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Today’s Daily Draw


Be Your Best Self Always

The point of this third dimension existence is to learn and grow into the best version of ourselves that we can be. Life sometimes seems to be working against us in this effort, doesn’t it? We get distracted from our path, knocked down, beat up, sometimes so much that we wonder why we’re even trying. But we are here to learn, to stretch the limits or our capability and discover that we are so much more than we imagine. Today’s card, Be Your Best Self Always, asks us to check in and see how we are doing. Are we being the person we want to be? Are there changes that need to be made? Are we being kind, generous and loving to ourselves and others? Life happens, it will always happen because that’s how this place works. How we react to it determines whether we grow into our best selves or stagnate. We should never settle for less than our best or less than what we can make of this life. We have so much to offer ourselves and others. Take some time today, go for a walk in the woods, meditate, or have a wonderful bubble bath and check in to see how we’re doing. Keep trying, remember we are loved and have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal energy is five and this number loves a good time. Five is versatile and adapts to change well. We may find ourselves wanting to experience something new and different today. Why not go for it. remember to expect the unexpected on a five day!

Today’s Crystals

Making a crystal choice for today was tough. Every stone and crystal has energies that help us grow and heal. I chose Rutilated Quartz. Being quartz it has all the positive aspects of clear quartz. In addition to this the rutilated version of this crystal helps us understand things and ourselves on a deeper level and helps us connect to our higher selves and our guides.

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Today’s Daily Draw


Higher Ground

Life occasionally takes us to a place where we feel like we can’t make a good decision. Either there is too much information or too little or we don’t like the option we are having to settle for, this leaves us frustrated, confused and at a loss for what to do next. The message of today’s card, Higher Ground, can help. Whether it is at work or in our personal lives we shouldn’t feel forced into making a choice, especially if it’s an important one. So rather than make a decision and perhaps have to go back and correct a mistake later. Take a moment and do nothing, clear our heads and breathe. Getting above the situation can help us see the problem or the situation from different perspectives. We can do that by asking people what they think about it and why. When we allow ourselves to get out of our own head space and see from other points of view, we might just find a new and better solution than the one we thought we had to make earlier. Have a good day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a four day and we are all work. Four is about organization, structure and getting things done. We can face the day practical, and determined to get our list done and to do it well.

Today’s Crystals

The choice today is Selenite. This beautiful translucent, shimmering crystal is a good choice when we want mental clarity on an issue. It will enhance or ability to make a good decision. This crystal is also known as the stone of truth. It removes energy blockages and helps us improve our connection to our intuition.

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Today’s Daily Draw



A change is coming, can you feel it? Can you feel the energy shifting? We are on the verge of a Breakthrough today. Be confident that things are falling into place and all our hard work is about to manifest onto this plane. As it does the time and sacrifices we made to achieve our goal will be evident but worth it as we will be more able to do the things for our family that we have previously only dreamed of. Let’s count our many blessings and be grateful for what we have. It is these blessings and gifts that have brought us to the edge of this breakthrough. We worked hard to get here. It’s OK to take a moment and be proud of what we have achieved, but let’s not forget we didn’t get here alone. Have a good day!

Today’s Universal Number

The Universal energy we have today is the three. The energy is light and happy, we may feel like having a party but we must first get to work and we will have the energy to get a lot done. Three is joyful, creative and the first of the sacred numbers. Let’s use the energy well today.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Clear Quartz today. This crystal is a good choice in just about any situation. Quartz gives us an energy boost, clears negativity and brings clarity of thought. Clear Quartz is a receiver and transmitter of energy and they give us rainbows when hung in sunny windows.

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The Respect Award


I would like to thank C from Happymeerkatreviews , she nominated me a week or so ago for the Respect Blog Award. I had thought I would get right to passing it along, but life gets busy. Not that this is any attempt at making an excuse.🙂 If you have never checked out C’s blog I invite you to click the link above and do so. I enjoy her book reviews and poetry a great deal. I think you might as well.

Like all awards there are a couple of rules and here they are:

  • Place the award on your blog
  • Please thank the person that nominated you
  • Answer the three questions
  • Nominate three bloggers to receive the award

The three questions are: 

  1. What does respect mean to you?
  2. Who do you respect the most?
  3. What do you respect most about yourself?

What does respect mean to you? 

To me respect is being the embodiment of our creator and that means honoring someone enough to accept their opinions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs even if they are not my own. Respect is taking time to not just listen to someones words, but to hear what is in their heart and understand what has been left unspoken. Respect is being thoughtful, kind and loving to everyone, even the people who are not displaying the same to me. Respect is doing the right thing because it is the right thing, not because I expect some kind of compensation.

Who do you respect the most? 

I respect many people and bloggers for many different reasons. People like Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) for risking everything to stand and fight for what they believe is right. I respect people who aren’t afraid to speak the truth. I respect people who have a dream and don’t give up pursuit of it. I respect people who are afraid but don’t let fear stop them. I respect people with the courage to do what is right. I respect people with open minds and open hearts.  I respect people who can honestly forgive and not hold a grudge. I respect people with amazing talent that don’t let that gift go to their head. I respect people who are willing to help others. The blogosphere is full of people with these qualities. I love and respect you all.

What do I respect most about myself? 

I have to think about it.


This is the most difficult part of any award. There are so many people and their blogs that I respect and think are amazing. To only choose three is not at all an easy thing. So, if you want to participate you can feel free.  If you have been nominated please do not feel obligated to participate if would rather not. Some bloggers choose to be award free and that is perfectly fine. Just know you are loved and respected!

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Today’s Daily Draw



There is nothing worse than feeling alone in a crowd. When the crowd is your family or friends the feeling cuts even deeper. Lives seem to get more and more busy. We barely have time to breathe, and when those we love run in and out without so much as “How are you?” we are left feeling like a piece of furniture. This is the message of today’s card, Attention. If we are feeling overlooked we should not be afraid to voice our need for a little time from those we love. Chances are the people we are needing some attention from are not aware of how we are feeling. They can’t be blamed for needs we have not made known. It might make us feel a little vulnerable to speak up but these are the people we love and trust, our feeling will be safe with them. We can make it fun by planning a picnic and sending out invitations to a “Remember Me” party. When the guests arrive, everyone can take turns catching up on their busy lives and we can let them know that all we want is for them to be happy but we would like to be a part of their lives too.

Today’s Universal Number 

Today we have the Master 11/2 energy to help us through the day. The 11/2 is an interesting mix of the numbers one and two. The one has a masculine assertive energy while two energy is feminine, intuitive. When combined we get the Master 11/2 energy melding these two energies. We will be feeling strong today, ready to dig into our lists of things to do. Our intuition is also strong today so paying attention to it will be important. 11/2 is the gateway so be prepared for some spiritual insights today.

Thank you BJ for your guest draw today!
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Today’s Daily Draw


Trust Your Own Understanding

There are times when following the crowd would seem to make life easier. Going along with what everyone thinks means that we don’t have to question anything. There are no decisions to be made, we just have to follow. If anything goes wrong, well it’s not our fault, we were just doing as we were told. It kind of is our fault though, isn’t it? We should always ask ourselves whether what we are involved in is something we believe in, whether it is the right thing to do, or if the project or issue is moving along as planned. We may find ourselves asking this question today. Trust Your Own Understanding has come around again to tell us that we shouldn’t be afraid to be the voice of dissent today. If something doesn’t sit right with us, we should pay attention to our intuition and look into the situation to see what is going on. We could be involved in a project at work that is going off track or maybe something is going on with a family member or friend that isn’t right. Bringing the situation into the open is an opportunity to make corrections before it gets too far out of hand. If nobody wants to hear what we have to say, we know we did what was right and we can wait for the events to play out. The truth always finds its way to the surface.

Today’s Universal Number

We have the number One energy to help us through our day today. This energy is bold. Forge ahead and get things going. Be assertive, honest, take the lead and show everyone how things get done!

Today’s Crystals

I’ve chosen Carnelian for the courage to stand our ground, speak our truth and stick to our guns. It’s fiery red orange will give us the passion and the confidence to fight for what we believe to be true.

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Today’s Daily Draw


Prosperity Begins

Hello everyone, I trust we are well today. Here we are again another week has flown by. The card that came for us today is, Prosperity Begins. This card brings a message of new beginnings and prosperity. We could soon see the seeds of our intention and the fruit of what we have been working for manifesting before our eyes. Our abundance could open to us from many sources like our hard work resulting in a pay raise, a new business opportunity or even an unexpected gift. Be grateful for the blessings we have and for those still on their way to us. Expect the best, see it, feel it, believe it, then live it! Have a wonderful week, be safe.

Today’s Universal Number 

The number for today is nine. This energy of this number is about and completionWe can use it to clear up any projects that are left incomplete so we are ready for the blessings coming our way.

Thank you Terry for today’s guest reading!
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Today’s Daily Draw


Be Gentle With Yourself

This has been quite a year full of endings, frustrations and false starts. Nine years are like that. Clearing out the old is always bittersweet. Our card, Be Gentle With Yourself, is telling us to take it easy today, do something nice for ourselves and prepare. Something new is coming. Take some time to reflect on everything we have been through this year and the lessons we have learned. We have grown and changed. We still have work to do of course, we are a work in progress, but we aren’t the people we were at the beginning of this year. We need to keep in mind everything we have learned, and perhaps the things that we don’t have a full grasp of yet and get ready for a new adventure. A new path and a successful outcome is almost here! Have a great day everyone.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is an Eight day. We can use its strong energy to clear out any old thoughts or beliefs that don’t serve our highest good. As eights energy is about structure and order this energy will come in handy for helping us get ready for what is on its way!

Today’s Crystals

I chose two crystals today. The first is Rose Quartz. Our card is asking us to be good to ourselves today and for self love, this is the best choice. The second crystal is Moonstone because of its ability to help us make wise choices that aid in reorganizing our lives in a way that works better for us.

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Today’s Daily Draw


Show Your Support

We often spend so much time dealing with our day to day concerns that we forget our family, friends and coworkers are also trying to manage theirs. Sometimes what we are dealing with is nothing compared to what a friend or coworker has on their shoulders, and we don’t see it, we’re too busy. Our card, Show Your Support, is telling us to set aside our issues today and help someone deal with theirs. Volunteer at a local charity, help a coworker that might be struggling to keep up, be a good listener, run errands for a family member or a neighbor. If we look around we can see any number of opportunities to help others. When we give freely of ourselves we learn that life is so much more than things, and when we support each other, everyone gains. Have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number

We have the energy of the Seven today. This is a number that seeks wisdom and to understand deeper truths of life. Spend some time in meditation if possible, open our minds and hearts to see beyond ourselves.

Today’s Crystals 

There are quite a few crystals that I could have chosen to accompany today’s card but I settles on Rose Quartz because when we are talking about service to others, what could be better than a stone of universal love!

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Today’s Daily Draw


Clear Endeavor

Having a goal is something everyone has. Sadly, not everyone reaches them. Making our dreams come true requires a huge commitment and this is the message of today’s card, Clear Endeavor. If we are making no real movement toward our objective, then it isn’t a goal at all is it? It’s a pretty daydream. Our card asks us to take stock of what we need, then get started. If we don’t have everything, work with what we’ve got and trust that the other supplies will come. This is a card of commitment and we are being asked to truly set the intention in our hearts and make the deliberate choice to dive in body, mind and spirit to make our goal a reality. It will take time, hard work and the support of family and friends. It won’t be easy, but if we give it our best effort everyday then the commitment will pay off and our dream will become our reality. Have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today we have the Master Number 33/6 energy and it is a day to get moving. This highly evolved number has the focus to throw itself into a project beyond what normal people do. Being a double three its energy is very creative and social. Let’s take advantage of the day’s energy and get to it!

Today’s Crystals

Today’s we have a crystal from down under. I chose Mookaite Jasper. This crystal is a type of quartz and is said to slow the aging process, which is pretty cool but I chose it for the work it does with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Mookaite activates our personal power and gives us confidence and drive. It works with us to communicate with our spirit guides and being a jasper it will help us stay calm and grounded.

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