Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

by elementhealing

Hey, how is everyone doing? Today’s card is the first of three in a row focusing on self care and self awareness. The card for the collective today is Comfort. When it comes up it’s to let you know it’s time to rest, relax. We might be dealing with after effects of yesterday’s potential annoyance or some new work or personal stresses. Let’s face it life isn’t exactly smooth sailing. Stress is a part of everyday life. Sure we’re trying but have we given ourselves room to fully deal with it or are we in survival mode doing the best we can to get through one day at a time?

Don’t be afraid to take a break and focus on you. Put the phone on silent and do something that makes you feel better. Go to a park and enjoy the bird singing, take a walk. Call a trusted friend and go out for a meal, read a good book or if you’re at work take a power nap. Even a few minutes can make us feel better, get a fresh perspective and make a huge difference.

Have a good one! BJ