are wonderful characteristics to have; they can sometimes lead to impulsive actions that can come back to bite square in the butt. We don’t want that! So, make sure that any decisions and forward movement is well thought out and well timed. If we do, we are sure to see some positive result from our weekend. 

Enjoy! Blessed Be ❤ Shay