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Purple Obsidian in The Morning Light

I’ve done so many crystal posts that I am beginning to lose track of what I have and haven’t written about, even though I have a list! I honestly thought I’d written about this crystal already. Although it is altered, man made, today’s crystal, Purple Obsidian is an accepted part of the crystal community. As you know obsidian is a natural glass. This is, to my knowledge, not obsidian at all, and in my opinion should not be called what it isn’t. This glass has been tumbled and has dye added to create the wispy light purple patters. It works with the 3rd eye and Crown chakras, and had a Mohs scale of 5 to 5.5. 

Purple Obsidian is known as the Stone of Psychics. The qualities it is said to hold are: 

  • It will help you tap into and learn to trust your intuition.  
  • For people just learning to use their psychic abilities, it is a wonderful stone to work with.  
  • It is said to bring Lucid Dreams, visions and revelations. 
  • Opens the Crown Chakra. 
  • Enhances spiritual growth. 

This brings the introduction to Purple Obsidian to a close. If you find the possibility of working with it interesting, I encourage you to visit your local metaphysical or crystal shop and purchase a piece or two. Keep in mind that these posts are meant to be informative only. I do these posts to offer alternatives for your physical and spiritual well being. 

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



The Weekend Ahead

Our weekend is a time to take stock of where we are and where we want to be going. It could be we are considering a change of career or a move to another city or state. We could even be thinking about a relationship, and wondering what is next. Whatever it is that we all have on our plate; our cards are telling us to give it some thought. Inner Truth came up and guides us to go within and understand how we truly feel about the situation. Contemplation is here to encourage us to take some time to be alone with our thoughts. What is it that we want for our lives and our future? It is only by being honest with ourselves about what we want that we can make good decisions about how to get on the path that will take us there. This time of reflection leads us to Fresh Approach and it is here to let us know that perhaps it is time to look at things in a new way. It asks if we have been thinking too small or not taking risks because we are worried about making a mistake. Once we understand how we feel and what we want, we shouldn’t feel limited in how we go about making our plans. Look for new opportunities to showcase skills and abilities. Be willing to take a risk. There is always a possibility of making a bad choice, of failure. But this is part of the process, try something new!

Have a fabulous weekend! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Today’s Daily Draw

The week is winding down but things seem to be on the upswing. Our cards today are here to remind us that anything is possible and to encourage us to reach for our dreams. Grandfather Sky tells us to be prepared to soar. We are entering a new cycle and we should be open to expressing our ideas and passions. Circle of Life reminds us that we are exactly where we need to be right now. Embrace it, good things are coming. Song of the Wild tells us New Horizons are waiting so take a risk, we are ready. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It’s time to begin a new journey.

Our universal number today is Seven. This energy will bring us insight and help us plan for our future. The crystal for today is Chrysanthemum Stone. The energy of this natural beauty will help our lives bloom. This crystal can drive unexpected opportunities to us and give us the courage to step out of our comfort zone.

Have a wonderful day. Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Today’s Daily Draw

Whatever we did yesterday got us moving as both our cards today are about moving forward. We have the Six of Swords and the Marjor Arcana card The Chariot. The Six of Swords has us moving away from something painful. Perhaps from yesterday or it could be something we’ve been hanging onto for a while. Whatever it is, we’re moving away. The Chariot, also about movement and balance, tells us we can overcome any obstacle if we take control of the situation. Be determined, disciplined, have a plan and keep moving today. Things will get better. We are moving in the right direction.

Our universal energy is a Six today. This energy is about relationships, responsibility, and nurturing them. The crystal choice for today is Moss Agate. This is a stone of success, and will help us move through our situation.

Thank you, BJ, for today’s guest reading!

Today’s Daily Draw

Some days no matter how hard we try; we feel like we’re going nowhere. It can be very defeating to do everything you can to get to a goal, to end up with nothing but memories of failure that leave you wondering if you’re even on the right path. Well, we might be frustrated, but that is not where we are today! Our cards are here to let us know; we may be down but not out of the game. Hope & Happiness tells us that progress is being made, whether we see it or not. We have support whether we recognize it or not. Let go of past instances of not hitting the mark we set for ourselves. We are stronger and more prepared than we were before and we are moving forward. Even a baby step is forward movement. Keep Your Dreams Alive tells us to stay focused on what we can do, not what hasn’t worked. Make a plan and set achievable goals. If we stay grounded, work on one thing at a time, and listen to our Intuition. We will get where we’re going today! Remember there is always hope.

Today’s universal energy could either be the wrench in our plans or the crowbar that open the way for us. We get to choose because we have a Five Day ahead of us and, as you know, anything can happen on a five day. Be flexible and have a plan B.  

The crystal choices for today are Amethyst and Lepidolite. Amethyst has a wonderful calming energy and will help us tap into our intuition. Lepidolite also reduces stress, brings us to a place of peace and helps give us hope. 

Have a fantastic day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon  

Today’s Daily Draw

Another week begins and with it we have the King of Disks and the Reversed Two of Cups. Together the message they have for us is we may have some communication issues which lead to other problems. The day doesn’t need to collapse around us though. Our king is here to show us the way. If we are practical, and stay focused on the task we can get things back under control. Take the lead and get a handle on what the root issue is, a lack of communication. If everyone can get back on the same page about what the goal is and how to accomplish it, everything will be alright.

The universal energy we have today is 22/4, the master builder. This number combines the qualities of the two and four. Structure and compromise, perfect! Our crystal choice is Rose Quartz. The energy of this crystal will help us be more patient and willing to work together to get things back on track.

Thank you, BJ, for today’s guest reading!


Peach Selenite in The Morning Light

Selenite is the topic of today’s crystal post, specifically Peach Selenite. Back in 2017 I did a post about Selenite and you can see that post here. This mineral is a type of Gypsum known as an evaporate, which means that Selenite is the result of bodies of water that have evaporated leaving the rock behind.

The most well-known color of Selenite is white, but it can be found in several other colors such as peach, blue, yellow, green and brown. These can be clear or translucent. Peach Selenite can be found in Mexico, Morocco and Russia.

As a family of crystals, Selenite has been in use for thousands of years. Writings have been found in Ancient Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Castile (Spain) mentioning the use of this crystal. It is a high vibrational stone that works very well with the Sacral, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Like all Selenite, Peach Selenite is a very soft 2 on the Mohs scale and does not hold up well in water.

Peach Selenite is known as the Bringer of Light, and can range in color from a light peach to deep orange. As it works well with the Sacral Chakra, this mineral is very much a stone of emotional transformation. It will help you work through current and past issues  so they can be let go, freeing you to begin traveling a new path in life. Some of the other qualities Peach Selenite offers are:

  • Breaks the ties to negative energy and returns you to love and forgiveness.
  • Increases self-esteem.
  • Increases creativity and self-expression.
  • Clears and purifies energy.
  • Like other Selenite it magnifies the energy of other crystals.
  • Clears and shields the aura from negative energy.
  • Works with the Crown Chakra to open and grow your spiritualty.
  • Removes energy blocks on the physical and etheric levels.
  • Clears mind clutter to help you gain clarity.
  • Clears, opens and activates the Crown Chakra.
  • Can reverse the effects of free radicals.
  • Can improve fertility.
  • Can help maintain proper fluid balance.

This brings the introduction to Peach Selenite to a close. If you find the possibility of working with it interesting, I encourage you to visit your local metaphysical or crystal shop and purchase a piece or two. Keep in mind that these posts are meant to be informative only. I do not suggest in any way that you leave the wonders of allopathic medicine if that is what you choose. This posts is meant to offer alternatives for your physical and spiritual well being.

Blessed Be ❤  Sharon


The Weekend Ahead

With this being the weekend of a special full moon, I thought it would be appropriate to use the Moonology Oracle Deck. When the moon is full, we have reached a time of release, a time to let go of what is no longer for our highest good. This is exactly what our cards are have to tell us. Our first card is the New Moon in Pisces. As Pisces is a water card, our emotions will be driving us over the next couple of days. The New Moon is about new beginnings, and the message our card has is to face our fears and let them go so we can heal. A new start is coming and we want to be ready for it. Our second card is the New Moon in Virgo. This is telling us to take stock of each fear as it comes up to be released. we don’t want to analyze them to pieces, but face them and understand why they stopped us from moving forward. Then let them go. Our final card for the weekend is North Node, and it tells us we are moving toward our destiny. It is telling us to not obsess over what we can’t control, but to own our power, stand tall and take a risk, even if it is scary. We can do this!

Have a great weekend! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Today’s Daily Draw

We have the beginnings of a big change leading us to a new opportunity. The first card that came up for us today is one of two Major Arcana cards in this reading. Death leads the way and tells us we have reached the end of a cycle in some aspect of our lives. By reaching the end of this cycle we will need to clear out the old to make way for the transformation coming in. The Ace of Pentacles is our new beginning. This card tells us that we have everything we need to begin the process, and our final card of our read is the second Major Arcana card, The Sun. When this card comes up it speaks to us about clarity, success and enthusiasm. So, don’t be afraid to move through the change, it won’t be easy, change never is. It can be painful and scary, but grasp the opportunity, and enjoy the ride!

Today is a Nine Day and perfect for us because this is an energy of endings and beginnings! I couldn’t make up my mind about which crystal to choose, so I picked all four of them. Moonstone to help us reorder our lives, Kyanite helps us get blockages cleared and moving. Labradorite, like Moonstone helps us move forward and it boosts our intuition. Finally Moss Agate to help us succeed.

have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon