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Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

Good morning, we’re adding the King of Cups to our Tarot Story today. I like this King on his own and in relation to our story. This is a man who has his shit under control. He doesn’t react to what is happening to or around him, he responds and that is so important.

As I mentioned earlier this is a big week for the collective. Things expected and unexpected could be happening at a moments notice. Because it is we need to use our King as a model. The strength and power he wields comes from knowing he is grounded and in control. Being a realm of emotion doesn’t mean they should be spilling out all over. By choosing to pause and think instead of reacting from fear, anger, or any instinctual emotion, the King of Cups declares he is a rock that cannot be moved and no matter what he is in complete control.

Have a fabulous day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

Good morning everyone it’s Monday and the work week begins with the Queen of Pentacles. The Queens of the Tarot are all beautiful, amazing, intuitive ladies but I am kind of partial to this one. She is a great manager, a detail oriented thinker, practical, creative and very very supportive. If you go to her for advice you will gain valuable insight.

Looking at our Queen in relation to yesterday’s card we have a decision to make and might just need her words of wisdom as we move through our Tarot Story this week. Yes we could be in a comfortable place and content with life as we know it, but that voice whispering “What Next” can be intoxicating!

Is there something that was set aside weeks, months or years ago coming back to the surface? Maybe it is time to consider doing it! It wouldn’t hurt to have a conversation with a partner or someone trusted to weigh the options. Our Queen of Pentacles will not make the decision for us, ultimately it’s ours to make, but she will help us see all sides of the potential opportunity weighed against what we have to lose.  

What she will strongly encourage is to go for it whatever way we decide and she will have our back. If we choose to stay where we are, fine. But if the choice is made to take a step across the bridge to something new, be practical and don’t do anything without having a good solid plan in place.

Have a beautiful day
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good morning welcome to this week’s Weekly Tarot Story. I am using the Crystal Power Tarot created by Jayne Wallace and illustrated by Roberta Orpwood. It’s a very pretty deck. I love the imagery and the  crystal association with each card. I also like that each card has a phrase on the bottom giving insight to the cards meaning. For beginning readers it can help. I don’t think I’ve never mentioned the book that comes with the decks I own and use but this one is full color and gives well written explanations of
card meanings. This deck also has a good hand so it shuffles easily as well.

Before we get going I have to talk about how potentially big this week is going to be for
a couple different reasons. The first is because we are beginning a full super moon cycle which
will give us a Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on Monday. Eclipses always bring up things that need to be dealt with but this one will have us face truths we may or may not be ready for; so buckle up!

The second reason this is a big week is because of the cards that came up for the collective. We have two tens, four Royal Arcana and one Major Arcana for our Weekly Tarot Story. When multiples come to a reading, whether its a numbered card, a face card or a major, it is like a flashing neon sign which reads “Pay Attention, Something Big is Happening” with four royals, a major and two bridge cards; things could get real interesting this week!!! So let’s take a look at what we could expect.

Our first card is the Ten of Cups. It’s a nice one to start out with. It tells us we’re happy, our personal and professional relations are good and we feel like we are in a good place at the moment. All is good with the world. 

That is a nice place to be, right? But keep in mind as the week progresses the tens of the tarot are bridge cards. They are a completion of something but also an invitation, a bridge, to the next thing, the  next goal in our lives. In the Waite Smith deck the Ten of Cups is also a stage card which may suggest we aren’t as content as we appear. Even though we are in a good place and happy, there may be something nudging us quietly asking what’s next. With the Full Moon Cycle beginning today it might be the perfect time to answer that question.

Have a fantastic day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Chakra and Angel Friday – Archangel Azrael

Good morning welcome back to chakra and Angel Friday. Today is an Angel week and we’re looking at an Archangel that is not well known, Archangel Azrael.  Archangel Azrael’s name has a couple different meanings depending on what source you reference. One says the name means Whom God Helps and another said Angel of God. Azrael is the Angel of Death and presents as male more than female.

There are a few alternate spellings you might come across such as Azarel, Azrail, and Izrail. He is recognized as an Archangel by Islam, some Jewish and Sikh faith traditions. Azrael is sometimes confused with the fallen angel Azazil.  

Many people fear the Angel of Death but as the angel assigned this job he is very compassionate, comforting, patient, and understanding. He doesn’t wander around in a black hooded cloak carrying a sickle taking any life he chooses. He only takes the souls the Divine assign as ready to come home.

The colors associated with Archangel Azrael are white and cream. The choir he is thought to be from is the Dominions.

As the Angel of Death Azrael does more than keep track of and transport transitioning souls. With his very compassionate heart he helps people work through grief and loss to remind us we have much to live for.

  • He helps people connect with their heart.
  • He assists people in doing a life review, and to review past lives so they can correct their path and make needed changes.
  • He helps people forgive themselves and others.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at Archangel Azrael, and that it helps you understand how this Archangel can help to enrich your life. Have a great weekend and come back for the next post where I will be talking about the Stellar Gateway. 

Until Next Time,
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon             

Crystal Thursday – Serpentine

Good morning crystal lovers, welcome to Crystal Thursday. This weeks topic is a moderately rare mineral called Serpentine originally posted to my blog on March 31, 2018.

From what I found the name Serpentine has two schools of thought. One says it is the color that is snake like. Being green with occasional flecks of brown, black and yellow is kind of snake like. The other says the name comes from the way it forms in plates that resemble snakeskin. I will leave it to you, my readers, to decide which story you want to believe.

Serpentine is not a single mineral, it’s a group of several divided into two categories. One being fibrous which are used in making Asbestos and the other non-fibrous which has been in use since ancient times for jewelry, ornamental pieces such as decorative bowls and statuary as well as decorative purposes in buildings as floor tile, wall or other creative uses. A couple non fibrous examples of are Antigorite and Lizardite.

Many ancient cultures were quite fond of Serpentine for it’s beautiful green color that is the result of a nickel, chromium and cobalt mixture. The color of the stone varies from light to dark green depending on the amount of these chemicals. It can also be found in a range from opaque to transparent.

On the Mohs Scale of hardness Serpentine is anywhere from a three to a six making it very useful for carving and shaping. Some of the locations it’s found in around the world are here in the US, Canada, China, Italy, Britain and Russia.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff and look at some of the metaphysical qualities of Serpentine.

  • Serpentine resonates, and clears all chakras.
  • It is said to develop a feeling of inner peace and calm.
  • It is said wearing or carrying Serpentine can protect against negative energy and bad luck.
  • It is said to help balance digestive problems.
  • It is said to help menstrual cramps.
  • Some people believe it helps you live longer.
  • It is said to help ease dementia and Alzheimer symptoms.

Like all crystals and minerals the list of benefits gained from working with them is always interesting. I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at Serpentine. If the qualities of this stone resonate with you I encourage you to purchase a piece and work with it. Keep in mind I am not a doctor and sharing healing qualities of this or any crystal or mineral is in no way giving medical advice. Working with it can help but if you are ill see your medical practitioner of choice.

Until Next Time…
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good morning everyone, welcome to Christmas week and a new Weekly Tarot Story. I’m using one of my favorite decks, the Vision Quest Tarot by Gayan S. Winter and Jo Dose. Let’s see what the cards have for us this week.

Our first card is the Three of Earth and as our first card it tells us to stay focused on our plan. With all that’s going on this week it will be very easy to lose sight of important details. Using our free time well is going to be important, and so will remembering we have the skills, abilities, and support necessary to grow our best future.

Have a fabulous day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Good morning it’s Friday and our card for the day is guiding us to be bold and take what is ours and don’t let it go again. Whatever opportunity presents itself today chances are it wil be one we let get by us once before. Whether it’s a relationship, a job, a dream or a goal. If the chance comes and it is still something that’s important, take it, grab it and don’t let go!!

Of course there will be some scary parts, when any kind of commitment is involved, scary comes along as a sidekick. Don’t let that prevent or stop a dream from coming true. Own it, imagine it already a reality. Then get going and make it happen.   

Have a good one, BJ

Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Good morning we’re at the midweek point and we might have a problem with someone today that perhaps has been building for a while. Our card is here to remind us we are not what other people think of us. People can be pretty judgmental and hateful. Sometimes on purpose without even bothering to get to know us first. They spread rumors and make us look bad in front of others. It can be damaging to our confidence and self esteem leaving us feeling like a piece of garbage.  

Stay strong and remember we decide how we want to be treated. Nobody can make us feel bad or less than without first giving them permission. What people think or say about us says way more about them than it ever will about us.      

The big thing is how we choose to handle the situation. We can either react or respond. Personally responding is a better choice. We react to bad or hurtful situations out of anger, fear or insecurity. When we respond we’ve given ourselves time to think about how to handle the issue.  

Never forget we are all a beautiful, amazing treasure, and deserve to be treated like it.

Have a good one, BJ

Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

Good morning everyone, today’s card is here to remind us we’re not alone and we certainly don’t have to struggle to do everything by ourselves. Pride and closed minds can inflate egos so much so that we would never admit to needing help much less accept any being offered. At the same time a closed mouth will never be fed with clenched fists stuffed into pockets. Set aside the pride and ego and take look at what is being offered. We might be surprised to find someone has the perspective and clarity about our issue we haven’t been able to see.

Have a good one, BJ

Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

Good morning today’s card talks about perspective. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of seeing the world through rose colored glasses or with blinders on especially if we’re invested in a belief about something. With the level of information and opinions being thrown at us everyday it’s not suprising that we might not want to see the truth of a situation or to believe it.

Yesterdays card is encouraging us to open up and release our hold on something valuable to us, and since this came up for the collective today we may have a need for a different, higher perspective. If we want to start new project, pick up one we set aside in the past or something entirely different. We’re going to really need all the facts available. We can’t rely on what we think we know or want to believe. Do some research or ask someone we trust for an opinion. What we need most is clarity on whatever we’re dealing with if we’re going to make a good decision about moving forward.

Have a good one, BJ