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Taking a Break

Hello everyone. I am so sorry there is no Tarot post today. WordPress is being a dork and won’t let me do what I need to do. Given that it is several hours late, I’m giving up trying to get it posted and the rest of the week scheduled.

This comes at at a synchronistic time for me as I have been re-evaluating what my priorities are. I’m not sure this blog is one of those priorities anymore. I believe it’s time for a new perspective, something new. Maybe restructure the focus of my blog altogether.

Have a good day and a blessed week.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning everyone. The final Marigold Morning Affirmation card, I Am Enough, couldn’t be a better way to round out the week. Every card we’ve had has been leading us to this realization.

It can be a very tough one when everytime we turn on the television, see a movie or open a magazine we are bombarded with images of perfection. Even in our own lives we may know people who seem to have everything under control. They’re beautiful, have a perfect successful job a perfect spouse and family. Then we see ourselves and think we can’t even begin to compare. But that’s the problem, isn’t it? We judge our worth against someone else’s life and forget none of us is perfect or even has to be. Being perfectly imperfect is alright.

All we have to do is try our best to let go of what doesn’t serve our highest good. Remember we can achieve our goals, that good things can and do always happen for us and that we are absolutely brilliant, beautiful and kind. No matter what our background, size, shape, color or spiritual beliefs, each of us is perfectly imperfect and that is enough.

Let’s tell ourselves that daily. Better yet multiple times a day. I Am Enough!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Marigold Mornings Affirmation cards as much as I have this week. I am so happy I bought this gorgeous, intuitive deck. If you are interested in buying a set for yourself you can contact Angela, the creator, on Instagram @marigolddarling or on her website at marigolddarling.com

Have a beautiful day! blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning everyone, we’ve made it to Friday so the weekend is just hours away. The affirmation from the Marigold Mornings deck, I Am Kind & Receive Kindness From Others, follows the flow of this weeks affirmations beautifully.

Affirmations work on the principle that like attracts like. The energy we focus on a desired or undesired outcome will be returned in kind. If we focus our thoughts on good things, and believe they will happen, those good things will manifest in our lives.

Genuine kindness flows from the heart outward to those we interact with then keeps on flowing. Kindness can change someone’s bad day into a good one. It gives people hope to know there are good people out there doing good things for no other reason than being kind makes you feel good. When we are kind to others, they are kind in return because what comes from the heart finds its way back.

Have a lovely day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning everyone. Today’s affirmation, I Intuitively Know What My Body Needs to Thrive, asks us to pay close attention to what we need. We live in a fast paced world. Often times we’re so busy we barely have time to think or recognize we’re not giving ourselves the proper care and attention we need to be at our best.

How often have you been tired but couldn’t rest because there was so much to be done, hungry but too busy to cook so a trip through a fast food joint is dinner, or so emotionally spent that focusing and sleeping is difficult?

Our bodies know exactly what they need to be balanced in body, mind and spirit and It communicates these needs to us, we just have to slow down enough to pay attention. If we are going to thrive, to be our best and reach our goals, we need to listen to those intuitive signals and honor them. An empty well will never quench our thirst, or anyone else’s.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


The Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning everyone. Here we are April 7, 2021 already. At this point the affirmations for our Weekly Tarot Story are switching from how we think and feel about our goals, dreams and potential achievements to how we think and feel about ourselves. They aren’t two separate stories being told in the same week. Not at all, how we view ourselves has a direct affect on how we see our lives and our ability to succeed in them.

Today’s affirmation is I Am Beautiful. If you were to ask most people, especially women, if they thought they were beautiful, the answer would probably be no. The reason for this connects back to Sunday’s affirmation. We all are very open about seeing the beauty or peopential in others but when it comes to ourselves all we can do is judge and find fault. Many can give a list as to why they feel less than beautiful. I am too tall, too short, too thin, too heavy, I don’t like my hair, my eyes are too close together, my nose if crooked, my ears are big, my teeth are bad. The list can be endless…

The thing is, this planet is packed with variety. An Oak tree doesn’t look at a Maple and think any less of itself. It stands just as tall and mighty as the Maple. Each has its own beauty to offer. A Crow will never wish it were like a Robin. They have their own beautiful songs to sing. The same holds true for us. Each of us has something special and beautiful to offer the world. It’s ok to be different from everyone else. None of us is perfect, as a matter of fact we’re all perfectly imperfect and that is a beautiful thing. Write I Am Beautiful on a piece of paper and tape it where you’ll see it every day.

I Am Beautiful tells us to love ourselves, flaws and all because there is nobody else just like you or me on this planet, and we’re beautiful!

Have a magnificent day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning, another glorious Spring day is beginning and we have an equally glorious Good Things Are Always Happening To Me as our affirmation card of the day.

Wayne Dyer and Norman Vincent Peale both spoke on the subject of thoughts and how they can change our lives. It’s absolutely true; as our thoughts become higher, lighter and more positive, our lives do as well.

Today’s affirmation is wonderful. The way it’s worded couldn’t be better. It doesn’t say good things are happening to me, it says good things are Always happening to me. I love that emphasis! Always tells us we are taken care of. It tells us good things happen all the time, every day, repeatedly, forever and without fail. It means we can count on it, good things are Always Happening.

Now life can be funny. We know that well don’t we? Sometimes that Always comes to us disguised as something not so great but with hindsight and perspective we see it really was a good thing. Being passed over for a promotion then being offered a much better position with higher pay. Finding $20. in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn in forever, running late to work or an event only to discover if you had been on time you would have likely been in a car wreck.

No matter what challenging things are going on in our lives today and this week, keep an open mind, get some perspective and keep repeating Good things are Always Happening to me!

Have a fabulous day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning everyone. The affirmation card to come up for the collective is I Easily Achieve My Goals & Dreams. It follows yesterday’s affirmation beautifully. As I mentioned working with affirmations takes time because we must unlearn negative, limiting beliefs and behaviors which might be deeply buried within us. In the process we learn positive self loving thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

Today’s card takes the step from I can’t, I’ll never or I’m not good enough to I can, and you know what I can do it easily!! Stay open to possibility today. Anytime a thought that you can’t do something comes into your head, remember this card, repeat it to yourself and believe it. Believe you are more than capable. You are limitless and you can achieve anything; because it’s true ❤

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

The Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning everyone. Happy Easter! Today is a day of new beginnings. It is the start of a new week, the first full week of April and a new opportunity to move ahead in whatever way we feel we need to go.

I am using a different type of deck this week for our Weekly Tarot Story. This is an affirmation deck called Marigold Mornings created by a talented lady I follow on Instagram. An affirmation is a positive statement we use to help us rewire our thoughts and beliefs to overcome negative and harmful thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

A lot of time and effort has gone into creating this deck and it shows in the quality of the cards. I’ve had the deck for a few days now and absolutely love it. I find it to be very intuitive. Every time I’ve pulled a card it’s been exactly what I needed in that moment. So let’s see what the week has for us.

Our affirmation for the day is I am limitless; I break free of self limiting beliefs.

How often are we quick to cheer on a family member, friend or co-worker for their achievements, while berating ourselves for not measuring up? We view our own potential through a clouded glass of I am not as talented, smart or capable. The reality is we should never compare ourselves to anyone because we all have something amazing to offer.

Our card asks us to stop hurting ourselves with comparisons to others, belittling our capabilities, believing we aren’t enough or can’t accomplish our dreams. Because we can. Remember there isn’t another you anywhere on this planet. Believe in you, believe you’re awesome and let go of those self limiting beliefs. It won’t happen overnight but keep believing!

Have a great week! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

You can find these wonderful cards by contacting the creator on instagram @marigolddarling or her website marigolddarling.com