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Today’s Daily Draw W

With life we have ups and downs. good days and bad days. Part of this extreme is the possibility that now and again we are going to get angry about something. Today’s cards are here to let us know that our temper, or perhaps someone elses, could be an issue today. Our main card is Anger, while there isn’t anything wrong with getting mad it’s part of the human experience. Expressing our emotions productively is a good and healthy thing. Lashing out at some poor soul who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time is not such a good thing.

This is where our bottom card comes in and that is Investigate. Rather than blow a gasket about something that has made us mad, do a self check and take the time to check the facts. It could be we don’t know the whole picture or understand what someone else might be going through today. Take the time to ask questions and get the full grasp of the situation before getting angry and taking it out on anyone.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Nine Day and we need to wrap things us and get ready for whatever is next. Finish up the list, get the last minute things done and tie up the loose ends, then relax and enjoy knowing we didn’t forget anything.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Rose Quartz and Hypersthene to accompany today’s cards. Rose Quartz will help us come at the day and any situations that might pull us into anger from a place of love, understanding and forgiveness. Hypersthene is a crystal that is not widely know but it should be. It boosts psychic ability and helps us find answers to problems quickly.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!

Today’s Daily Draw

Our Tuesday cards are a bit at odds with each other and themselves. As you know the suit of swords is about thought, beliefs systems and paradigms. Our card for the day is the Page of Swords. The Pages are full of energy and ideas. They are young, eager and want to show the world how great they are. Our Page of Swords is alert and ready for action. He is going to take his ideas and conquer the world. The problem is he might not actually be ready. We can see he is standing at the top of a hill. He has a great view but the ground he is on is not terribly stable. One move in the wrong direction and the result could be a bloody painful mess. There are clouds hinting of a storm beginning to fill the sky and there is a good wind blowing. This tells us things could change quickly.  All of this tells us that the ideas our young man has could use a second look. They may be great ideas, just perhaps not ready for action.

Our bottom card is the Two of Wands. In the Tarot two is about making decisions and planning. Wands are all action, fire energy, creativity and passion. The elegantly dressed man in the image of our card is standing next to a low wall, presumably on the roof of his castle, gazing out to sea as he waits for his ship to come in. He dreams of having the world in the palm of his hand. We see he is loosely holding a wand on the top of the wall with his left hand, while behind him is a securely mounded one. There is also a good deal of grey in this image as well telling us that some clarity might be needed.

What does all this mean for us as we move through our day? Well, having a few good ideas is a wonderful thing and sometimes taking one and running with is just what is needed, but today is probably not one of those days. Our bottom card tells us with that low wall that we have at least one small hurdle to overcome. The loose hold our hero has on the wand hints that we might not have a full grasp of our situation. Perhaps another idea is what we need. Taking the time to review what is going on, checking our goals and making sure we have a good solid plan is a better choice today.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is an Eight day. This numbers energy is strong and powerful energy. While some people believe it’s all about money and power, Eight is more than that. It seeks a balance between our physical and spiritual lives. This energy is a wonderful one to have helping us as we move through our day. It gives us the strength to do what needs to be done and also gives us the insight to make the best choices we can for our future.

Today’s Crystal

I chose Apophyllite to accompany our cards today. This very high energy crystal helps us balance the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives. It sharpens our intuition as well as helping us connect to our spirit guides, which increases our discernment and our ability to make good choices.


Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s cards can be received on two levels. Our underlying energy is from Self Care. With today’s fast paced life, we often put aside things that we know that we “should do” like get enough rest, eat clean and exercise. We do these things to honor our inner selves. Self care is also honoring our outer selves. We do this by owning our power, speaking our truth and following our path, not someone elses.

Our main card is Determination. This tells we could have a some kind of issue with, or need for Self Care today. Perhaps in our careers we’ll have an overly stressful day. Maybe people will challenge our ideas or beliefs. It could be that we might not feel on top of our game.

Our cards are telling us to take the time to do what is needed to take care of us today. Take a break if we need one to gather our strength or our thoughts. If we’re hungry, eat. Don’t skip a meal just because we think there isn’t time. Be confident in what we believe. Speak our truth and stand our ground. Be determined to do what is needed to achieve the goal we want whether it is in our work or personal lives.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Seven Day and this is just the energy we need to bring us where we want to be. Gather in the information needed. Listen to what our needs are and make wise decisions based on that insight.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Clear Quartz and Labradorite today. Clear Quartz is the master healer and works to open our intuition, clear our aura, bring in good positive energy and clear negative energy. Labradorite will work to open our intuition as well and help us find the direction we need to go today.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest draw!

Peacock Ore in The Morning Light

Known as the Happiness Stone, Peacock Ore has two separate but similar mineral sources. Their chemical makeup is from Copper. Both of these minerals, Bornite and Chalcopyrite, are Copper Iron Sulfides. The main difference, aside from their slightly different chemical structure is that Chalcopyrite is given an acid wash to create the eye-popping blue-purple color of Peacock Ore. As a matter of fact most Peacock Ore found in crystal shop is Chalcopyrite that is being called Bornite. Since both of these minerals are sold as the same thing I will discuss them both.


This brownish-red mineral was first discovered in 1725 in the mountains of what would become the Czech Republic. It wasn’t named until 1845 for the mineralogist who first discovered it, Ignaz VonBorn. Some of the other places it can be found are Connecticut, Montana, Peru, Mexico and Australia among others. Because bornite has a copper base the surface tarnishes after exposure to the air and becomes beautifully iridescent. The Mohs scale has it at 3-3.25, so it’s a fairy soft material.

Some of the qualities of Bornite are:

  • It activates all the chakras.
  • It helps you deal with stress and lifes obstacles.
  • It regulates adrenaline
  • It helps reduce fever and swelling


Chalcopyrite is an extremely important mineral. It is the major source of copper used around the world and has been in use since the Bronze Age because it is so easily worked and turned into brass. In its raw form Chalcopyrite is more gold than Bornite and can be confused for gold. Like Bornite, it tarnishes once exposed to the air. On the Mohs scale Chalcopyrite is a little harder than bornite, registering between 3.5-4.

Chalcopyrite has a wonderful healing energy. Some of the qualities are:

  • It opens the Crown Chakra.
  • It is an excellent meditation aide.
  • It removes energy blocks.
  • Its grounding quality helps you stay balanced.
  • It helps release energy patterns that keep you stuck.
  • It is said to repair DNA.
  • It helps detox the body.


So is my sample Bornite or Chalcopyrite? I don’t know!! I would like to think it is Bornite. It doesn’t have the classic eye-popping Blue-purple color that Chalcopyrite gets from the acid bath. My piece has Quartz in it but both can be found with Quartz so that doesn’t help. I suppose since they are both Copper Iron Sulfides it may not really matter, but energetically they do different things for us. Therein lies the conundrum. If nothing else its gorgeous to look at and that will make you happy!

Anyway, if Peacock Ore sound like something you would like to work with I invite you to find a piece and give it a go. So this is where I must explain that I am not a doctor and wouldn’t even think of suggesting you not go to your doctor if you have a medical need. I am only suggesting alternate possibilities to enhance your health and well being.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


The Weekend Ahead

When a Major Arcana card shows itself in a reading it is a signpost that reads “Pay Attention”. When there are more than one in a reading, like this weekends, the sign turns into flashing neon that makes us stand up and really take notice. The Devil, one of these major cards, brings an interesting underlying energy to our weekend. When this card comes to us we need to ask ourselves if we are feeling like we aren’t in control of some aspect of our lives. Are we feeling trapped or making bad choices?

Let’s take a look at what the cards show us for this Weekend Ahead.

Friday starts us off with the Two of Cups. This card can suggest a romance and who wouldn’t like that? But, this is a two and the energy of the two is about balance, harmony and co-operation. The Two of Cups could mean a meeting of the minds or a new partnership for us today. We need to remember that this is the suit of cups so whatever is going on will have an emotional base for us. It could be a project at work that we feel strongly about, or something in our personal lives taking a new or unexpected turn.

Saturday comes in and brings the Ten of Swords with it. In the Tarot Ten is the number of completion and I’ve always thought that this was an interesting card to wrap up the Minor Arcana. This card hints at betrayal, defeat, and struggle. We must remember, though that the suit of swords is about our thoughts and belief systems. Could our thoughts be conflicted today? Did something from yesterday take a disappointing turn for us? As disconcerting as this card may appear, it is a card of hope and promise. Our hero is not bleeding to death. There is no pool of blood surrounding him in spite of the swords in his back. Two important things are in the background, calm water and the rising sun.  This tells us he has come to terms with his situation and is looking to the future. We could be feeling powerless today or dealing with an unhappy and unexpected situation, but things will get better!

Sunday rounds out our weekend with the second of our Major Arcana cards and that is The Fool. This is a very spontaneous guy. He follows his heart and there isn’t anything wrong with that but there is something to be gained from thought and planning. He brings us a message of new beginnings, taking chances and having faith in the future. Perhaps we have figured out Friday and Saturdays issues, perhaps not and we’re stepping toward that cliff completely unaware of the potential danger ahead.

This bring us back to the Devil and our weekends underlying energy. Knowing that the Major Arcana card talk to us about our big life lessons and potential karmic issues, as well as the fact that we have to major cards here dealing with big extremes. We need to recognize the direction our thoughts and our beliefs are taking us. Are we fooling ourselves about a professional or personal relationship? Are we feeling stabbed in the back? Are we making a leap of faith when we should be stepping back and thinking about our plans? We have a few things to consider in the next couple of days.

Have and interesting and productive weekend!

Today’s Daily draw

Sometimes getting out of our own way, and if we are being honest, other people’s business is the best thing we can do. Today’s cards reflect this thought. Our main card is the Hanged Man. At first sight this card can be a little concerning, but no worried here. The Hanged Man is a card that comes to us when we need to take a step back, let go of thoughts, beliefs and opinions that do not serve our highest good and gain a new perspective. The man in the image is not struggling or fighting to get free. The look on his face is not one of fear or concern. As a matter of fact he could free himself anytime.

What does this mean for us today? It means this day could be a reality check for us. We could be in a place where we recognize that we have things to let go of either in our personal lives or for others. Maybe we are hanging onto thoughts or beliefs that, before today, were not recognized as a roadblock.

Maybe we are trying to keep a family member, a friends or co-worker from doing something we think is foolish. There is never anything wrong with wanting the best for the people we love, but there comes a point where the most loving thing we can do is let them go. Their path is not ours just as ours is not theirs. If the choices someone we love turns into a bad move; it’s a lesson learned and we will be there to Love and support them.

Letting go of all this low energy that doesn’t help or serve us will take to a place of celebration, and this is where our bottom card comes in, the Three of Cups. This is a card of joy, abundance and celebration which is how we will feel when we take the emotional weight off of our shoulders.

Today’s Universal Number

How perfect, we have a Three Day! Three is joyful, creative and confident. This is an energy that has a force of its own. It will speak the truth whether you want to hear it or not and it will make you smile in the process.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Lapis Lazuli ans Citrine to accompany our cards today. The energy of Lapis Lazuli is full of truth and wisdom. It raises our level of awareness and our intuition to help us see what we may not have seen before. Citrine raises our mood. as a member of the Quartz family it helps let go of negativity and helps us find creative solutions to issues.

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Today’s Daily Draw

The message of our cards Authority and Welcome tell us no one can dictate what our life looks like or will become in unless we give control over our life to them. If we want a change in any situation today, we need to take the responsibility up and do the work to make it happen. Be open to new ideas. If something isn’t working or doesn’t resonate, get rid of it.Step up embrace your personal power and take charge!!

Today’s Universal Number

I Love this! We have a Master Number Day and it’s the 11/2. The energy of the 11 is about the visionary, strong and intuitive. This is a number that challenges us to make our dreams a reality.

Today’s Crystals

The crystals chosen for the day are Carnelian and Milky Quartz. Carnelian gives us courage, and motivation to step up and take the lead! Quartz is the Master Healer and a good choice in almost all situations.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!


Today’s Daily Draw

The underlying energy of our lovely Tuesday is coming from the Six of Swords. This is a card of sadness, regret and moving on or through a hard situation. This could be a challenging day but take heart, we’ll get it all straightened out. The image on the card shows us a ferryman taking two people across a body of water. In front of the passengers we see six swords, blade down in the boat. There are differing opinions about the meanings associated with swords up and down, but to me this means confusion, sadness and perhaps not seeing clearly. The suit of swords is the realm of Air and this is about thoughts, beliefs, clarity and being ready for action. Sometimes that action is walking away.

Fortunately we have the Magician as our main card and we certainly appreciate his guidance today. When the Magician comes he reminds us that we are already everything we want or need to be. We have the tools and the skills we need to accomplish anything we want, we have the power and determination to get through any situation. All we have to do is tap into that well of power.

Our bottom cars tells us this might be a rough day, but we can get through it. Our Six of Swords may hold some sadness or regret but if we take a closer look the water is rough on the right side of the boat but smooth on the other this tells us we are moving through to something better! No matter what happens today, remember that even though this may be a difficult time, if we focus on our skills, listen to our intuition and do what needs to be done, we’ll get through to the other side and be stronger for the journey.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a One Day and this strong, brave energy is just what we need. One is about creation, from it come all other numbers. It’s about new beginnings, leadership and being confident enough to follow your path no matter where it may lead and in spite of what someone may say.

Today’s Crystals

When thinking about what crystals would work help us today, my mind went immediately my favorite crystals.  One of these being Labradorite. It works with out Third Eye chakra to help us find the insight and clarity we need in troubling situations in order to transform our lives and move through the difficult times. I also thought that when we are going through something hard we have our emotions to deal with so I chose Malachite, a Heart Chakra stone for this. Malachite is calming and brings our emotions back into balance. It gives us hope and the energy to keep going. Garnet was my final choice for the day it is a Root Chakra crystal that gives us confidence and the energy to find our way.